Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 438: Class 6 Radiant Saint Master

Chapter 437: Family Dispute

Bi Yuntian could only smile at Yu Fengyangs words. When it came to her child, she loved him dearly.

Bai Yushuang looked at Jian Chen with furrowed eyes, “Xiangtian, just what reason did you come back? The Hua Yun Sect isnt someone our Changyang clan can go against, just what trouble are you trying to give us?”

Yu Fengyan and Bi Yuntian were both shocked by Bai Yushuangs words. She essentially objected to Jian Chens return almost as if she never wanted him to return at all.

The third aunts words caused Jian Chen to feel slightly angry, but before he could say anything, Yu Fengyan beat him to it.

“Third sister, your words are completely unnecessary. Although the Hua Yun Sect is indeed very strong, our Changyang clan is not an easy target to bully. We have Chang Bai with us—you must know of the fact that he was able to kill many Heaven Saint Masters at the northern stronghold. As long as Chang Bai is here, the Hua Yun Sect will not have an easy time moving against us.”

“Xiangtian forced to leave his home, and for the past few years had endure much suffering in the outside world. Now that Xiangtian has returned, we should be happy, not throwing cold words at him.”

Bai Yushuang gave a cold snort before speaking ominously, “Xiangtian has never been an obedient child and always enjoyed causing trouble. A few years ago, he hurt my Keer, and later caused trouble with the Hua Yun Sect despite only being there for a short amount of time. Now that he has returned, who knows what other trouble he has brought with him.”

Yu Fengyan and Bi Yuntian both looked speechless. They never would have thought that Bai Yushuang thought that way about Jian Chen.

Jian Chen was a little angry at this. His eyes began to shine dangerously with a sharp light, making Bai Yushuang a little afraid to look at him.

“Third aunt, I know that you object to my being here, but you neednt trouble yourself with my concerns. Whatever trouble I cause, I will naturally absolve them so that they will not burden the clan.” Jian Chen spoke.

“With just you?!” Bai Yushuang gave a look of loathing before speaking eccentrically, “Fine then. You can show us just what youve learn from the outside world! Lets see you resolve the matter with the Hua Yun Sect, do not let the clan suffer for your troubles.”

“The debt the Hua Yun Sect has with me will naturally be returned.” Jian Chen spoke emotionlessly.

Jian Chens words were brassy and arrogant in the eyes of Bai Yushuang, infuriating her. Mockingly, she spat out, “Xiangtian, this is not me belittling you, but the words of truth. Think about how strong the Hua Yun Sect is, have you forgotten about them so quickly? Going against the Hua Yun Sect by yourself? Hmph, even imbeciles can dream, I suppose.”

Jian Chens head tilted with a dangerous gleam in his eyes. He had truly been angered by Bai Yushuangs words, but in the end, she was still his aunt and elder. Jian Chen had no wish to have any ill will with any of his family members. Since he truly cherished his entire family as a whole, he kept his mouth shut.

His status was far different than what it is was several years ago. Not only was he stronger than any Heaven Saint Master, he was also the Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom. With such a status, a trifling matter like this wasnt worth splitting hairs over, but Bai Yushuangs words and attitude was burned into Jian Chens memory.

“Third sister, youre older than this, there is no need to cause such difficulty toward a child.” Yu Fengyans eyes narrowed with anger.

“What difficulty, my words are completely true.” Bai Yushuang squinted to look at Yu Fengyan without conceding her point at all.

Yu Fengyan began to grow even angrier, her chest began to swell with fury as she looked at Bai Yushuang, “Third sister, you…”

“Second aunt, theres no need for this.” Jian Chen interrupted before giving a cold stare to Bai Yushuang. The stare caused Bai Yushuang to feel a little timid and instantly looked away from him.

“Third aunt, I respect you as my aunt and elder, so I will not dwell on your words. But in the future, I hope you do not regret your words today.” Jian Chen suddenly spoke.

“Aaah? Take a look everyone, look! He dares threaten me.” Bai Yushuang immediately seized an opportunity to speak against Jian Chen even more. With her hands at her waist, she pressed on, “Regret? What will I regret? Changyang Xiangtian, are you going to use your own hands to teach your third aunt a lesson? Everyone look closely! See how this child talks, how he doesnt respect his elders. His delusional words, just how outrageous is he?”

Yu Fengyan and Bi Yuntians face hardened with anger.

At that moment, a strong and firm voice could suddenly be heard, “Haha, how lively it is today, everyone seems happy.” A simply dressed Changyang Ba could be seen walking into the hall with a cheerful smile, indicating just how happy he was.

Changyang Ba was a forty year old middle-aged man with the facial appearance of a thirty year old. Despite his age, he still had the handsome appearance from his earlier youth and his presence had a unique air to him.

“My husband!”


Everyone immediately spoke at his appearance.

Changyang Ba was extremely happy today. The moment he walked in, his eyes had immediately landed upon the figure of his fourth child, Xiangtian. Looking closely, the smile on his face only grew even wider since in his eyes, his fourth child was not only handsome, but a man that was not to be trifled with. Truly, Changyang Ba thought him to be a dragon among men and someone that would seize the opportunity to win at any moment. This combination of factors left Changyang Ba extremely happy and he laughed out loud. This laughter expressed just how joyous he felt. With such an emotion, what more could a father want?

After calming down, Changyang Ba sat beside Jian Chen, “Xianger, you must have felt wronged after all these years.”

Jian Chen immediately felt warm at his fathers words and replied, “Not even a little. Your child has learned many things from the outside world.”

“Good! Very good! Xianger is a true scholar!” Changyang Ba could only use those words to describe just how happy he was with Jian Chen. Seeing just how calm, well-tempered, and handsome Jian Chen was, he couldnt feel any more gratified. He knew that his youngest child had truly grown up.

Seeing how Changyang Ba was treating Jian Chen, the nearby Bai Yushuang looked extremely unhappy. Since Changyang Ba was concentrating on Jian Chen, he naturally missed Bai Yushuangs face.

“Ai!” Turning around, Changyang Ba suddenly remembered something painful and the joy faded away from his face, only for a pained filled expression to replace it. “Unfortunately, AHu…”

At his words, Yu Fengyan and Bi Yuntian both sighed as well, feeling for Changyang Hus disaster.

Jian Chen immediately thought to his elder brother Changyang Hu and instantly felt sad, “Father, your child wishes to see eldest brother.”

Changyang Ba shook his head slightly without saying a word.

Jian Chen could understand that his father was in deep pain, how could he not? Jian Chen and Changyang Hu were extremely good friends, but now that Changyang Hu was in such a serious state, Jian Chen couldnt help but feel pained as well.

“Father, your child knows what has happened to eldest brother. Please dont worry, he will recover, he will definitely be healed.” Jian Chen spoke.

Changyang Ba shook his head once more and sighed, “It is easier said than done. To regrow his limbs, it would require a Class 7 Radiant Saint Master. Within the Tian Yuan Continent, not only are they exceedingly rare and hard to find, but we do not have any power to invite one even if we found one. A person like that is a person in a world different from ours.”

Jian Chen knew just how esteemed a Class 7 Radiant Saint Master was. They were an existence that was as high as a Saint Ruler. Radiant Saint Masters were rare, and it was also hard for them to advance in rank. They were not like their fighting counterparts, and so a Class 7 Radiant Saint Master was an extremely high-class existence.

“Father, your child wishes to see eldest brother.” Jian Chen stated once more.

“Fine then!” Changyang Ba finally agreed. Without eating, he immediately walked to where Changyang Hu was with Jian Chen and the other three aunts.

Jian Chen walked behind Changyang Ba into the room. Right now, Changyang Hu was motionless on his bed, staring silently at the ceiling above him. On his motionless body, four bloodied bandages could be seen wrapped around his limbs.

Changyang Hus mother Ling Long sat dejectedly by his side. Her hair was a mess and her face sallow. Both eyes were bloodshot and tear stains could be seen on her face, evidence that she had not washed her face in many days.

“My lady, I beg of you, please eat something. Youve gone several days without food!” By her side, several maids were crying out to her with several plates of food and a washing bowl ready.

Changyang Ba sighed and waved the maids away. Standing by the bed with a sorrowful look, he glanced down at his eldest son. Changyang Hu had all four limbs cut off and wasnt even able to eat or drink by himself. A life like this was worse than death.

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