Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 521: 5000 Year Old Saint Ruler

essence of orchid on him in the short amount of time they knew each other. This was truly out of his expectations.

There was nothing else Huang Qinglan could do but sigh and continue to sigh. Jian Chen was truly a superior candidate. He was such a superior candidate that Huang Qinglan wouldnt even be able to find a fault with him even if he tried. Jian Chen was nearly perfect, but the future of the Huang family was in imminent peril. Therefore Huang Luan had no choice but to be the expendable victim — betrothed to the Huanggu family without any power to choose who she would love.

Huang Qinglan walked into the small pavilion and up to the second floor. The entire room was filled with that essence of orchid, leaving him no choice but to shake his head helplessly. Then, looking to the tear-stained face of his daughter, his heart began to feel unwell.

“Huanger…” Huang Qinglan opened his mouth. He wanted to speak some words of comfort to his daughter, but when he opened his mouth to speak, he realized that there were no words he could say to comfort her.

Using a yellow handkerchief to wipe at her tears, Huang Luan turned her back to face Huang Qinglan, “Father, your daughter wishes to be by herself.”

Seeing the icy demeanor of his daughter, Huang Qinglan sighed to himself. “Huanger, your father knows your heart holds only Jian Chen. You are right, Jian Chen is a superior man in every way to the second master of the Huanggu family except in background. If it were any other time, your father would be happy to have you wed to him, but in this time of peril for the Huang family, you know just as well as I do. This choice we chose was never one we were able to select from.”

His daughter said nothing, and the father no longer wished to remain in this orchid-smelling room any longer. “Huanger, your father doesnt wish to bother you. Do calm yourself well and properly.”


Jian Chen came back to the mountain peak where the ancestor of the Huang family was. Bowing and cupping his hands in front of the wooden house, he spoke, “Senior, this junior has something I wish to discuss for a while.”

“Come in!” The ancestor called out calmly from within.

Jian Chen strode into the narrow and simple house. The scholarly old man remained seated on his stone seat with a smile on his face.

“Jian Chen, what might you wish to discuss with this old man? Perhaps youve changed your mind and are willing to lend the power of the Qinhuang Kingdom to my Huang family?” The ancestor spoke calmly.

“It seems senior is fond of jokes. This matter is far too important of a decision. This junior cannot represent the Qinhuang Kingdom in such a matter, and even if this junior agreed, the other Imperial Protectors would not agree.” Jian Chen replied.

“Then what is it youre here for?” The ancestor asked.

“Senior, this junior may not be able to persuade the Qinhuang Kingdom help the Huang family, but if I am able to find another individual to help, I hope that the betrothment of Huang Luan to the Huanggu family can be annulled.” Jian Chen stared seriously at the ancestor. He knew that the man in front of him held unbelievable power and might, but as long as he could convince him, there was a chance for the problem of Huang Luan to be resolved.

The ancestors eyebrows rose up in hesitation, “Jian Chen, the betrothment between the Huang and the Huanggu has already been set in stone. The girl Huang Luan has a talent that is seen within my Huang family once every hundred years. She was able to become an Earth Saint Master at the prime age of twenty. This is a talent that the Huanggu family favors highly. In the past, theyve thought of every possible way to arrange for a marriage, so now that one is set in place, the Huanggu family is very happy. Wishing to annul this betrothment is easier said than done, even if we were to do so, the friendship between the two families would be broken.”

Jian Chens face shifted slightly, with some urging, he said, “Senior, then what do you propose needs to be done to absolve this betrothment?”

Seeing the anxious look on Jian Chens face, the ancestor suddenly broke into a smile, “Jian Chen, could it be that youve come to favor Huang Luan? Do you wish to wed to her instead? If an Imperial Protector from the Qinhuang Kingdom wishes to connect to our Huang family by marriage, this old man would be very happy to do so.”

Jian Chen forced out a smile, “Senior, you are still joking around with junior. This is far too major of an issue, the Qinhuang Kingdom will not interfere still.”

The ancestor revealed a look of disappointment on his face, “Ai. Jian Chen, this old man will be honest with you. My Huang family and the Huanggu family have a history of several hundred years of friendship with each other. If this marriage were to be unilaterally absolved, it will destroy the connection between both our families. Although you are capable of finding help for my family, I will not act in such a manner still. Unless you are able of finding help capable of rivaling the Qinhuang Kingdom in strength, then I will not be willing to put my family at such risk.”

Jian Chen hesitated. “Senior, this junior knows not how strong that man is, but he is presumably not far away from the Huanggu family.”

“What layer has this Saint Ruler reached?” The ancestors eyes began to gleam in noticeable interest at this topic.

“This junior knows not!” Jian Chen replied innocently.

Hearing this, the ancestor looked disappointed once again. Before he could say anything, Jian Chens next words caused his facial expression to freeze.

“This junior does know that that senior has lived for 5000 years as a Saint Ruler.”

“What!? He has been a Saint Ruler for 5000 years!?” The ancestor could no longer hold his calm and came flying up to his feet with a crash of the seat underneath him and a look of shock on his face.

“Correct. 5000 years ago, he became a Saint Ruler!” Jian Chen repeated. This abnormal reaction from the ancestor caused Jian Chen to feel hopeful once again.

The ancestor stared hard at Jian Chen, his voice quivering as he spoke, “Is… is… is he still alive?”

“He is alive and well!” Jian Chen replied.

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