Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 455: Rescinding the Engagement?

en waiting to ask this question for a very long time.

Hearing this, the princess eyes turned away from the flowers and back toward Jian Chen before smiling. “My name is You Yue, Changyang Xiangtian, do you remember it?”

An image suddenly flashed in Jian Chens mind as he realized just who she was, “So its you? We met many years ago at Kargath Academy, no wonder I felt that the princess looked familiar to me.”

The princess couldnt help but think back to when she had met Changyang Xiangtian for the very first time, several years ago in the library of Kargath Academy. His thirst and enthrallment for knowledge had left a deep impression on her. And now, after several years, the tiny Saint had suddenly transformed to become one of the strongest individuals on the Tian Yuan Continent. The entire Gesun Kingdom which was on the verge of destruction had in fact been saved by this one individual, causing the princess to feel astounded. Yet, at the same time she was left in disbelief.

Looking at the handsome face of Changyang Xiangtian, the princess hesitated for a moment before speaking, “ Changyang Xiangtian, I heard from my father that you are a Heaven Saint Master. Would it be possible for you to allow me to experience what it is like to fly?”

Jian Chen hesitated briefly before ultimately nodding his head with a smile, “Princess, prepare yourself then.” With that, Jian Chens right hand gently grasped the princess arm. Despite her clothes serving as a barrier between his hand and her arm, Jian Chen could feel her gentle yet flexible skin underneath. Her arm was very minute and soft. Jian Chens hand could fully wrap around it despite his hands not being too big.

The very moment Jian Chen touched her arm, the princess revealed a frantic expression on her face. Ever since she was young, no other male had touched her besides her father. Without even waiting for her to react, a layer of the wind element enveloped her entire body and levitated her body from the ground. She began to slowly float into the air.

Jian Chens expression was very calm and his eyes were as tranquil as water. He slowly brought the princess into the air and up toward the sky.

Soon enough, the princess calmed herself as the fresh feeling of flight captured her heart. Her face grew curious and happy as she looked down at the slowly shrinking palace below her.

“Is this what its like to fly? This is like a bird flying through the air freely, how envious I am of their experience.” The princess face could not hide the admiration she felt.

“The princess has talent as long as you continue to work hard, you will one day step into the realm of the Heaven Saint Masters.” Jian Chen laughed. The princess truly did have such talent, at her current age, she was already at the Saint Master realm.

The two quickly descended back to the ground in the center of the flower garden. The look the princess gave to Jian Chen now was completely different than the one from before.

Seeing the beautiful face of the princess, Jian Chen hesitated for a moment before speaking, “Princess…”

“Changyang Xiangtian, call me Yueer. That is what my father and uncle Ye Ming call me.” As Jian Chen opened his mouth, it was closed shut by Yueer. Shortly after she spoke, her face grew a little red.

“Then I shall do that.” Jian Chen didnt argue. “Princess You Yue, there is still a matter I wish to discuss with you.”

The princess remained quiet as her bright eyes continued to stare straight at Jian Chen.

Continuing, Jian Chen spoke, “Princess You Yue, the marriage between the two of us has never been agreed to by either of us. Our parents may have agreed, but the way this marriage was proposed is something I am actually against. In the past, I hadnt the power to do anything about it, and so I accepted it in silence. But it is different now. I have the power now.” With that, Jian Chen stopped speaking for a moment. Although he hadnt been completely straightforward, the intelligent You Yue could understand where Jian Chen was going with this.

The princess went silent for a moment as her eyes stared at the Go board on a nearby table. After a while, she spoke, “Changyang Xiangtian, do you wish to rescind our engagement?”

“Princess You Yue, I believe that even you are against how this marriage was carried out. If you agree, I will immediately ask the king to annul the marriage. I know why your father did such a thing, but you neednt worry. I am a citizen of the Gesun Kingdom; this is my home, and I will definitely protect my home.” Jian Chen spoke calmly. In the past, he had been completely against this marriage. However, at the time he didnt have any power: he couldnt do anything about it. Now, the situation was different from the past.

The princess was silent for a moment, but her heart was anything but calm. Hearing Jian Chens wish to rescind the engagement caused her heart to feel a stinging pain of disappointment. It was if she had lost something extremely important.

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