Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 448: Battle at Mount Tianhua (One)

Chapter 447: Two Choices

After the shock subsided, the patriarch of the Hua Yun Sect grew a little dark in the face as his eyes flashed indefinitely. Chang Wuji from the Changyang clan had already placed an incredible amount of pressure on the Hua Yun Sect. Not only were they still pressured even after having three Heaven Saint Masters, but now they had some sort of talented child. This situation couldnt help but make Cheng Fei feel concerned.

“Changyang Xiangtian is 21 years old today, but he has the strength of an Earth Saint Master—an Earth Saint Master at the peak of breaking through it seems. If a person like this grows up, our Hua Yun Sect would be crushed underneath the feet of the Changyang clan.” Cheng Fei thought to himself with a fierce expression. Immediately taking out a Jade of the Motherly Twins from his Space Ring, Cheng Fei crushed it, notifying the grand elder hidden within the mountain.

Within the deep belly of the mountain behind the Hua Yun Sect, three Heaven Saint Masters were gathered there. Two of the grand elders were taking turn imparting their knowledge to the newly broken through Saiya.

Suddenly, one of the grand elders pulled out a small jade piece only for him to see it suddenly split in two.

Seeing the jade break apart, the other grand elder and Saiya both grew extremely serious. They knew what it meant when jade stone broke.

“It seems that something is happening within the Hua Yun Sect. Stay here and continue to teach Saiya, Ill go see what has happened.” The grand elder spoke.

The other grand elder stood up from his stool, “Im sure that something important has happened. Otherwise, Cheng Fei would not have broken the Jade of the Motherly Twins, why dont the three of us go over to see what has happened?”

Afterward, the three Heaven Saint Masters left the mountains and flew toward the sect.

Right at the front gates, several loud echoes could be heard as another dozen Earth Saint Masters were sent flying. They flew away from Jian Chen, blood spurting from their mouths. Slamming into the nearby buildings, they flew through the walls, creating holes.

“Are you truly Changyang Xiangtian?” The patriarch of the Hua Yun Sect looked at Jian Chen with a pale face. His heart couldnt bear to accept the sight right in front of him. Dozens of Earth Saint Masters had been defeated by Changyang Xiangtians hands, making Cheng Fei feel as if the power he had just witnessed was actually a figment of his imagination. He simply couldnt believe it, and began to doubt the identity of the person in front of him. Was he truly the same Changyang Xiangtian who had almost the same strength as his Cheng Mingxiang years ago?”

With stones crumbling around them, the dozen men who had been knocked straight through the buildings stood back up with pale faces. Standing by Cheng Feis side, the Earth Saint Masters all looked at Jian Chen with surprised looks. They were just as shocked as Cheng Fei was at his strength.

“Patriarch Cheng, I, Changyang Xiangtian, stand here today. Show me what power your Hua Yun Sect has here today, show me what you can do.” Jian Chen spoke.

“Changyang Xiangtian, you savage. Our Hua Yun Sect isnt a place where you can behave atrociously. Wait until the grand elder comes, well see then if youll be able to move as you please then.” An Earth Saint Master by Cheng Feis side spoke.

Just as he finished speaking, three large, powerful auras came flying by from behind the Hua Yun Sect. Three white robed men quickly appeared in sight before slowly descending toward the Hua Yun Sect.

Seeing the three Heaven Saint Masters, every single disciple immediately knelt down and cried out, “We pay our respects to the grand elders!” The layered voices of the disciples was extremely loud and could be heard throughout the Tianhua Mountains.

“Who are you!” Saiyas eyes stared dangerously at Jian Chen with an equally dangerous expression, ignoring the disciples.

The other two grand elders didnt speak a word and instead looked around at the destroyed buildings of the nearby area. With each scene of destruction, their expressions turned more serious. The both of them had been Heaven Saint Masters for a very long time, and they could tell that the energy used in these attacks had been comprised of the fire element. Being able to control the world energy was a magical feat that only a Heaven Saint Master was capable of doing.

“Honored grand elders and master, he is the one that cut off the arm of my son, Changyang Xiangtian.” The patriarch Cheng Fei spoke with gnashed teeth. Now that the three Heaven Saint Masters were here, he was filled with confidence and no longer feared Jian Chen.

Upon Cheng Feis words, the three Heaven Saint Masters eyes lit up with a bright gleam as they looked at Jian Chen. Saiya immediately lost his calm, “Changyang Xiangtian, you have guts! The Heavens have left you a road that you ignored, so walk the road to hell without anyone barring your path! Since youve come here to our Hua Yun Sect today, dont expect to leave.” Saiya held a deep hatred for Jian Chen within his heart. It was because of Jian Chen that he had to go against Chang Wuji who caused him to lose face in front of so many disciples. This had caused him to brood for many hours.

“Saiya, stay your mouth!” Another of the grand elders suddenly spoke with a strict tone.

Saiya immediately stop speaking at the grand elders command. Although the three of them were Heaven Saint Masters, the two grand elders were extremely high in power, and even he did not dare defy the two.

One of the grand elders looked at Jian Chen with a complex look before asking for confirmation, “Are you truly the fourth master of the Changyang clan, Changyang Xiangtian?”

“Correct, I am Changyang Xiangtian.” Jian Chen spoke.

After this confirmation, the two grand elders looked at each other in amazement. Following a small moment of hesitation one of the grand elders spoke, “Changyang Xiangtian, are you here because of yesterdays events?”

“That is just the first reason. The second reason is that your Hua Yun Sect used your power to force me to leave my home. Yesterdays affairs only reinforced my old hatred. Today, I will settle that debt.” Jian Chen spoke.

“Changyang Xiangtian, I have heard about the situation from back then. Although it was Cheng Mingxiang being too excessive, you shouldnt have cut off his arm. You must understand, he was the next heir to the Hua Yun Sect. Your actions werent something our Hua Yun Sect could just let happen.” One of the grand elders spoke with an impassive look.

“Grand elder, theres no use speaking words with him, please teach him a lesson right away so that he will know just how strong our Hua Yun Sect is!” Cheng Fei looked a little impatient. He had always wanted to take revenge for his sons loss of an arm. Now that the chance was here, he wasnt willing to wait any longer.

“Silence!” The grand elder roared at Cheng Fei, causing him to shut up immediately. Then, the grand elder turned to Jian Chen and spoke seriously, “Changyang Xiangtian, how do you wish to absolve this matter?”

Jian Chen grew quiet for a moment before speaking, “The Hua Yun Sects minister is someone of great merit to the Gesun Kingdom, but I do not wish to leave this debt unsettled either. How about this, I will state two choices: first, I can destroy the Hua Yun Sect and completely expunge the name of the Hua Yun Sect from the Gesun Kingdom.”

Every single disciple looked extremely furious at such a suggestion, even the Heaven Saint Master Saiya grew ashy-faced. Both of his eyes were shooting flames, and if it were not for the grand elders, he would have done something way earlier. Even the two grand elders faces became a tad unsightly from his words.

Jian Chen continued to speak, “Or second choice, the four of us can have one large battle to decide things. If you are able to beat me, I will forget about this debt and will pursue it no longer. If you lose however, then I want you two to personally cut off Saiyas right arm as punishment for yesterdays ordeal. I also want you to abolish the patriarch from his position.”

Finally, Saiya could take it no longer and roared, “What an intolerant bully! Changyang Xiangtian, you are far too arrogant! What do you take our Hua Yun Sect, without Chang Wuji here, what can you do?”

The patriarch of the sect also felt the words of Jian Chen to be a bit too much. Even the disciples all around Jian Chen were utterly shocked and looked at Jian Chen as if he was an idiot.

The two grand elders came to a conclusion at the same time and spoke, “If that is what you want, then let us fight. Let us see just how strong the fourth master of the Changyang clan is! Come!” With that, the two grand elders flew far away from the Hua Yun Sect. The battle would most definitely impact the Hua Yun Sect with all of the energy from the blows if they were to remain here.

Jian Chen spoke no words and wrapped the wind element in the world around his body. Then, he ascended into the air and shot straight for the two grand elders.

Seeing this, Saiya and everyone else in the Hua Yun Sect were utterly dumbfounded. Cheng Feis jaw dropped open wide enough for a chicken egg to be put in there.

“No! This isnt possible! How can he fly? This is something only a Heaven Saint Master is capable of doing!” Patriarch Cheng Fei spoke with a shudder to his voice as if there was a sudden chill in the air.

“He is able to control the wind element, how is that possible? At his age, just how was he able to step into the Heaven Saint Master realm?” Saiya became stupefied as well. Coming from experience, he knew just how hard stepping into the Heaven Saint Master realm was. It had taken him many hundreds of years of bitter cultivation before he had finally achieved a fruitful result. But now, a youth that was barely over 20 years old was able to do what had taken him hundreds of years to do. This was a mental attack that sent his state of mind into disequilibrium.

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