Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 483: Arrival of the Army

Chapter 482: 500,000 Strong Army

“Thats fine then, theres no time to lose. I will need a division of 500,000.” Jian Chen spoke impatiently. 500,000 should be more than enough.

The king smiled, “Jian Chen, transferring the soldiers to you doesnt require me to personally come with you to transfer them. I will send a decree to the Eastern Deity Swords and have them send their strongest 500,000 with you. However, the transferring of that many troops will not be so quick, it will require some time.”

Jian Chen nodded, “That will be fine, I will wait for the news then.”

After the business talks were done, Jian Chen relayed the Dazhou Kingdoms desire of an alliance with the Qinhuang Kingdom to the king. He had promised the Dazhou Kingdom that he would deliver the message, but whether or not the two kingdoms would really work toward an alliance was of no concern to him.

Giving several more moments of smalltalk, Jian Chen finally left the kings palace and returned to his own Qin Heaven Palace. Afterward, he called out to one of the maids, “I will be cultivating for a while. Notify the rest that I am not to be disturbed. I will not meet anyone before then and I will not have anyone try to.”

“This servant understands!” The maid replied respectfully before bowing out to inform everyone.

Jian Chen sat on his bed and exhaled slowly. Then taking the skeleton of the Saint Ruler out from his Space Ring, he began to inspect it slowly.

The Saint Rulers skeleton was about two meters in height and looked quite sturdy. Just from looking at the skeleton one would know that the person had to have been quite sturdy when he was alive. The bones were snowy white and were nearly transparent with a resplendent light emanating from them that made them seem like a precious treasure. On the skeleton itself was a faint movement of light that seemed as if there was mercury flowing over it.

This was the second time Jian Chen had seen a Saint Rulers skeleton, but the situation was different than from the first time. Perhaps it was because his strength was equivalent to a Heaven Saint Master, but he was clearly able to feel the distinct energy within the skeletons bones. The energy within was like a vast ocean of water.

Exhaling, Jian Chen slowly calmed down and closed his eyes. Then, communicating with the two sword spirits, he thought, “Ziying, Qingsuo, could you help me convert the Saint Rulers skeleton into Chaotic Force?”

“Yes, master!”

Ziying and Qingsuo both answered without hesitation and moved in coordination. From Jian Chens hand came two glows of light, separating to form a male in violet robes and a female in azure robes. The male was handsome and the female was beautiful in a way that made them both seem like a pair of Immortals married to each other.

Ziying and Qingsuo both held their hands up, causing the skeleton to fly up in between them through the use of some sort of hidden force.

Ziying and Qingsuo extended both arms now. A wave of azure and violet light wafted from them and enveloped the Saint Rulers skeleton.

The process of converting the skeleton was quite fast. After four hours or so, a gray-colored energy began to waft from the Saint Rulers skeleton into Jian Chens body, to where his dantian was.

“Master, use the Azulet Sword Laws to refine the Chaotic Force.” Ziyings voice could be heard within Jian Chens mind before his person disappeared from Jian Chens sight.

As prompted, Jian Chen made use of the next four hours in order to refine the Chaotic Force into a force he could use. Following that, Jian Chen immediately looked within himself where a wall scroll suddenly appeared within his mind. In his dantian were two black-colored energies that slowly floated about with a presence that would quicken the heartbeat of anyone that felt it.

Last time, Jian Chen had been able to use the two Ruler Armaments to convert them into Chaotic Force. With one strand, he was able to strengthen his body while the other had been kept in reserve. With this Saint Rulers skeleton, he now had two strands of it.

Seeing the two gray-colored wisps of energy in his dantian, Jian Chen hesitated for a moment before asking, “If I were to use the Chaotic Force to strengthen my body, would that be a problem?” The last time, Jian Chen had done so recklessly and caused his entire body to curl up in pain to the point where he was barely able to withstand it.

“There wont be a problem now master. You may use the Chaotic Force without a problem. Although it may hurt, it wont be as bad as before.” The one who spoke was Qingsuo with a melodic voice that was pleasant to hear.

“Thats fine then!” Jian Chen let loose a breath of air as he felt his heart ease up a little. Straight away, he began to use the Chaotic Force to temper his body.

As the Chaotic Force coursed through his body, Jian Chen didnt feel as strong of a pain as before. Right now, the Chaotic Force was no longer destroying his body as it passed. Although there was still pain, it was well within Jian Chens tolerance levels. It was just as Ziying said, Jian Chen would be able to withstand this.

The Chaotic Force continued to slowly travel through his body while Jian Chen could feel his body strengthening at incredible speeds. His meridians, muscles, and muscles all felt a noticeable improvement. Jian Chens body made a single great leap in strength after the Chaotic Force completed a single circuit. He could distinctly feel that his body was far better than before, and the Chaotic Force had only used up a third of itself.

Without stopping, Jian Chen continued to make use of the Chaotic Force to strengthen his body. After the third revolution, the strand of Chaotic Force had finally been used up completely.

Jian Chen opened his eyes and nimbly leaped from his bed. Both feet planted squarely on the ground as he measured himself up and felt around his body. To his senses, he felt that he was many times stronger than before. Although his body was still flexible and firm, its defensive capabilities were many times stronger.

“Ziying, Qingsuo, with my current body strength, will I be able to make use of the Chaotic Force?” Jian Chen asked.

“You cannot, master. While your body has indeed improved by a decent amount, it is still a far ways away from being able to use it. Master will need to use the Chaotic Force several more times before the minimum requirement is reached, but even then, master would only be able to use an impure version of the Chaotic Force.”

Jian Chen sighed to himself. It seemed that even after successfully using the Chaotic Force, he would still not be able to use it.

“If its like that, then leaving the other strand of Chaotic Force in my dantian is useless. I may as well use it to refine myself again to increase my bodys strength.” With that, Jian Chen sat back down and began to use the last strand of Chaotic Force to strengthen his body.

After the second strand had been used up, it was already late in the afternoon. As soon as his consciousness returned to his body, Jian Chen could sense a maid standing quietly outside the door.

Getting off the bed, Jian Chen inspected himself with a joyous expression after seeing the results. “With my current body strength, even a Peak Great Saint Master wont constitute as a threat to me. If things go on like this, then perhaps there will be a day where even Heaven Saint Masters will be unable to harm me.”

Although being unable to use the Chaotic Force was a great shame, the strength it had given his body was a thing to truly be happy about.

Jian Chen happily walked out from his room only to see the the maid that was outside his room salute him, “A report for the honored Imperial Protector. The generals of the Eastern Diety Swords are here to seek an audience.”

A light in Jian Chens eyes sparkled, “Let them in!”


Not too long after, three armored generals came walking in from the outside. All three men had staunch expressions. One of them looked to be sixty years old while the other two were around forty years old. All of them wore white armor and radiated a powerful aura that screamed for blood.

“We pay our respects to the Imperial Protector!” The three men saluted Jian Chen.

“Three generals, please rise. What shall I call you by?” Jian Chen smiled kindly.

“General Qin Wuming, vice commander-in-chief of the Eastern Deity Swords!” The elder spoke first. Then, the two middle-aged men by his side revealed their names as well.

“General Qin Wutian, military governor of the Eastern Deity Swords!”

“General Qin Wujian, military governor of the Eastern Deity Swords!”

“Three generals, I presume his Majesty has already explained the situation to you?” Jian Chen smiled, but inwardly, he was surprised. All three of them had the same surname, were they all related to the royal family?

The vice commander-in-chief of the Eastern Deity Swords nodded, “Honored Imperial Protector, his Majesty has already explained everything. 500,000 soldiers from the Eastern Deity Swords have already arrived here from the imperial city. As long as the order is given, we three father and sons will aid the Imperial Protector in anyway and head through the Space Gate to the Gesun Kingdom!”

Jian Chen displayed a surprised look on his face; he hadnt thought that the three were father and sons. From their appearances, there was no differences between them. When he used his presence to measure their strength, he noticed that they had not bothered to hide their strengths. They were plain to see, and Jian Chen realized that all three of them were Heaven Saint Masters. The eldest, Qin Wuming was a Third Cycle Heaven Saint Master while the other two were First Cycle Heaven Saint Masters.

Jian Chen cupped his hands together, “Then I will be bothering you three to follow me on a trip. If everyone is ready, we will make our preparations to leave now.”


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