Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 472: Kicking an Iron Panel

Chapter 471: The King Has Been Captured

The Heaven Saint Masters flew toward Bi Dao, flying through the broken palace walls. Then, several of them carried out the heavily injured Bi Dao.

The ten Heaven Saint Masters stared heavily at Bi Dao with undisguised eyes of avaricious greed before one of them began to breath heavily, “Hurry, take his Space Ring out to see if theres the Heaven Tier Battle Skill.” The allure of such a battle skill was so much that all ten of them had briefly forgotten about their mission.

Immediately, someone impatiently searched Bi Daos Space Ring before rifling through the inner contents of it. After a while, he shook his head with a disappointed look, “No good, the Heaven Tier Battle Skill isnt in this Space Ring.”

“Let me take a look.” One man was unwilling to give up. After looking through the Space Ring for himself, he finally revealed a similar expression to the first man and spoke in disappointment, “There really isnt one in here!”

Afterward, everyone tried their hand at searching the Space Ring. There was indeed no Heaven Tier Battle Skill, an Earth Tier Battle Skill couldnt even be found within it.

“Lets take him back with us, we can interrogate him for it later.” A crane-haired elder spoke slowly.

“No matter what methods we use, we must obtain this battle skill, even if he has to write it out completely for us.” A middle-aged man gave his input coldly.

“If we are able to obtain that Heaven Tier Battle Skill, then our strength will definitely increase by another level.” A rather frail looking person said. The look in his eyes showed an invigorating excitement.

Each of the other Heaven Saint Masters had an excited smile on their faces as well. When it came to Heaven Tier Battle Skills, their mouths drooled at the thought of having one. Unless one had some sort of mysteriously strong background support, then even a Heaven Saint Master would find it difficult to have even a single Heaven Tier Battle Skill. Among the ten of them, not a single one had a Heaven Tier Battle Skill. At the most, the strongest one had an Advance Earth Tier Battle Skill.

“Crap, the captain has been captured!” From not too far away, one of the Black Armors in charge of protecting the king cried out in shock.

“Theres no use crying about it, we must protect his Majesty!” The other Black Armors soldier whispered harshly to him as he escorted the king further into the palace.

“Bi Dao is Changyang Xiangtians uncle, theres no way we could allow anything to happen to him. Otherwise, just how would I be able to face him?” The king struggled fiercely against his guards, but with his strength, it was useless for him to try.

The Black Armors held onto the king and picked up their pace in a hurry. A single soldier with a black helmet covering his visage spoke in a worried voice, “Your Highness, we are up against ten strong experts with a force we cannot hope to defend against. To go against them is to go to our deaths. We should first prioritize your life so that we can plan to rescue the captain in the future.”

“Ai!” The king sighed with a downtrodden expression. The actions of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom had caught the Gesun Kingdom completely unprepared.

Suddenly, the Black Armors running in front of them came to a grinding stop as they stared at the area in front of them with a strong concentration. A single middle-aged man could be seen floating five meters up in the air as he sneered at them. This was one of the ten Heaven Saint Masters of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom.

“With so many of us coming on this mission, if we were to let you escape from right under our nose, just what face would we have when we return?” The middle-aged man spoke calmly, but there was a look of disdain that could be seen in his eyes.

The Black Armors slowly circled around the king and drew out their Saint Weapons. “On our lives, we will protect his Majesty!” There was no dread to be seen in their eyes. Almost as if they gave no regards about their own lives, they charged at the Heaven Saint Masters.

The middle-aged mans eyes hardened as he spoke, “A group of ants you are, and yet you still act so impudent!” With a sudden push of his palms, an abundant amount of energy from the world exploded violently toward the Black Armors.

Bang! Bang! Bang! ….

After a series of loud bangs, the Black Armors seemed as if they were struck by gigantic rocks. Each one spat out a large mouthful of blood and flew back through the air. The black armor they wore had already begun to splinter and crack in several different areas.

Losing the several bodyguards he had, the king had finally started to feel a little alone. However, his face didnt reveal any fear, instead, his eyes glared dangerously at the expert from the Heaven Saint Master. “Your Heavenly Eagle Kingdom will pay a heavy price for your actions today. Do you not know just who the captain of the Black Armors are? He is the uncle of the Qinhuang Kingdoms Imperial Protector!”

“What! The uncle of the Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom? Hahahaha!” The words of the king had caused the middle-aged man to burst into laughter before looking at the king as if he was an idiot, “My dear king of the Gesun Kingdom, you are the ruler of the kingdom, but even you still speak such childish lies? Think about what identity the Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom has. Would his uncle be a lowly bodyguard for a lowly king in a lowly kingdom like the Gesun Kingdom?”

“Hmph, you will regret this sooner or later.” The king spoke coldly. He knew that this revelation was surprising. He didnt wish to expend any energy explaining if there would be no one to believe him.

The middle-aged man slowly walked up to the kings side and put on a fake smile. “Your Majesty, we only wish to invite you as a guest for our Heavenly Eagle Kingdom. At the same time, we would like to extend this invitation to your daughter and Changyang Xiangtian. You may as well call them out instead of waiting for us to do the retrieving. If we were to take a move, then that would not do well for you.”

Hearing this, the kings eyes flashed with an almost undetectable amount of light. Sneering, he spoke, “My daughter and Changyang Xiangtian are no longer within the imperial palace. By now, theyve already returned to the Changyang Manor in Lore City. If you are truly courageous, then go capture them at their manor, hmph!

By now, the Gesun Kingdom had only the Changyang clan as a force that could contend against the ten Heaven Saint Masters. Because of his knowledge, the king knew in his heart that the Changyang clan had seven Heaven Saint Masters watching over it at the moment. Aside from Changyang Xiangtian and Chang Wuji whose strength were nearly incomparable, the five Imperial Advisors from the Qinhuang Kingdom were fully capable of fighting one against two. Right now both he and Bi Dao were captured, whether or not they could escape would rely completely on the Changyang clan.

“The Changyang clan!” The middle-aged man let out a snort and a flash of cold light appeared in his eyes. Smiling sinisterly, he said, “We were just on our way to trample the Changyang clan. That makes things convenient. Your royal Highness, we will be leaving now then.” With a single hand, the man carried the king by his clothes and immediately joined with the other nine Heaven Saint Masters.

“My friends, Ive captured the king of the Gesun Kingdom.” The man brought the king right in front of them and laughed.

“Where is the princess and Changyang Xiangtian? Those two people must be brought back as well. We cannot be missing anyone.” An elder said.

The middle-aged man laughed, “The princess and Changyang Xiangtian werent at the palace. Right now theyre at the Changyang clan. Its fortunate that that location was already one of our target locations.”

“Theres no time to lose. Let us set off for the manor straight away. However, we must be careful around that Changyang Xiangtian. Ive heard Georgien say that he wields a strange and powerful energy that can damage our Saint Weapons.” A red-robed elder spoke from behind with a suspicious expression.

“Theres no need to worry. I dont believe that he would be able to defend himself against all of us. With so many people, hell be too overwhelmed to do anything.”

Afterward, the ten Heaven Saint Masters brought the king and Bi Dao into the sky, leaving thousands of the Black Armors and the heavily injured Ye Ming to watch in agony as the group of now twelve flew away.

News of the kings kidnapping spread far, and soon enough, the entire palace and city had gone into an uproar.

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