Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 482: 500000 Strong Army

Chapter 481: Borrowing Soldiers

The king of the Qinhuang Kingdom sat in his study with a book in hand as he read it with interest. The sounds of Jian Chen entering the room startled him, causing him to turn his eyes away from his book. When he saw that it was Jian Chen that had disturbed him, he had a startled look on his face. Jian Chens sudden arrival was not something he had expected.

Slowly putting down the book in his hand, the king smiled, “I hadnt imagined that the Imperial Protector would come pay me visit, please take a seat.”

Jian Chen sat down right in front of the king with a slightly surprised look. “Despite it only being several days since I last saw your Majesty, his Highness still looks as well as ever. Living to the age of 500 will be of no problem.”

Laughing, the king replied. “As expected, I cannot hide anything from the Imperial Protector. Several days back, I used some heavenly resources and made a breakthrough with the help of a royal ancestor. Although I became stronger, it is still a far ways away from the Imperial Protector.”

The two sides began to talk for a little before Jian Chen finally spoke what was on his mind. “Your Majesty, in truth, I came back for an important manner that requires the help of the Qinhuang Kingdom.”

The king immediately realized that it had to be serious if Jian Chen would come running all the way back. Growing grim, he spoke, “Speak what you need then. You are the Imperial Protector of our Qinhuang Kingdom. With your status as such, whatever your issue is is an issue of our Qinhuang Kingdom too.”

“I wish for an army division. A division of the elites.” Jian Chen spoke.

“A single division of the army? What for? Is there a war happening?” The king asked with surprise.

Jian Chen nodded, “Correct, there will be war.” Afterward, Jian Chen explained just what had happened in the Gesun Kingdom, much to the kings surprise. When he spoke of the destruction that had happened to his clan, the king carried a murderous air to him.

After hearing Jian Chens narration of the story, the kings face had an angry tint to it. Exploding with fury, he spoke, “How preposterous. This Heavenly Eagle Kingdom has been far too savage. Do they dare treat the Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom as if he was nothing?”

“Your Majesty, I must destroy the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom. Thus, I require an elite division of soldiers and the use of the Space Gate to send them to the Gesun Kingdom. I will upfront the costs of the monster cores.” Jian Chen spoke.

Hearing this, the king hesitated for a moment, “Jian Chen, your authority allows you to command a division of a million at will without needing to report to anyone. However, we should talk about this matter once more tomorrow.”

“That is fine, I will await his Majesty tomorrow.” Jian Chen didnt mince any words and left straight away.

Some time after Jian Chen had left, the king sat there with his eyebrows narrowed together deep in thought. Then, after putting his book back into its original spot, he left the study.

After Jian Chen left the kings study, he left for the Qin Heaven Palace. From far away, Jian Chen could already see several guards standing right by the palace as if they were stone.

The Qin Heaven Palace belonged Jian Chen since he was an Imperial Protector. Although he wasnt there, the guards wouldnt slack off. Day and night, multiple guards could be seen stationed there and many more would patrol the area during the daytime.

“We pay our respects to the Imperial Protector!”

Naturally, when Jian Chen came walking into the Qin Heaven Palace, all of the guards there knelt down in subservience. With the tiger cub in hand, Jian Chen strode into the palace. The guards opened the palace doors for him, so he wouldnt have to do so himself, before gingerly closing it after he entered.

“These girl pays our respects to the Imperial Protector.” As soon as Jian Chen entered the Qin Heaven Palace, several outstanding beauties immediately stooped forward in salute. They were the maids of the Qin Heaven Palace who stayed within the palace even if Jian Chen wasnt there.

“You may leave to do your own thing, dont mind me.” Jian Chen spoke before returning to his personal bedroom. Gently putting the tiger cub on the bed, Jian Chen sat by his table and began to think.

He knew that using the Space Gate to transport an army would require a huge sum of Class 5 Monster Cores, but he had killed many Heaven Saint Masters and obtained plenty of Class 5 and Class 6 Monster Cores from their Space Rings. In total, it had been a plentiful harvest of Class 5 Monster Cores and there were a decent amount of Class 6 Monster Cores now. Right now, Jian Chen was thinking about just how many people could be transported. Although it didnt need to be a large number, their strength had to be high enough in order for them to destroy the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom without the help of the Gesun Kingdom while also inspiring fear.

“Honored Imperial Protector, please have some tea!” A maid came bearing tea and placed it right in front of Jian Chen.

As soon as Jian Chen finished his tea, a single guard could be heard from outside his room, “Ive a report for the honored Imperial Protector, the third prince seeks an audience!”

Upon hearing Qin Jis arrival, Jian Chen immediately went out to greet him in person. As the two met, Qin Ji smiled, “Jian Chen, it really is you. I heard people shouting for the Imperial Protector, so I guessed it was you. I didnt think that my guess would be right.”

Laughing, Jian Chen replied, “Come in then, lets not stand out here.”

The two walked into the Qin Heaven Palace and sat right in front of a table. Straight away, Qin Ji spoke, “Jian Chen, I didnt think that you would return that fast. Did you take care of everything with your family? You can stay here for a while longer then.”

Jian Chen shook his head, “As soon as one wave ceases, another wave of trouble comes forth. I came here to borrow an army.”

“Borrow an army!” Qin Ji was startled. “Is the enemy that strong if Xiao Tian and the others werent enough to keep the peace? The Imperial Advisors of our Qinhuang Kingdom are selected carefully; Xiao Tian and the other four are strong enough to fight enemies two to one.”

Afterward, Jian Chen relayed the story to Qin Ji. As soon as the story ended, Qin Ji exploded with a furious snarl, “That Heavenly Eagle Kingdom is far too much. They should truly be exterminated. But Jian Chen, to transport an entire division through a Space Gate would require the usage of plenty of monster cores. I think that you should bring some Imperial Advisors with you. With them helping you exterminate the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom, they wont even exist in name!”

Jian Chen shook his head. Qin Jis way of thinking was far too simplistic. If it was just a matter of extinguishing the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom, Xiao Tians group and Jian Chen would be enough to complete the task. All it would require is some energy, thats all. The reason why he had run all the way here to borrow an army, and use so many monster cores to transport them, was for a different reason that was not as simplistic.

“Qin Ji, what is your general estimation for how many monster cores Ill need to transport an entire division?” Jian Chen asked.

“A Space Gate uses six monster cores for a single-time use. I presume you understand that a Space Gate requires a steady stream of energy to power it. If people can cross into the Space Gate fast enough, then six Class 5 Monster Cores should be enough for about 600 people. Having said that, this equates to a single Class 5 Monster Core being enough to allow 100 people entry. Do you understand the terrifying costs of how much energy is needed now?”

“A Class 5 Monster Core can send 100 people. Then that means a hundred Class 5 Monster Cores could send ten thousand people, what a hefty cost.” Jian Chen muttered.

“Correct, I suggest you give up on such a thought. Class 5 Monster Cores arent so easily found as Class 2 or Class 3 Monster Cores. A hundred Class 5 Monster Cores can only send ten thousand people, that is a number too small and isnt practical. Bring several strong experts instead.”

Jian Chen smiled, “Although the cost is large, it isnt beyond my expectations.”

Qin Ji was stunned. Looking at Jian Chen with suspicion, he spoke, “Jian Chen, just how many Class 5 Monster Cores do you have you little devil?”

“What is a single Class 6 Monster Core in comparison to a Class 5 Monster Core.” Jian Chen answered him without really answering the question.

Qin Ji thought about it for a moment before saying, “A Class 6 Monster Core is extremely rare. Only Heaven Saint Masters are able to kill the monsters with one, and those are still rare to come by. All of the Class 6 Magical Beasts are centered within the depths of Cross Mountain; barely any roam outside of it and that area is a forbidden area for us humans; whichever Heaven Saint Master that entered the Cross Mountains before had all died. So Class 6 Monster Cores from there are hard to come by, but their price as a result are a hundred to a thousand times more expensive than a Class 5 Monster Core. If you have a Class 6 Monster Core, then I wouldnt be able to make certain of the exact number. Id imagine that it would be the same as using several hundred Class 5 Monster Cores. If people hurry, then it could possibly be equivalent to a thousand Class 5 Monster Cores.”

“If the Class 5 Monster Cores arent enough, then Ill use Class 6 Monster Cores then.” Jian Chen muttered.


On the second day, Jian Chen found the king and once more began to talk of yesterdays request.

This time, the king had a smile on his face. “Jian Chen, I spoke with the royal ancestor yesterday; he has told me that our Qinhuang Kingdom will give you the monster cores needed to transport a million soldiers. If more are needed, it will be up to you to make up for the deficit.”

Hearing this, Jian Chen was overjoyed. These words of the king would mean that Jian Chen would be able to save plenty of monster cores.

“I thank his Majesty for his generosity.” Jian Chen accepted the offer right away.

The king laughed merrily, “Our Qinhuang Kingdom has five divisions, each one of them being elite trained soldiers. Each division has two million soldiers. Four divisions are located within each of the four strongholds. The final division is located here at the imperial city. Named the Eastern Deity Swords, they are tasked with the important mission of protecting the imperial city. Jian Chen, if you wish for a large division, then take some from the Eastern Deity Swords.”

TL Note: The Eastern Deity Swords is actually a real life division in China. The DFSJ is what theyre called in China.

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