Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 505: An Injured Qin Wutian

ontrol and authority over the remaining parts of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom. At the same time, they declared their adherence and loyalty to the Qinhuang Kingdom.

With the surviving seven Heaven Saint Masters of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom all in their own respective factions, it was no exaggeration to say that these seven powers were fully deserving of being the seven strongest existences within the kingdom.

With the seven greatest powers stepping into this power struggle, the other families and clans didnt stand a chance. None of them had a Heaven Saint Master or the rapport of a kingdom as strong as the Qinhuang Kingdom. This meant the seven powers of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom possessed no chances of being defeated and would leave any opposing family without a single pocket of resistance.

This bit of information allowed the originally nervous Heavenly Eagle Kingdom to return to the previous calm from before. Everyone knew that while the kingdom itself had been dissolved, the Qinhuang Kingdom had simply served to replace them as the ruling party, only stronger in terms of control. What could be ascertained was the fact that should the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom ever give rise to another Heaven Saint Master, that one would never be able to challenge the seven powers due to the Qinhuang Kingdom backing them up. As long as the Qinhuang Kingdom gave shelter, the seven powers would never lose their position.

The seven territories of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom were already territories that could not be disputed over. When the seven Heaven Saint Masters returned to their respective families, clans, and sects, they had immediately sprung into action and moved to claim their rightful territories.

And with the backing of the Qinhuang Kingdom, the acquisition of the territories had gone by smoothly. All of the lesser clans and sects had immediately pledged allegiance to these seven powers, and some of them had even became a subsidiary power to them. This had allowed for the seven powers to completely control the entire Heavenly Eagle Kingdom in three short days.

Among the seven, the group that profited the most was the Bloodmoon Mercenaries. They were able to use their one Heaven Saint Master to keep up the front while all of their Earth Saint Masters were among the next strongest within the kingdom. Thus, they were quickly introduced as one of the strongest powers of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom, but because they were at the bottom of the group, they were only able to claim a second class city as their stronghold with a small potential for growth before the war.

But now, Jian Chens order had practically given the Bloodmoon Mercenaries the power to grow to become the owners of one of the seven partitions. The amount of area they controlled had grown ten times over, giving no small excitement to the leader of the mercenaries.

It had been four days since the fragmentation of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom. In the original palace of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom, over a thousand artisans from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom had already dismantled the treasury to a pile of scrap almost. There was no longer a third story, and the materials used to build that third story had been reduced to material that was later absorbed into the Space Rings of the Eastern Deity Swords.

Jian Chen gave all authority over to the seven powers to deal with any problems that may arise after the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom had been disbanded. This allowed him to a hands-free approach. All he did after that was quarter some soldiers around the area to act as a deterrence. The next few days were spent in leisure. All that was needed was for him to wait for the situation to stabilize before he and the army could return to the Gesun Kingdom.

At this moment, Jian Chen and princess You Yue were playing chess in the flower gardens in peace. Ever since You Yue had helped Jian Chen with the problem of what to do with the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom, the relationship between the two had grown far more intimate. Or at least, it was unlike the indifference from before.

Just then, Xiao Tian came walking in a hurry to Jian Chen with a serious expression and spoke, “Imperial Protector, something bad has happened. After being sent out to the Sunset Kingdom to capture the second prince, Qin Wutian has come back. Hes injured.”

Startled, Jian Chen ignored his game of chess to look at Xiao Tian, “Just what happened out there!”

“Qin Wutian came across an attack and suffered serious injuries. The hundred elite soldiers accompanying him faced serious damage as well.” Xiao Tian spoke grimly. His face was dark, this was an attack to the power that was the Qinhuang Kingdom.

Thinking for a moment, Jian Chen suddenly stood up before asking, “Where is Qin Wutian!”

“In the official hall!”

Bidding goodbye to the princess, Jian Chen hurriedly left the garden to rush to the official hall.

Just as Jian Chen arrived at the hall, all of the strongest people from the Qinhuang Kingdom had already congregated there. Each one of them had a dark expression filled with anger. On one of the chairs, a white-faced Qin Wutian sat weakly on it. His entire body was drenched with blood, and his silver armor had several cracks running through it. On his chest was a clear to see palm print.

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