Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 523: Revisiting the Huang Family

Chapter 522: Advent of Uncle Tian

The ancestors face suddenly began to flow with emotions, and the elderly face of the ancestor grew bright-red because of this excitement. It was truly hard to imagine that such a high and mighty Saint Ruler would suddenly lose control of his emotions like so.

“Jian Chen, if… if you can… if you can truly bring this senior to help our Huang family, no matter what request it is that you have, my Huang family will do its best to satisfy you.” The ancestor clasped onto Jian Chens shoulders with both hands and spoke in an exuberant voice.

“Senior, rest assured. This time, I, Jian Chen will do whatever it takes to invite that man over. When the time comes, I hope that you will rescind the betrothment of Huang Luan.” Jian Chen spoke earnestly.

“No worries, no worries at all. As long as that senior helps my Huang family, then the Huanggu family wouldnt even dare let a fart out after we cancel the betrothment.” The ancestor replied. At that moment, he felt no more hesitation and had no more qualms about offending the Huanggu family.

A short moment later, the ancestor seemed to have thought of something, and immediately had a rather artificial look on his face, “However, Jian Chen. You must first let me see this senior for me to agree. As long as I can get this senior to personally agree to help, only then will I consider this to be a done deal.”

“Very well, I will first return to invite this senior!”

After leaving the mountain peak of the ancestor, Jian Chen returned to the Huang familys villa where Huang Luan was and walked to the second story of the pavilion.

There was still the lingering scent of orchid in the room, and upon entrance, Jian Chen felt rather intoxicated by the smell. Jian Chen didnt know that this was the smell of orchid to begin with, and neither did he know what the importance behind this essence was.

Hearing the sound of footsteps behind her, Huang Luan seemed to have realized that it was Jian Chen from her spot next to the window and whirled around to look expectantly at him. A trail of tears could still be seen on her face in a rather pitiful site.

“Youre back; did you think of a way?” Huang Luan asked expectantly. Despite her being so unwilling to have Jian Chen use the Qinhuang Kingdom to help her family at the cost of several power-holders being unsatisfied with him, she still maintained a glimmer of hope and some expectations.

“Ive already convinced your grandfather who has agreed with me as well. If I can find someone even stronger than the Huanggu family, he will rescind your betrothment to the Huanggu family.” Jian Chen explained.

Jian Chens words made Huang Luan feel more worried for him rather than herself. Pacing to Jian Chen, she spoke in concern, “Will the Qinhuang Kingdom support you in this? If they participate in this matter, they will offend a few Saint Rulers, even the Huanggu family would be an injured party.”

Jian Chen laughed, “Im not that foolish. Dont worry. This matter wont be something the Qinhuang Kingdom will participate in. Even I dont wish for the troubles of the Qinhuang Kingdom to be increased. However, whether I can invite this senior or not, I am still not completely sure myself. In short, I will try my best. I came here so I can say goodbye for now. To finish this problem, I must hurry on back.”

“Then you have to take care of yourself!” Huang Luans heart trembled with affection. At this current moment, she was truly moved by Jian Chen.

With a nod of his head, Jian Chen turned around to leave without another word.

Afterward, Jian Chen looked for the five Imperial Advisors currently participating in a banquet with the rest of the Huang family. Dragging them away from the dining table, they all bade farewell to the head of the Huang family and hurriedly left.

Sniffing the scent of the essence fragrance on Jian Chen, Qing Shaofan gave a deep look to Jian Chen with a mischievous smile, “Honored Imperial Protector, why is there such a fragrance to you? Were you perhaps doing something bad in the Huang family for you to leave in such a worry?”

Jian Chen had been worrying about several serious matters and had completely disregarded everyones teasing. With a calm voice, he responded, “There is some matters we need to hurry back to, that is why we left in such a hurry.”

Seeing the grim look on his face, Xiao Tian and the others lost their teasing mood and grew somber. Speaking for everyone, Xiao Tian asked, “Honored Imperial Protector, what in the world has happened that made you hurry like this?”

“Its not quite a short story, but its also not quite a long story. In short, it is a rather important personal matter to me.” Jian Chen spoke vaguely.

Xiao Tian and the others realized that Jian Chen was not going to explain to them, so they didnt bother to continue asking. Instead, they focused on traveling.

The six of them traversed thousands of meters through the sky at a tremendously fast flight speed. Beneath their feet was the endless sea of clouds and even the sky in front of them was so vast that it could not be seen in completion. One would only be able to see the setting sun falling down beneath the horizon.

Two days later, the group returned to the Gesun Kingdom. Jian Chen took a quick bath in a nearby river to wash away the remaining smell on him before putting on a new pair of white clothes to return to the Changyang clan.

“This lowly officer pays his respect to the fourth master!”

Within the Changyang clan, there was practically no one who didnt know Jian Chen. Whether it was a guard or servant, they all bowed respectfully in salute to Jian Chen as he traveled into the manor.

After his return to the Changyang clan, Jian Chen didnt even stop to see his parents and headed straight to Ming Dongs place of rest. Xiao Tian and the others finished their mission and scattered instead of continuing to follow Jian Chen.

“Eh? Jian Chen, when did you return?” Jian Chens sudden arrival surprised Ming Dong. There was a happy smile on his face for a moment, but when he saw the solemn and grim look on Jian Chens face, Ming Dong couldnt help but feel the smile on his face disappear slowly. “Jian Chen, did the Huang family make trouble for you?” In Ming Dongs mind, Jian Chen was a friend that had experienced life and death with him; therefore, he felt extremely close to him. He was his most trustworthy friend and would not permit any single person to wrong Jian Chen.

Jian Chen shook his head gently and sat down at the table. Personally pouring a cup of tea to drink, he spoke seriously, “Ming Dong, there is something I require your help with!”

Ming Dong sat in the seat across from Jian Chen and looked at Jian Chen with upraised eyebrows and a rather dissatisfied look. “Jian Chen, are you or are you not my sworn brother? Using such a manner to speak with me, just say whatever you need to say with me. Dont go beating around the bush like we are strangers. As long as it is your problem, whether it requires me to scale a mountain of blades or dive into a sea of fire, I, Ming Dong, will not shirk my duties.”

Jian Chen gave an apologetic smile and immediately cut to the chase. “Ming Dong, I wish to have your uncle Tian come forth and help settle a matter impartially.”

Hearing that Jian Chen actually needed his uncle Tian, Ming Dong immediately sensed that the matter was serious and grew solemn in accordance to the situation.

Afterward, Jian Chen gave him a detailed explanation about the matters with Huang Luan and her family to Ming Dong without any detail left out. After hearing all of this, Ming Dongs grim expression faded away and he instead stared at Jian Chen with a meaningful look. Smiling mischievously, he said, “Just what was I thinking? So it was this type of matter. Jian Chen, for the sake of making such a fuss for a woman you have met only several times in the past, dont tell me youve taken a fancy to someone elses wife-to-be!”

Jian Chen gave a hollow laugh, “It isnt as complicated as you think it is. No matter what is said, Huang Luan and I had traveled together for a short duration in Mercenary City. I do not wish to see her wed to a person she does not love.”

“Haha, Jian Chen. You dont need to be so embarrassed. Polygamy on the Tian Yuan Continent has been a common occurrence for a very long time. Even your own father has married four wives. With your strength and appearance, if you didnt find several girls, then it would be a huge disservice to that rather envious face of yours.” Ming Dong teased.

Changing the subject, Jian Chen spoke, “Ming Dong, would it be possible for your uncle Tian to come out? Aside from him, there is no one else that I feel can accomplish this.”

Jian Chen knew a decent amount of Saint Rulers in his personal network. Aside from the four Imperial Protectors of the Qinhuang Kingdom, there was still the elder Xiu from Longevity Valley and Ming Dongs uncle Tian. The four Imperial Protectors were symbols for the Qinhuang Kingdom and couldnt simply act as they pleased.

Elder Xiu had already hidden himself away for many years although Jian Chen knew that he was at the very least a Saint Ruler. After such a hermit lifestyle, Jian Chen did not wish to be the one to break that way of life for the elder. He did not wish to add to the burdens of elder Xiu and had decided not to ask him. Furthermore, elder Xius true strength had not been ascertained by Jian Chen, so Jian Chen did not know whether or not the elder would be able to be of much help.

All that was left was uncle Tian. The time when the Saint Ruler recognized Ming Dong, Jian Chen had been quite shocked. To have even Heaven Saint Masters as servants, uncle Tian had lived by himself in a floating shrine as its master. This type of setting was something that neither the Saint Rulers of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger nor the Qinhuang Kingdom possessed.

More importantly, Ming Dongs uncle Tian had become a Saint Ruler 5000 years ago. Now 5000 years later, just what terrifying level of strength would he reach now? Whatever the case, with uncle Tians efforts, there would be no way that he would make no headway in 5000 years.

Moreover, uncle Tian was seemingly a person of Mercenary City. Although a mercenary was a rather free occupation, Jian Chen had learned something after he visited Mercenary City. Although the Tian Yuan Continent had such a free occupation like being a mercenary, Mercenary City was still a very large organization of mercenaries. Even the elders within it were Saint Rulers of large amounts and had other idle Saint Rulers as close friends.

With these thoughts, Jian Chen figured that Mercenary City was an extremely strong power. It was, after all, the place that had been created by the continents number one individual, Mo Tianyun.

“Jian Chen, Ive said before. As long as it is your problem, then I, Ming Dong, will scale a mountain of blades and dive into a sea of flames without hesitation.” Ming Dong took out a jade piece, “My uncle Tian gave this to me. He instructed me to just put some Saint Force into this to notify him should I ever come across a problem I cannot resolve.”

Clenching tightly onto the jade piece, Ming Dong began to circulate his Saint Force into the piece and allowed it to be sucked in. After the Saint Force was absorbed, the originally dull jade piece began to light out brilliantly.

“Ming Dong, where is your uncle Tian now?” Jian Chen asked out of curiosity.

“Probably in Mercenary City. Ever since you entered the holy lands, uncle Tian and I went to my parents and took them to Mercenary City. However I didnt return with him and remained in the Gesun Kingdom. After I accomplished the mission you gave me, I stayed here.” Ming Dong spoke.

Jian Chen pointed at the jade piece Ming Dong and asked, “Mercenary City is extremely far away from here, will that method really work?”

Ming Dong gave a proud smile, “Dont worry, Jian Chen. You dont know how amazing my uncle Tian is. I have full confidence that he wont trick me.”

As soon as Ming Dong finished speaking, the space in front of them immediately began to surge and swirl. Then, as soon as the two men realized what was happening, a rip in space had suddenly appeared. In an instant, a doorway had been formed from the space, and from the other side of the doorway was a rather gigantic palace hall.

Right in front of Jian Chens stunned eyes, a white-robed, middle-aged man came walking forth from the doorway. This man had an ordinary facial appearance, but the way the space seemed to unaffect him while he floated above the ground gave him a supernatural sensation.

“Uncle Tian!” Upon seeing this man, Ming Dong called out affectionately as if greeting a family member.

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