Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 511: Saint Ruler of the Qinhuang Kingdom

Chapter 510: Heavy Damages

Just as everyone rose into the air, the horizons boomed with the voice of the Saint Ruler once more. “Although you are an Imperial Protector, you have offended this old man nonetheless. If I do not teach you a lesson here, then there will be others who will take me to be an easy target to bully.” The space behind Jian Chens body suddenly began to surge and twist violently within itself. A tremendous amount of energy came spiraling out from the space and slammed ruthlessly into Jian Chens back

Although Jian Chen had felt something coming toward his back, he was not able to do anything to dodge because the space around him had frozen for a moment. His body was stuck rigidly in place and was powerless to move in any direction.

“Pfff!” Feeling an extremely large amount of energy slam into his back, Jian Chen spat out a large mouthful of blood and grew extremely pale in the face. The space that had frozen around him disappeared and returned to normal. Jian Chens body flew forward like a bullet from the impact. Five hundred meters away he crashed into a nearby mountain peak. The entire area shattered, leaving Jian Chen in a hole for him to sink into.

Experiencing this fierce impact, the entire mountain shook for a moment and emphasized just how strong of blow it had been.

“Imperial Protector!” The ten Imperial Advisors and the three generals from the Qinhuang Kingdom cried out before flying toward that mountain. It was Xiao Tian that went to where Jian Chen had fallen and supported him back up from the hole.

At this moment, Jian Chens entire body hung on Xiao Tians. Even standing was not a simple task for him at the time. His face was as pale as paper without any blood, and streams of blood had poured out from his mouth without stopping. The top part of his clothes had disappeared as if vaporized by the explosion. Not even a strip of cloth could be seen, leaving the entire part of his body bare.

The injured part of Jian Chens back was a mangled mess without any unbroken skin left to be seen. It was a dreadful wound that had ripped at his internal organs. Even his bones and blood vessels had been split.

The strike of a Saint Ruler was capable of tearing apart space. Even if Jian Chens body was tempered with the Chaotic Force, it would be the same as tofu in front of the Saint Ruler.

“Imperial Protector, are you okay? Take this Radiant Spirit Pill.” Qin Wuming immediately took out a Radiant Spirit Pill from his Space Ring and administered it to Jian Chen in concern.

Although a Radiant Spirit Pill was by far not enough to heal Jian Chens wounds, it would at least temporarily stabilize his wounds and prevent them from getting any worse.

Jian Chen gave several harsh coughs while spitting out several particles of parts from his body out from his mouth. Not only was the ground dyed red with blood, it had several bits of the ruptured parts of his internal organs.

Jian Chen slowly opened his eyes to look at Xiao Tian who was supporting him. Powerlessly, he sat down on a giant boulder and gasped for air. His entire body was devoid of strength for the time being because of the serious injuries. If his throat were to have something clogged in it, he would be powerless to say a word.

Seeing that Jian Chen had been seriously injured by the Saint Ruler of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger, everyone from the Qinhuang Kingdom grew extremely dark in the face. A chilling glare could be seen as a fierce killing intent radiated from their eyes.

Although they and Jian Chen had not yet reached an extremely personal level, Jian Chen was an Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom. He represented the face of the Qinhuang Kingdom. For the Saint Ruler to inflict such a wound onto him, this was akin to having him ruthlessly slap the Qinhuang Kingdom in the face without any regards.

“The Saint Ruler of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger is far too unruly. This business can absolutely not be let go like this.” Qin Wutian snarled, fury emerging from his body.

“We will ensure that the Sect of Dragon and Tiger will pay a price for this. Let us return to the Qinhuang Kingdom to report this to the esteemed four Imperial Protectors. This concerns the face of our Qinhuang Kingdom and the millennia worth of reputation we have built up. Our Imperial Protectors will not sit idly for this.” Qing Shaofan spoke.

“Indeed. We must have the Imperial Protectors come on over. If we do not take back the prestige we lost, then our Qinhuang Kingdom will have none left to remain on the Tian Yuan Continent, let alone remain as one of the strongest eight.” Qin Wujian growled. Although the Sect of Dragon and Tiger was very far away, everyone was extremely angry. None of them were afraid that the Saint Ruler of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger would hear them.

Qin Wuming spoke, “We should leave this area first and discuss our next course of action on the road.”

“Yes, lets leave this place first. The wounds of the Imperial Protector are very heavy. He cant even rush down the roads, we must carry him.” Xiao Tian spoke.

Shortly afterward, Xiao Tian held up the injured Jian Chen and had the energy of the world surround him as they brought him into the air. As everyone was worried about the Saint Ruler attacking again, they surrounded him as they left. They all knew that Jian Chen was an extremely important figure to the Qinhuang Kingdom. This was a future Saint Ruler, so his well being was extremely crucial.

Two days later, everyone finally returned to the imperial palace of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom. Although they had left days ago, the imperial palace was still extremely quiet. Only the sounds of the artisans working on the treasury could be heard. Without the express approval from the Qinhuang Kingdom, no person or power would dare enter the imperial palace.

Within the imperial palace, Xiao Tian escorted Jian Chen into a room to rest. Jian Chen lay powerlessly on the bed and the rest of the individuals from the Qinhuang Kingdom stood on the other side with a grave expression.

“I will be using a secret art to heal myself, please see yourself out. Do not disturb me while I am healing myself.” Jian Chen spoke weakly.

All thirteen of the Heaven Saint Masters bowed out from the room to allow Jian Chen to rest by himself in the secluded room.

Withdrawing from Jian Chens room, the thirteen Heaven Saint Masters all sat down in front of a circular table. Solemn in thought, Qin Wuming suddenly spoke out, “Qing Shaofan, youre a wind-attributed cultivator and faster than the rest of us. Head on back to the Qinhuang Kingdom and report to the Imperial Protectors what happened. No matter whay, we must get back the honor we have lost.”

“No problem. Since theres no time to lose, Ill leave right away!” With that, Qing Shaofan stood up to leave.

“Hold on!” Qin Wuming took out a map from his Space Ring to give to Qing Shaofan. “The closest kingdom with a Space Gate near us is the Dazhou Kingdom. Ive marked their location on the map, go to their kingdom and borrow their Space Gate to get back.”

Qing Shaofan took the map and observed it for a while before putting it away and leaving the palace.

After Qing Shaofan left, Qin Wumings eyes looked around the place before sighing, “Now we will have to wait here for any more information. The Saint Ruler is someone we alone cannot go against. We must await news from the Imperial Protectors.”

Afterward, the twelve Heaven Saint Masters remained within the imperial palace. However, no one dared disturb Jian Chen while he healed. He had the entire palace hall to recover in while the other twelve looked for their own palace halls to reside in around the entire place.

In his room, Jian Chen remained weakly on the bed. After he felt the twelve Heaven Saint Masters leave, he finally began to make use of his mind to gather all of the Radiant Saint Force in the world to begin his recovery.

Jian Chen was at the equivalent level of a Sixth Class Radiant Saint Master, so his ability to control the Radiant Saint Force was far stronger than before. In a moment, a condensed milky-white ball of Radiant Saint Force appeared in the room. The entire room was basked in its light. To the human eye, it was a dazzling glow of light that was soft to the sight, not hurtful. Even to the naked eye, it gave off a glow that was brighter than the sun, but did not hurt the eyes at all, instead, there was an especially comfortable feeling to it.

On the bed, Jian Chen was already completely basked in the Radiant Saint Force. He could see the Radiant Saint Force around him traveling within his body at a lightning quick speed. His body was a bottomless pit or a sponge that absorbed all of the Radiant Saint Force without pause.

Under the treatment of the Radiant Saint Force, Jian Chens injuries began to heal and recover at a rapid rate. The cracks over his skin and the injured internal organs in his body slowly began to recover. Even the fractured bones and blood vessels regrow at a rate that even the human eye could see.

Since Jian Chen had used the Chaotic Force to temper his body, his bodys strength was many times stronger than before. With it being many times stronger, the recovery of his body had grown more difficult. It was no longer as simple as it was before. This was because the Chaotic Force had tempered his body to become stronger, meaning more Radiant Saint Force would be required to recover his body to such a level.

Jian Chen knew his body situation extremely well and felt quite helpless in his heart. The Chaotic Force had truly made his body far stronger than before, but in the case of an injury, it made recovery far more difficult instead of being easy like it was in the past.

Jian Chen was willing to bet that the more he used the Chaotic Force to temper and strengthen his body, the more Radiant Saint Force and the more strenuous it would be for recovery. At the very end, the Radiant Saint Force would become useless in effect.

“It would appear I need to become a Seventh Class Radiant Saint Master. This way, Ill be able to heal myself even after the Chaotic Force is used. Furthermore, there is still my brothers arms and legs as well as the white tiger cubs mother, Rum Guinness to heal.” Jian Chen thought to himself, but he himself knew that becoming a Seventh Class Radiant Saint Master was still a long path to travel on. It was a path that was perhaps longer than the path from a Heaven Saint Master to a Saint Ruler.

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