Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 523: Revisiting the Huang Family

l. This rate of progression is simply too unbelievable.” Uncle Tian paused to sit down at the nearby table. “Tell me why you need my assistance so much.”

Jian Chen replied respectfully, “Senior, this junior has a matter that I wish senior will oversee impartially.” With that, Jian Chen began to recount the tale of the Huang family to him.

Hearing the entire story from start to finish, uncle Tian sat there without a word and with furrowed eyebrows.

At this, Ming Dong felt quite anxious. Worried that his uncle Tian would refuse Jian Chen, Ming Dong pleaded, “Uncle Tian, Jian Chen is my sworn brother. If it wasnt for Jian Chen saving me in the past, I wouldnt be able to survive until today, let alone see you uncle Tian. Now that my sworn brother is in trouble, you must help my sworn brother.”

Almost as if he was moved by Ming Dongs words, the Saint Ruler sighed, “I had originally planned on not getting involved, but I suppose I should help just this once if Jian Chen saved your life before.”

Jian Chen was unable to contain his joy at those words and clasped his hands together, “Many thanks to senior for his assistance!”

“No thanks is necessary. Jian Chen, you are quite talented in skill. In fact, you are several times stronger than Ming Dong. I hope that when I am not around, you will look after Ming Dong in my stead.” He sighed as a helpless light flashed in his eyes.

“Senior, this junior and Ming Dong are sworn brothers. Even without senior saying so, this junior would do so.” Jian Chen spoke honestly.

Ming Dong felt rather displeased at uncle Tians words and grumbled, “Uncle Tian, you take me to be a young child still.”

Uncle Tian smiled, “Theres no time to lose then. The sooner we go, the sooner we can resolve this matter. Jian Chen, which direction is the Huang family located in?”

“About several ten thousand kilometers in the northwestern mountains!” Jian Chen spoke with excitement. With the Saint Ruler Tian making his advent, the ancestor of the Huang family would have no qualms either.

Growing silent for a moment, the Saint Ruler then responded, “Ive found the location, let us go then.”

“Yes, senior!” Jian Chen immediately walked toward the exit. After his feet had taken several steps forward, his entire body suddenly came to a stop as he stared at uncle Tian in amazement.

He had only watched uncle Tians right hand slowly lift up before settling down on the empty space in front of his chest. The next moment, the space near him began to violently tremble; and in another brief moment, a pitch-black crack appeared right in front of Jian Chens eyes. The crack expanded rapidly before instantaneously becoming a Space Gate. The entrance to the other side was a very familiar site to Jian Chen — it was the house where the ancestor of the Huang family lived in.

“It should be here. Lets go then!” Uncle Tian spoke before waving his other hand. Jian Chen could only feel a tremendous amount of power envelop him without any resistance before independently shooting him through the space along with Ming Dong.

After the three disappeared, the spatial rend left behind slowly winked out of existence, allowing the space to become normal again. The only difference was that the former three inhabitants of the room had vanished without any of the Heaven Saint Masters in Changyang Manor noticing.


At the Huang familys residence on the sword-shaped mountain peak, the ancestor of the Huang family was cultivating as per usual. Pondering on his position over a stool, his expression couldnt help but reveal an expectant look. Ever since Jian Chen had left, he couldnt bring himself to the calm needed to cultivate. All his mind could think about were the words “5000 year old Saint Ruler”.

After becoming a Saint Ruler for so many years, the ancestor was extremely understanding just how paramount the existence of a 5000 year old Saint Ruler was. Such a person like this was even more rare than a commoner getting a glance at one of the ancient clans or finding the feather of a phoenix and the scale of a Qilin.

On the Tian Yuan Continent, whether it was a Heaven Saint Master, Saint Ruler, or an existence above a Saint Ruler, they were all still unable to escape from the shackles of age.

On the continent, the average human would only be able to live for 200 years. An Earth Saint Master was expected to live for 500 years, and a Heaven Saint Master for 1000 years. For a Saint Ruler, they should only be able to live for 3000 years. Even a Ninth Layer Saint Ruler would only be able to live for 3200 years at most. Unless there was some sort of longevity medicine, it was very hard to break apart this law.

In order to live for 5000 years, one had to make a breakthrough as a Saint Ruler. A Saint Ruler would never be able to live for as long as 5000 years. Under the heavens, only a Saint King or higher would be able to live for that long of a lifespan.

It had been for this reason that when the ancestor had first heard Jian Chen describe this Saint Ruler having reached 5000 years old, he lost all of his self-control and had even enthusiastically agreed to Jian Chens request at the risk of offending the Huanggu clan.

Just like this, the ancestor sat there for two days uneasily. He couldnt calm down enough to cultivate, and in his mind, he was extremely anxious to see whether or not Jian Chen would really be able to bring such a character to help his Huang family. With such a high and mighty existence like this backing the Huang family, they would be able to hold their head up high in front of the ancient clans, let alone such small and insignificant isolated families.

Just while the ancestor sat nervously on the stool, he suddenly felt the space in front of him start to warp and distort. Then, a Space Gate suddenly appeared right in front of the hut where the ancestor lived. Three people were revealed as they walked out from it.

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