Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 477: Plans for Revenge

Chapter 476: A Day of Healing

“En!” You Yue slowly closed her eyes and gave a light answer in response. However, she couldnt help but feel slightly disappointed and unhappy from the way Jian Chen had called out to her.

Princess Gelan was a name his Majesty had given her, but her real name was You Yue. Back in the flower garden at the imperial palace, You Yue had stated that Jian Chen should call her by her real name. Seeing how Jian Chen was still calling herprincess, You Yue couldnt help but feel that the connection the two had with each other had suddenly grown even further apart.

Jian Chen was naturally unaware of You Yues thoughts. He focused on the wound on her shoulder for a moment before muttering something and looking elsewhere. The wound had already been treated with gauze and several other medicinal herbs.

Jian Chen held a pair of scissors in his hand and began to slowly cut away the clothes near You Yues wounds. Following a “Kacha”, the scissors cut a perfect circle in the middle of You Yues luxurious robes. Underneath, You Yues slender white skin could be seen along with the faint pink undergarments she wore.

Sensing that You Yues heart had begun to skip a beat, Jian Chen opened his mouth to explain, “Princess You Yue, the stone has already entered your body. In order to advance with your healing, I must remove it first.”

You Yue closed her eyes afterward without another word. However, as she lay on the bed, she felt her body grow stiff with anxiety as a cold sensation began to spread into her left shoulder. This made You Yue realize that her entire body could be seen in its entirety by this single man. With such a thought, her face began to blush slightly; ever since birth, she had never allowed a male to see her body.

Grabbing some gauze, Jian Chen first cleaned away the leftover blood on You Yues wounds before slowly putting his palm onto the wounds. The very moment Jian Chens palm made contact with You Yues flesh, the princess gave a start due to the instant sensation of pain that she felt upon contact.

Jian Chen sucked in a deep breath as he began to gently touch the flesh. Unlike his facial expression, his heart was not calm. However, after some time, he managed to school his emotions and stare attentively at You Yues wounds. “Princess You Yue, I will start to extract the stone, please endure it for now.”

“En!” You Yue gave an answer that was no louder than a mosquitos buzzing. Her face was completely red as she refused to look at Jian Chen in a manner typical of a shy woman.

After Jian Chen grew calm, the palm that had been touching You Yues shoulder suddenly began to exude an attractive force that caused a pain filled cry to come from the princess throat. In the next moment, a bloody stone came flying out from within her body.

After the stone had been extracted, blood began to splurt out like a fountain from the wounds hole. Straight away, Jian Chen lifted his left hand and began to gather a ball of milky white light. The brightness of the sphere began to grow brighter and brighter until the light was nearly dazzling to the eyes within a single moment. Even the dim room was completely illuminated by this light.

You Yue had her eyes closed, but she could sense a sharp ray of light shining through her closed eyelids. In curiosity, she slowly opened her eyes only to see the white light gathered in Jian Chens hand.

At this sight, You Yues beautiful eyes widened in absolute disbelief at what she was seeing.

Although she wasnt a Radiant Saint Master, she had seen the Radiant Saint Force many a times as the princess to a kingdom. That pure white glow wasnt something any other technique could replicate. Naturally, it only required a single look to recognize that only a Radiant Saint Master could control the Radiant Saint Force.

Jian Chens hand slowly fell back down to You Yues wounds and began to use the Radiant Saint Force to heal the injuries.

By this point, Jian Chen was already a Class 6 Radiant Saint Master with an abnormally strong control over the Radiant Saint Force. His healing abilities were beyond most, so with the wounds caused by the stone being the only matter, it took almost no time before the wound was completely healed up with no scars left.

“Changyang Xiangtian, youre… youre… a Radiant Saint Master!” You Yues eyes stared at Jian Chen with a startled heart. Within the Tian Yuan Continent, it was completely unheard of for a person to have two types of force. Not only was Jian Chen a talented cultivator, but he was also a high leveled Radiant Saint Master.

Jian Chen had a faint smile on his face as he spoke, “Princess You Yue, I hope you can keep this as our secret!”

You Yues eyes continued to hold a strange gleam as she stared at Jian Chen. After a while, she nodded, “I will. I wont speak a word of this to anyone.” At this moment, Jian Chens previously spectacular figure had somehow managed to become even more perfect in her eyes.

“Princess You Yue, I will continue to treat the wounds on your back then.”

Hearing this, You Yue hesitated for a moment before at last nodding her head in silence. However, just as she started to roll over, the injuries on her back suddenly flared up, causing her face to pale in pain.

“You should remain as you are now. Allow me.” Jian Chen quickly stopped You Yues movements and helped her turn her body over to inspect her wounds.

Jian Chen and You Yue continued to remain in the same room with each other for about two hours before finally being able to walk out of the room together. Because of Jian Chens ability as a Class 6 Radiant Saint Master, he was able to bring life back to a man who was on the verge of dying from his inner organs failing on him. You Yues injuries were not as severe, so he was able to completely treat her without as much effort.

After changing into a new set of clothes, You Yue still exuded a shy air to her. Occasionally, she would sneak amorous glances at Jian Chen in a bashful manner. When the king and Changyang Ba took notice, they couldnt help but smile knowingly.

The important figures of the Changyang clan and the other representatives of the three clans of Lore City had all gathered in the area. Jian Chens mother and the other aunts had been taken away by the guards to recover from their wounds, so Jian Chen had not been able to see his own mother.

After leaving the underground room, Jian Chen began to revert back to his original mood. Losing the gentle face he displayed underground, Jian Chen walked to Chang Wuji and spoke with a heavy expression, “Uncle Chang, just how heavy were our losses?”

“Quite heavy. At least 200 casualties have been reported so far while the wounded are still being accounted for. There are still many guards and servants whose bodies have been buried under the rubble. It will take us some time to excavate them. All of our buildings have been destroyed.” Chang Wuji sighed.

A flash of killing intent appeared in Jian Chens eyes. Clenching his fists, Jian Chens teeth ground together in anger, “Heavenly Eagle Kingdom, I will not let this matter stand.”

“The Heavenly Eagle Kingdom are truly uncouth.” The king showed a dark expression as well. After being captured by the Heaven Saint Masters from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom, he was naturally furious.

“Fourth master, the magical beast you were raising has been found.” Suddenly, one of the guards came running forward with the snowy white tiger.

“The cub!” Jian Chens heart skipped a beat in surprise and immediately took the cub from the hands of the soldier to inspect it. Upon inspection, Jian Chen could see that the dust had dyed the tigers white fur gray, but its eyes were closed shut as it slept in hibernation to digest the heavenly resources.

Seeing that the tiger cub was fine, Jian Chen let out a sigh in relief. He hadnt thought of how many dangers that could possibly happen before he left, so he hadnt taken the tiger cub with him. After feeding the cub several heavenly resources, he allowed it to fall asleep so that it would wake up only after Jian Chen had returned.

“The Changyang clan must make a swift recovery. Chang Wuji, I entrust this matter to you to make the necessary preparations.” Changyang Ba spoke.

“Yes, this servant understands!” Chang Wuji nodded.

Hearing this, the eyes of the ruler of Lore City lit up. “Master Changyang, please entrust the artisans to me. I will ensure that the very best artisans rebuild the Changyang clan as swiftly as possible.”

“As for the costs for the materials, please leave that to our three clans.” Each of the representatives of the three other major clans spoke. The Changyang clan hadnt lost any strength after this event. Instead, their fame had exploded; especially to the three clans and the city lord. They had been stunned to see the development of the Changyang clans strength. With six Heaven Saint Master in their possession, no regular faction could boast of such a feat.

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