Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 493: Sect of Dragon and Tiger (Two)

Chapter 492: Sect of Dragon and Tiger (One)

When the ten Imperial Advisors from the Qinhuang Kingdom chased after the other Heaven Saint Masters, they moved far enough to disappear from sight, but the sounds of their battle could still be heard from far away. All sorts of elemental energy could be seen blasting apart at each other, exploding in a multi-spectrum array of color.

Jian Chen was ultimately unconcerned with the battle far away. He hadnt spared even a glance at them since he had absolute faith in the Imperial Advisors. Even with eleven Heaven Saint Masters, the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom stood no chance.

“General Qin Wuming, take the stronghold.” Jian Chen spoke.

“Yes!” The general replied before riding into the stronghold to make the proper arrangements. Now that the army of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom had surrendered, the entire stronghold would now be occupied by the Eastern Deity Swords.

After the cries of war had ended, the 500,000 soldiers of the Gesun Kingdom finally began to move into the stronghold.

In this battle, the Eastern Deity Swords suffered 96 casualties while 20,000 soldiers sustained slight injuries and another 3000 received heavy injuries. On the enemy side, over a hundred thousand soldiers had died with another 300,000 captured. All in all, this was a splendid victory for the Qinhuang Kingdom.

Only the Eight Great Powers or the Three Great Empires would be capable of pulling off such a brilliant military success like this.

After a candle wicks worth of time, the Imperial Advisors finally returned. Speaking to Jian Chen, Xiao Tian spoke, “Weve killed two of them while the other eight fled with grave wounds.”

“Oh!” Jian Chen nodded, “The Heavenly Eagle Kingdom has only fifteen Heaven Saint Masters. After four of them were killed in the Gesun Kingdom, there should be eleven remaining. Now with two of them dying here, that should mean nine Heaven Saint Masters are left.”

“And now the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom is no longer a threat to us. Although they have more ordinary soldiers, if we were to enter the battle, even their overwhelming army would come to an end.” Xiao Tian spoke.

Jian Chen nodded his head in agreement. “Thats correct. Our soldiers are far ahead in ability. When the time comes, I will move if need be to reduce the loss on the Eastern Deity Swords. You all should rest up for now. We will continue tomorrow.”

When the first day came to an end and the second day started, the entire group continued to the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom.

The same day, the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom began to mobilize all their soldiers from the other three strongholds to move war materials into the imperial city. The entire army gathered many experts within the palace to be the final line of defense and take part in the war that would determine whether or not the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom would survive.

The Heavenly Eagle Kingdom and one of the Eight Great Powers fighting each other caused plenty of noise in the neighboring areas. All of the nearby kingdoms had great interest in this affair and many people went to gather intelligence within the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom to find out what had caused this war.

After some information was leaked, the name of the Gesun Kingdom exploded with popularity. Their status escalated at an incredible rate. From a silent and almost unheard of kingdom, they suddenly became an existence that could not be bothered at any costs.

With the Qinhuang Kingdom attacking the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom, plenty of kingdoms now knew that the Gesun Kingdom and the Qinhuang Kingdom were extremely close.

The armies of the Qinhuang and Gesun Kingdom trekked for three full days before finally ending up at their final destination — the imperial city of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom.

The imperial city of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom was monstrous in size, a King City. Its defensive abilities were far beyond that of a stronghold. It had city walls about a hundred meters high. There was a single foot thick plate of tempered steel surrounding the entire city like a heavy suit of armor. Not only was this tempered steel plate heavy, but it was also many times more durable than ordinary steel plate.

By now, the entire army of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom was gathered within the city and prepared to battle against the Qinhuang Kingdom in a do or die battle. It was not easy fitting all the soldiers because the imperial city was not as spacious as any of the strongholds. Just outside the city walls were about two million soldiers who were packed together like ants. For as far as the eyes could see, anyone looking would only be able to see a sea of heads. Rows of magical crystal cannons and crossbow machines were situated on the ground and aimed at the area in front of them. Another part of the army was on the city walls manning the few hundred magical crystal cannons and crossbows placed on the walls. Although there were several hundred thousand men on the walls, not a single sound could be heard. Everything was deathly silent as everyone looked ahead with a strange calm despite the pressure they felt.

Right in front of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom, several rows of silver-armored soldiers from the Eastern Deity Swords were mounted on their magical beasts in uniform order. The entire division let out a mighty battle spirit that combined with the presence of their magical beast companions.

At the very front of the division, Jian Chen and the other thirteen members of the Qinhuang Kingdom lead the soldiers. The king of the Gesun Kingdom, princess You Yue, Changyang Ba, Ming Dong, Dugu Feng, Khafir, Ye Ming, Senior An, and Yun Zheng stood at the back so as to avoid any accidents that may occur. This battle would undoubtedly be far more intense than the one at the stronghold — this was the battle that would determine the continued existence of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom. For that, the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom would surely go all out to defend their city, and for the sake of everyones welfare, Jian Chen had all of his close family and friends stay behind.

The armies of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom and the Qinhuang Kingdom stood still and maintained position. All they needed to do was wait for their respective generals to give the order for the battle to begin.

For two hours, both sides stood still before Jian Chen finally turned to Qin Wuming. “Sound the order to attack!” The Heavenly Eagle Kingdom were adamant on defending themselves to the death, so Jian Chen did not wish to spare any time trying to convince them to surrender.

Nodding, Qin Wuming waved his hand and ordered, “Attack!”

At his command, a series of weapon fire could be heard from behind the Eastern Deity Swords. Several spheres of fire fluctuating with an unstable amount of energy could be seen flying over the heads of the Eastern Deity Swords before ultimately landing within the concentrated area where the Heavenly Eagle Kingdoms army was.

Half of these magical crystal cannons were forcibly taken from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdoms stronghold while the other half came from the Eastern Deity Swords themselves. The parts were split up between several Space Rings and could be assembled when needed. As the most elite division of the Qinhuang Kingdom, they were not only extremely strong, but they had all sorts of instruments of war prepared when the situation called for it.

Previously when they fought against the northern stronghold of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom, they had no need for the cannons, thus they did not take them out to use. The imperial city had far more soldiers within it than what a stronghold could boast. Even more so, the imperial city had a single foot thick of reinforced steel plating protecting it so the magical beasts of the Eastern Deity Sword would have a hard time scaling it. There was no way for them to scale the walls as fast. Faced against such a problem, they had no other choice but to use the magical crystal cannons.

Boom boom boom boom….

Following several series of explosive sounds, the spheres of fire impacted at the rear of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdoms army. Leaving behind several large craters in the ground, all of the soldiers in close proximity were killed by the explosion. With a single barrage, the Heavenly Eagle Kingdoms army had suffered major losses.

At the same time, the general of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdoms army had sent out the order to attack as well. The magical beast cannons constructed on the walls of the city fired in the direction of the Qinhuang Kingdoms army. They let loose several ear-whistling projectiles that streaked through the air toward the Eastern Deity Swords.

Jian Chen and the thirteen individuals soared up into the air before spreading out. Each person lifted both palms before a surge of energy from the world burst from them and hindered the speed of the projectiles flying toward them. In the end, the several hundred rounds of energy balls flew no further than 500 meters before losing all forward momentum and falling to the ground below. Coincidentally, another part of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdoms army was right below these energy balls. Not only did the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom fail to injure the soldiers of the Eastern Deity Sword, they instead killed off even more of their own soldiers.

“Bastard! You are excessive in your actions, to dare interfere with the battle between soldiers!” A furious roar could be heard coming from the walls of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom. Shortly afterward, nineteen Heaven Saint Masters flew from the walls to face off against the fourteen individuals.

Seeing that the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom actually had nineteen Heaven Saint Masters, Jian Chen had an astonished look in his eyes. According to his calculations the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom should have only nine remaining. For there to come out with another ten, Jian Chen felt that this was all very unexpected.

“So the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom has outside help, I wonder who would even try to take the Qinhuang Kingdom as their enemy?” Jian Chens eyes revealed a cold glare as he smiled at the ten newcomers.

A single middle-aged man suited in armor cupped his hands together before speaking rather impassively, “We are from the Sect of Dragon and Tiger. As of today, the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom belongs to our sect. We hope that the Qinhuang Kingdom will leave the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom alone.”

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