Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 530: Seeing Tie Ta Again (One)

Chapter 529: Return to Kargath Academy

Without any other choice, the elders Feng and Yun left the Huanggu clan. The head of the clan remained there with his eyes narrowed together in thought. Soon, he headed up the tallest level of the tower. The Huanggu clan highly valued Huang Luan so much that even the ancestor for their clan was highly interested in having her as an addition to their clan. With the sudden absolvement, it was imperative that the clan leader announce this matter to him.

The man walked up to the highest tower before coming to a stop at the closed doors. With a respectful voice, he said, “Descendant Jiang Tao is here with a report for the ancestor.”

After a heavy layer of silence, an elderly voice could be heard from the other side, “Speak!”

“Ancestor, the Huang family has cancelled the betrothment between Huang Luan and our Huanggu clan. In our place, they have chosen an Imperial Protector from the Qinhuang Kingdom.” Jiang Tao replied respectfully.

“What? Canceling the betrothment for an Imperial Protector from the Qinhuang Kingdom!?” The tone from the elderly man on the other side of the door was noticeably angry.

Hearing the angry voice of the elder, Jiang Tao was slightly confused. Although he knew that the ancestor highly valued Huang Luan, he never expected to see that the ancestor would be so influenced by her to such a degree.

Despite his confusion, he didnt dare ask about it. Instead, he replied, “Yes Ancestor. The men from the Huang family just came by with the news.”

Another silence descended behind the doors. After a while, a voice could be heard again, “Very well. I know now, you may leave!” This time, the elderly voice had calmed down.

“Yes Ancestor! Descendant Jiang Tao will take his leave!” Jiang Tao gave a respectful bow to the door before heading back down.

After Jiang Tao left, the doors began to slowly open to reveal a blue-robed elder with a dark expression. As he walked out, his eyebrows could be seen furrowed together.

“The Huang family has matched that Huang Luan girl to the Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom, did that Imperial Protector find out that girl possesses the water spirits body? No, theres no way. Unless he practices the Scripture of the Aqua Sunflower, he shouldnt have any possible way to see the secrets of the water spirits body.” The ancestor muttered to himself. After some hesitation, he finally bit his lip, “No, the water spirits body is far too important. I must investigate this matter.” The elder instantly disappeared into a flash of light that escaped from his tower and out into the misty forest.

From far within the borders of the Gesun Kingdom, Jian Chen flew with Ming Dong for a thousand kilometers before finally arriving at their destination — Kargath Academy.

Descending to the area around Kargath Academy, the two of them began to walk in. As soon as they were about to walk past the gates, the guard at the gates immediately blocked their path.

“My lords, please show me proof of studentship here. Otherwise, I cannot let you in, these are the regulations of this academy.” The guard could tell from the luxurious clothes and the aura of the two that they were very important people, so he spoke in a more respectful voice.

Jian chen smiled and took out a badge from his Space Ring, “Are we allowed in now?” In the past, Jian Chen had been a student of Kargath Academy, so it was only natural that he still had proof of him being a student.

“Please enter my lords!” With that, the guard stopped the two no more. He gave a wave and a smile.

Without any other problems, Jian Chen and Ming Dong entered Kargath Academy. Despite Jian Chen being gone for so long, Kargath Academy hadnt changed at all. The biggest change was that the trees that had been planted a long time ago at the academy had grown by a large amount.

It was quite lively within Kargath Academy as countless students could be seen laughing and walking around the campus. Many of there were around the age of eighteen and nineteen; sometimes an even older student would appear.

“Jian Chen, is this really the academy you used to study at? It doesnt seem like much; some of these students are barely at the Saint level — some dont even have a Saint Weapon materialized!” Ming Dong spoke with some disbelief as he looked around the place.

Jian Chen laughed, “Do you think that everyone is like you and can become an Earth Saint Master at your age? Although there are many geniuses on the Tian Yuan Continent, the Gesun Kingdom is a tiny place. Just having one or two appear would be amazing enough, how could there be multiple?”

Ming Dong found Jian Chens words reasonable and agreed. “That much is true, but Jian Chen, just who did you bring me here to find? Is it someone that has caught your eye in skill?”

“Youll find out in a moment. Lets go find the headmaster for now; hell know the whereabouts of the friend I have in the academy. This friend of mine has a decent talent. He seems to even be blessed. His physical strength is something even I greatly admire.” Jian Chen admitted.

“Haha, if you say it like that, then I really want to meet this friend of yours.” Ming Dong laughed with interest.

The two of them continued on their way to the tower at center of the academy. This was the most authoritative place of power within the academy, and was where the headmaster Khafir would be.

Just at that moment, a clamor could be heard.

“Everyone come quickly! The second strongest student, Ka Di Yun has challenged the strongest student to a fight! This will be a stupendous battle that can absolutely not be missed!”

“What? Ka Di Yun challenging the first seat? Didnt Ling Zhengtian make the breakthrough to become a Saint Master half a year ago? Ka Di Yun is only a High Great Saint, isnt he only inviting humiliation to himself with this challenge?”

“What do you know? According to the rumors, Ka Di Yun made the breakthrough to become a Saint Master half a month ago. His strength is practically on par with Ling Zhengtian!”

“That cant be, Ka Di Yun made a breakthrough to become a Saint Master? That rate of cultivation speed is far too fast. Hes only younger than Ling Zhengtian by two years, how could he become a Saint Master so quickly? Hes practically the fastest cultivator within Kargath Academy!”

“Bah, whos the one that said Ka Di Yun is the fastest cultivator in Kargath Academy? Have you all never heard about the eldest son of the Changyang clan, Changyang Hu? He is a fellow student of ours and made the breakthrough to become a Great Saint Master last year. He left Kargath Academy after that, otherwise, no student would be a match for him aside from the teachers here.”

“Che! Who cares for Changyang Hu? Did you not hear about the fourth master of the same clan, Changyang Xiangtian? I heard that he was once a student within our Kargath Academy. As soon as he entered, he became the champion of the newcomer students that year. His strength is far too amazing, and I bet no one in the academy could contend with him.”

“Changyang Xiangtian? Aiya, I know about him!” A single eighteen year old girl had immediately leaped up and down at the mention of Changyang Xiangtians name. “I know of Changyang Xiangtian, hes currently the Imperial Protector for our Gesun Kingdom. That means his status is even higher than the headmaster! I heard that hes at the Heaven Saint Master realm as well, thats just far too amazing! He only just became twenty years old or so as well.”

“What? Just barely twenty years old and already a Heaven Saint Master as well as the Imperial Protector for our Gesun Kingdom? Youre dreaming. How could that be possible? Even the most talented person wouldnt be able to become a Heaven Saint Master at the age of twenty.” Another male student spoke in disbelief as doubt clouded his words.

Many of the surrounding students began to give the doubtful student a very perplexed glance. Then one person spoke, “Fellow classmate, have you not moved out from your hole in the ground or something? Just who doesnt know about the grand name of Changyang Xiangtian, the fourth master of the Changyang clan? This is a fact that has been undeniably proved true without a chance to be considered false.”

Another person piped in, “I heard that Changyang Xiangtian earned some animosity with Ka Di Yun when he first entered Kargath Academy, I dont know if thats true or not though.”

“Thats correct, something like that had truly happened.” One of the older students spoke confidently with his hands on his hips. “I saw when Changyang Xiangtian entered the academy. In the newcomer tournament, Changyang Xiangtian defeated Ka Di Liang and Ka Di Qiuli for the title of first place. Both Ka Di Liang and Ka Di Qiuli were unable to accept this defeat and challenged Changyang Xiangtian again. But still, they lost. In the end, even Ka Di Yun who had only just materialized his Saint Weapon had challenged him. Yet, like his family members, he lost to the hands of Changyang Xiangtian. I heard at that point Changyang Xiangtian was only at the Eight Saint Force layer.”

“Waa… is that true or not? Changyang Xiangtian is too amazing then…” Every single student around the area let out a surprised sigh of worship after hearing that.

“What are you all talking about here!?” Suddenly, a cold voice could be heard as a cyan-colored skirt wearing girl stood on the outskirts of the crowd. She shot an icy glare at everyone.

This woman was exceedingly pretty with delicate features. Although she was not so beautiful to bring a country to its knees, she was still quite the beauty that could rarely be seen. By the womans side was another rather handsome looking youth that looked to be around twenty-two to twenty-three years old.

As this male and female walking forward, all of the students that had been gossiping had immediately gone quiet. Straight away, many of the students began to greet the two with a flattering laugh.

“So its sis Ka Di Qiuli and senior Ka Di Liang!”

“Sis Ka Di Qiuli, senior Ka Di Liang, hello!”

As of right now, the three siblings from the Ka Di clan were Kargath Academys most influential figures. Practically every single student that attended the academy would know their names since the three siblings were all very strong. Ka Di Yun had been able to become a Saint Master and was on par with the strongest student in the academy. Ka Di Qiuli and Ka Di Yun were both cultivators at the same level of strength

They were Advanced Great Saints with just a small marginal step until the Saint Master realm. Of the top ten strongest students in Kargath Academy, the three siblings held three spots.

“Third sister, dont bother with them. Big brothers match is about to begin. We should hurry to where brother is about to fight.” Ka Di Liang spoke to Ka Di Qiuli by his side. Then pulling Ka Di Qiuli in the direction of the fighting arenas, the two of them left with a rather unwell expression on their faces.

As Ka Di Qiuli was being pulled away by Ka Di Liang, an unhappy smile could be seen on her face. In her mind, she was still unable to forget about the dissatisfaction brought by Changyang Xiangtian several years ago. The two siblings were quite aware of the matters of the outside world, but she would never be able to believe that the Changyang Xiangtian she and her brother had once fought against would rise by such a terrifying degree in such a short amount of time.

A Heaven Saint Master was something the three siblings could only look up and dream about.

The students who had been discussing among each other quite energetically followed the two siblings toward the area where the fighting arenas where. Just several meters away, Jian Chen and Ming Dong were easily within earshot of the entire exchange.

“Jian Chen, I didnt think that you would be such a influential person in such a place. Tsk tsk tsk, how amazing you are if you were actually able to defeat a Saint with a Saint Weapon when you were only at the Eighth Layer. Thats even better than I was at your age.” Ming Dong teased Jian Chen from the side.

Hearing that, Jian Chen couldnt help but think back to the memories of the past with a faint smile. “A child can only play house at such an age, its not worth mentioning. In the past, the three Ka Di siblings had an interesting situation between us. Now that so many years have past, I didnt think that the three siblings would still be here in the academy. Come on, lets go see whats happening.”

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