Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 497: Destruction of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom (Three)

the whole picture now, he fully understood Jian Chens identity. Only a status as illustrious as the Imperial Protector would be able to cause the Qinhuang Kingdom to send a large army, such great distance, to help the Gesun Kingdom.

“If you wish to blame someone, blame yourself for disturbing my Changyang clan. For that reason, even the Sect of Dragon and Tiger wouldnt change a thing despite their interference today. King of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom. Today, you now understand the full story.” Jian Chen spoke with an awe-inspiring tone to his voice.

“Ai!” The king sighed. In this instant, he seemed to have aged several years and his spirit seemed to grow depressed.

Powerlessly, the king of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom nodded his head, “This king understands. Everything now makes sense. Making an enemy with the Gesun Kingdom was truly a mistake. Now that this king is here, whether you wish to kill or torture me, do as you will.”

Jian Chen didnt waste any more words and waved his hand, “Capture him and bring him out.” Immediately, two elite soldiers from the Eastern Deity Sword came forward to grab hold of the kings arms and led him out.

After the king was led out, a single sword of fire materialized in Jian Chens hand. With a bright gleaming arc of fire, the sword smashed apart the dragon throne in the palace.

With the king of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom captured, the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom was already halfway destroyed.

“Qin Wuming, have the Eastern Deity Swords start a blanket sweep of the entire palace. Capture all members of the palace and dont let them escape. Do not cause unnecessary trouble with the maids and servants.” Jian Chen commanded.

“Yes!” Qin Wuming obeyed and walked away to make the orders.

Jian Chen looked underneath the flooring with a smile of disdain. His right foot gently stepped on the ground, causing the entire palace to shudder, as if suffering from an earthquake, but the tremors soon disappeared.

Several kilometers away, in a ten meter tall passageway, a large group of the royals of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom and their guards were frantically escaping down the path. There were about 1000 people in total rushing through the quiet but cramped passageway. Occasionally, a sound could be heard from some of them. Some of these people were the concubines of the king and the members of the entire royal family.

“Hurry up, people in front, go faster! Otherwise, the invaders will catch up to us.”

“Everyone move faster. If the invaders catch up to us, itll all be over.”

“Wait for everyone to be safe before we slow down. Run faster!”

“Aiya, you stepped on me, you stepped on me!”

A large group of people were huffing and puffing as they charged down the dark path in an attempt to escape. The passageway wasnt very smooth, so sometimes someone would step on an uneven part of the ground and tumble to the ground before being stepped on by the people behind them. Painful screams would escape from their mouths, especially from the daintier women. With everyone looking out for their own life, no one had the time or luxury to look after someone else.

Just at that moment, a rumbling sound could be heard from above as the entire passageway began to shake. Afterward, a terrified shout could be heard from up front.

“No! The passageway has collapsed, the front path has been blocked!”

“Its over, with the passageway caved in, we dont have any way to escape!”

“What, the passageway caved in? How could that be? This entire path was reinforced, just how could it cave in so easily?”


Within the giant halls of the palace, Jian Chen walked up to the loyal eunuch and spoke, “Who are you?”

Seeing Jian Chen turn his attention to himself, the eunuch let out a fearful sound before kneeling on the ground, trembling in fear. “Th… this… this sla…slave is the kings eunuch of meals. I am in charge of the kings everyday meals.”

“Tell me where the second prince has escaped off to.” Jian Chen spoke calmly and warmly, but there was an overwhelming amount of pressure delivered to the eunuch as well.

“This… this slave does not know.” The eunuch was a man who feared death so his entire body refused to stop shaking.

Jian Chens eyes flashed dangerously, “What a truly loyal person, but even if you dont tell me, itll take an hour for me to find him. Ill give you one chance to live. If you dont choose your words carefully, do not blame me for being merciless.”

“Changyang Xiantian, they most likely escaped in secret already. We just need to find traces of a secret passageway.” Princess You Yue suddenly spoke.

Jian Chen shook his head, “I know what passageway they escaped into, but the second prince isnt in it. There isnt a trace of the second prince in the palace either.”

“How do you know he isnt in the passageway?” The princess asked with curiosity. She had been right by Jian Chens side ever since they entered the imperial palace. She had not seen anyone ever come report to Jian Chen. So the fact that Jian Chen knew that the second prince wasnt escaping in the secret passageways was a completely mystery to her.

Jian Chen smiled, “I naturally have my own methods.” Turning around, Jian Chen looked once more to the eunuch in front of him. “Now, will you tell me or not?”

Seeing the eunuch stay quiet, Jian Chen revealed a cold smile, “It doesnt matter if you speak. Ill find the second prince myself with some effort. Soldier, take him away to be executed.”

“Ill speak!” As soon as Jian Chen finished speaking, the cowardly eunuchs final line of defense crumbled away.

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