Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 434: Traveler Returning Home (Three)

that was because right around here was the home of his family.

Although several years had past, Lore City was still the same as it always was. Even the ancient scars from time, and past battles had remained where they were. Outside the city gates, plenty of people could be seen traveling in and out. Perhaps it was because of the war, but there was plenty of men heading into the city. There was only the elderly since all of the able-bodied men had already been recruited for the war effort.

Jian Chen looked at the closeby Lore City for a moment before walking with Shen Fang and Sans to the city gates.

Now that the war was all but over, Jian Chen had been able to enter the city without any obstructions. After leaving Shen Fang and Sans at an inn for the time being, Jian Chen left almost impatiently for the Changyang Manor.

Shortly after that, Jian Chen arrived at the clans manor. There wasnt any noticeable changes to the Changyang Manor from a few years back. The same red wall continued to circle the Changyang Manor with several trees planted around it. Their lush green leaves fell at random intervals, painting a beautiful scene.

Jian Chen walked toward the gates to the manor only to see it shut tight. Neither guards could be seen nor could any sounds could be heard. It was almost as if it was completely quiet in the world.

Jian Chen spread out his omnipresence to cover the insides of the manor so that he could see the scenery inside the manor in his mind.

There were very few people to be seen inside. Only fifty soldiers could be seen scattered about with a decent amount of servants and maids scurrying about. In the past, there had been well over a thousand people always busy within the manor, but now the manor was like a shrine. The elderly man that Jian Chen had never been able to gauge the strength of before came into sight. Now, Jian Chen was finally able to see his strength; he was a Fourth Cycle Earth Saint Master and currently the only one around.

Walking up to the gates, Jian Chens hand knocked against the doors with a loud reverberating sound.

Not too long after, the heavy gates began to open as an ordinary looking middle-aged man could be seen. Looking at Jian Chen with suspicion, he spoke, “Youngster, who are you?” Although he could not be considered courteous, his tone still retained some manners.

Jian Chen said nothing and instead pressed against the gates with a little more force. As a result, the heavy doors swung open, revealing the giant courtyards behind it.

“Who are you, what do you want?” The mans face grew a little accusatory and his voice even attracted the attention of a nearby squadron.

Jian Chen tilted his head up high and spoke to the man, “Do you remember the fourth master of the Changyang Clan, Changyang Xiangtian!” Absolutely no emotion could be detected upon his face.

“What fourth master, what Changyang Xiangtiang! Youngster, you are spewing rubbish! State your name immediately!” The mans eyes immediately hardened into a terrifying glare. At this moment, the squadron arrived by the gates. There were ten people in total, and aside from three middle-aged men, there was another thirty year old youth.

When those three soldiers heard the nameChangyang Xiangtian, their faces immediately registered shock before quickly running forward. Intensely staring at Jian Chen, one of them spoke with impatience, “Who are you, have you seen the fourth master, Changyang Xiangtian?”

Those three soldiers had been soldiers for the Changyang clan for a decent amount of time. They had once seen Changyang Xiangtian before and had been involved in the search for him. Thus, when they heard the name, they were instantly familiar with the name.

Jian Chen remained silent and looked at the three soldiers that were eyeing him. He didnt recognize a single one of them, but in truth, with so many soldiers, it was impossible for him to recognize every single one of them.

The three soldiers couldnt help but intently scrutinize Jian Chens face. Then, one of them immediately came to a realization and cried out, “You look exactly like the fourth master… yo-you… youre the fourth master, Changyang Xiangtian!”

Hearing this, the other two soldiers blanched with shock. Looking closer at Jian Chen, they were able to recognize the familiar characteristics to his face despite the years of aging. This youth in front of him was their fourth master, Changyang Xiangtian.

The man who had opened the gates could only look at Jian Chen skeptically. He hadnt been at the Changyang Manor for long and had never heard of such a name before.

Jian Chen felt a stab of pain his heart. He had left the manor several years ago and had thought that the entire clan would have forgotten about him. What he didnt think was that some of the guards would still remember him.

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