Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 435: The Clan Leader Has Returned

to shake with emotions as tears began to flow out from her eyes like a spring.

Yu Fengyan had walked out as well only to see Bi Yuntian standing still. The moment she saw Jian Chen, her face suddenly froze in astonishment and utter disbelief.

Jian Chen had left the Changyang clan when he was fifteen years old, meaning he was still an inexperienced child when he left. That age was not the proper age to head out into the world by oneself, especially with the Hua Yun Sect chasing after him. The probability of survival was practically zero

Furthermore, Jian Chen had disappeared without a trace as well. From that day forth, he hadnt left a single clue behind for even the Changyang clan to find him. Thus everyone had been convinced that Jian Chen had already been captured by the Hua Yun Sect and had died a destitute death in a nameless grave. When Jian Chen had left he was an inexperienced fifteen year old that had no bodyguards, how would he be able to escape from an experienced sect like the Hua Yun Sect?

Although Yu Fengyan had used all sorts of words at first to console Bi Yuntian, they had all been white lies since she too hadnt believed that Jian Chen would have been able to survive.

But now, the person that had left without a word had finally returned out of nowhere. This made Yu Fengyan feel as if she was dreaming—that this was not really happening.

Jian Chens eyes had tears to them as he slowly moved toward Bi Yuntian. He could only feel anguish at the sallow face of his mother, “Mother, your child has finally returned home.” Jian Chens voice had a whimper to it as he finished speaking before tears finally began to flow down his cheeks.

Bi Yuntian quickly wrapped Jian Chen in a tear filled hug as she began to pour out the feelings she had felt over the years, “Xianger, Xianger! My child, Youve finally come home! Your mother has missed you so much!”

“Mother, Im sorry. Your child was unfilial.” Jian Chen hugged his mother as the both of them continued to freely cry tears of joy.

“The fourth master has returned, he really has returned!”

“I didnt think that the fourth master was still alive, we all thought that he had come across trouble!”

Within the courtyards, more and more soldiers that knew about Jian Chen began to gather while even those soldiers who didnt know about him started to talk to each other in surprise.

Yu Fengyan finally snapped out of her delusion and looked at the two. She could only feel joy in her heart as she spoke, “Xianger, youve returned safe and sound. Your second aunt truly feels happy for you. Lets have the two of you come inside to talk.”

After she spoke, Jian Chen and Bi Yuntian followed Yu Fengyan into the inner rooms before she left to give the two some privacy. There were many things to be said…

Within the manor, news that the fourth master had suddenly returned home spread through the place like wildfire. In some time, the entire manor was stunned. Even the eldest aunt Ling Long and the third aunt Bai Yushuang heard the news. Although they were shocked, the two of them did not go see him. Ling Long was looking after her child Changyang Hu and was still in a stupefied daze that did not care for Jian Chens return at that given moment. Bai Yushuangs relationship with Jian Chens mother hadnt been the best and so his return instead soured her mood.

Jian Chen remained in his mothers room and continued to speak of every single event that had transpired after he left the Changyang Manor. Several things were hidden from his mother since they were far too shocking, and Jian Chen didnt think his mother would believe him if he told her of those events. If he said them now, the entire compound would come to hear about them and be surprised as well.

From day to dawn, Jian Chen did not step outside. The mother and son continued to talk for hours on end. Suddenly, a large group of magical beast mounts stopped outside the manor. The majority of the riders were all sturdy looking men that possessed powerful auras. In total, there were around 800 men that formed a giant line.

Stopping right outside the gates, two men immediately opened the doors and shouted, “The clan leader has returned, hurry and receive him!”

Changyang Ba stepped off his Class 4 Magical Beast mount and tidied up his messy clothes for a moment before striding to the gates. Right behind him, every rider started to dismount as well to follow him inside quietly and obediently.

As soon as he entered the gates, one of the servants came rushing over with a joyful expression. With a bow, he said, “Clan leader, good news! The fourth master has returned!”

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