Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 511: Saint Ruler of the Qinhuang Kingdom

ou Kingdom — had been laid waste to and destroyed by 500,000 elite soldiers and more than a dozen individuals from the Qinhuang Kingdom. This had allowed even the commoners of the continent to see the terrifying might of one of the Eight Great Powers.

When they learned that Qing Shaofan was an Imperial Advisor for the Qinhuang Kingdom and wished to use the Space Gate to return to the Qinhuang Kingdom, the king of the Dazhou Kingdom no longer held any doubts to his identity. He didnt even need proof that Qing Shaofan was who he said he was before allowing him to pass through their Space Gate to the Qinhuang Kingdom without any problems.

After returning to the Qinhuang Kingdom, Qing Shaofan ran like the wind and lightning back to the imperial palace where the Qin Heaven Palace was.

There was a total of five Qin Heaven Palaces in the imperial palace of the Qinhuang Kingdom. Each one was dedicated specifically for an Imperial Protector to use. They were the five palaces that held the most power in the imperial palace, and even the palace of the king of the Qinhuang Kingdom was incomparable.

Qing Shaofan arrived in front of one of the Qin Heaven Palace and was immediately stopped by one of the guards standing guard there.

“Please halt here, Imperial Advisor. Without the permission of the honored Imperial Protector, no one may enter.” The imperial guard spoke politely to Qing Shaofan.

Qing Shaofan nodded his head. “If I may trouble you to ask the honored Imperial Protector, Qing Shaofan has a matter of extreme importance to report. This matter relates to the honor of our Qinhuang Kingdom and the Imperial Protector Jian Chen.”

Hearing this, the imperial guard knew that this matter was of critical importance. Solemnly, he replied, “Please wait here, Imperial Advisor. This humble officer will immediately report to the honored Imperial Protector!” With that, the imperial guard captain personally ran into the palace.

Rapidly, the captain came running back out from the Qin Heaven Palace and spoke to Qing Shaofan, “Imperial Advisor, please enter!”

With a bow, Qing Shaofan sucked in a deep breath and tidied up his own clothes before striding into the Qin Heaven Palace.

“By the request of the honored Imperial Protector, please follow this slave servant, Imperial Advisor Qing Shaofan.” As soon as Qing Shaofan entered the palace halls, a maid called out to him to follow her.

Not long after, the two came to a stop outside of a room. The doors to the room were closed shut, and the maid made no efforts to open them. Merely standing outside of them, she spoke respectfully, “A report for the honored Imperial Protector, the Imperial Advisor Qing Shaofan has been brought.”

“You may leave!” A gentle but ample voice called out from within the room. From the voice, one could just barely make out the fact that this speaker was a middle-aged man.

“Yes, this slave servant will now depart!” The maid bowed before the door and left the area with light footsteps.

“Qing Shaofan wishes to pay his respects to the honored Imperial Protector.” After the maid had left, Qing Shaofan immediately bowed ritualistically to the doors respectfully. Behind these doors, there was a hermit at the level of a Saint Ruler. An entity that was essentially a paramount.

“Qing Shaofan, you have a matter to report!” The man was still speaking quite gently, giving a warm and cordial sense. Compared to the Saint Ruler of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger, it was completely different.

“Honored Imperial Protector, the matters is as it stands…”

After making his opening statement, Qing Shaofan spoke in great detail of what had happened. He made sure to emphasize the rampant matters of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger and how they did not place the Qinhuang Kingdom in their eyes at all. It was hard to hide the fury in his eyes, and at last, Qing Shaofan spoke of how the Saint Ruler had clearly known and acknowledged that Jian Chen was an Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom and had still inflicted a serious wound onto him.

Even the Imperial Protector in the room felt qute indignant after listening to Qing Shaofans story. “The Sect of Dragon and Tiger knew that Jian Chen was an Imperial Protector for our Qinhuang Kingdom and still dared to attack him. This is simply an act against our Qinhuang Kingdom. Qing Shaofan, you acted appropriately. We of the Qinhuang Kingdom must protect the millennia of honor our country has built up. We will simply not allow anyone to challenge or make an enemy of our Qinhuang Kingdom. You may leave first. I will go discuss with the other three.”

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