Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 551: Citywide Commotion

Chapter 550: Culprit of Stealing the Young Cub (Two)

Yun Lis face became extremely white at the sight. Now that things had gotten to where they were, he knew that there was no longer any possible way he could get out of this situation. Even the most perfect lie would be unable to trick them, and Jian Chen was no idiot.

Kai Er and the other threes faces were thunderous as they furiously glared at Yun Li. In their eyes, their rage could not be hidden.

“So, the mysterious assailant that snuck into our Flame Mercenaries to steal away the cub and kill Duo Kang was you! I never would have imagined that the man we had desperately searched for all this time would be you.” Mo Tian snarled as he glared at Yun Li as if he was a bloodthirsty animal that wanted nothing more than to skin his scalp, devour his flesh, and drink his blood.

Practically lifeless where he stood, Yun Li found no words to say. Although he wanted to avoid this subject entirely, Yun Li couldnt find the words to quibble to avoid trouble, especially when he thought about the words he had spoken to Jian Chen earlier before the Class 5 Magical Beast cub came back to bite him.

Jian Chen had been right to say that the culprit would be with the cub. As long as the cub was found, then the culprit would be found as well.

“I never would have imagined that it would be you who stole the Class 5 Magical Beast cub, Yun Li. To think that you were the one that killed Duo Kang, how stupid we were! We should have realized it was you earlier. Throughout Wake City, the person most likely to have a battle skill while also being the biggest unknown to us would be the ruler of the city! How repulsive, how utterly repulsive! We never suspected it was you from the very beginning!” Kai Er was furious as well. His face filled with a furious murderous intent.

Qingfeng looked to Jian Chen, and said to him with indignation, “Captain, now that Duo Kangs killer has been found, we cannot let him go! Duo Kang would never rest in peace if we did. We cannot let his death go unavenged!”

Qingfengs words had caused a fluctuation in Yun Lis face and a light had begun to twinkle in his eyes.

Nodding, Jian Chen stared straight at Yun Li, “Yun Li, do you have anything to say for yourself?”

Knowing in his heart that there was no way to spin things in a way to justify himself, Yun Li had decided to hide nothing from them. “Correct. The one who infiltrated your Flame Mercenaries that night was me. The one who stole the Class 5 Magical Beast cub was also me, and Duo Kang died by my hands as well. But no matter the case, I, Yun Li, am the the lord of Wake City and an official of the Blue Wind Kingdom. Should you harm an official of the Blue Wind Kingdom, then you will be challenging the authority of the kingdom as enemies! The kingdom as a whole will not sit idly by the side should you harm me.”

Yun Lis words made Jian Chens eyes twinkle with an icy light, and a sneer appeared on the edge of his lips. Kai Er and the others narrowed their eyes with concern. The Blue Wind Kingdom was a huge beast they had no chance of provoking, so the words of Yun Li had frightened them.

“You value the Blue Wind Kingdom far too much to use them to hide behind in front of me. How ridiculous you are!” Jian Chen laughed with a disdainful expression.

Yun Li started at that. He had thought that Jian Chen would be at least intimidated by the very mention of the Blue Wind Kingdom. They way Jian Chen saw as nothing more than an insect made him feel like there was absolutely nothing he could do to help himself now.

“Jian Chen, does your Flame Mercenaries truly desire to become enemies with the Blue Wind Kingdom!” Yun Li sternly barked. Despite his voice, his heart felt uneasy when Yun Li thought about the fuzzy details of Jian Chens background. Jian Chen was truly a mysterious individual in his eyes. At the very least, he knew that Jian Chen was the captain of the Flame Mercenaries, but he lacked every other piece of information about him. Seeing the skill and the atmosphere Jian Chen carried with him, Yun Li had no doubts that Jian Chen was not some sort of savage or uncultured villager.

“The Blue Wind Kingdom? They have no right to stand as an enemy to me. Kai Er, tie up our esteemed lord and escort him out!” Jian Chen commanded.

“Yes!” Hearing their captain utterly reject the Blue Wind Kingdom as something not worth noticing, the four of them stomached their fear and hurried to capture Yun Li per Jian Chens orders.

“Id like to see you try. I am a lord and bureaucrat of the Blue Wind Kingdom!” Yun Li exploded with rage. Unafraid of the group in front of him, his hand took out his sword in preparation to do battle.

“Capture him!” Jian Chen commanded.

Without hesitation, the group took out their own Saint Weapons and began to charge at Yun Li.

A strange light appeared in Yun Lis eyes. Not running up to fight with Kai Er and the others, his sword flew back to strike the wall, creating a hole. Leaping out of it, he opened his mouth to cry out, “Assassins! The Flame Mercenaries are rebelling! Soldiers, come eliminate them!”

Yun Lis voice was so great that not only did the soldiers within the mansion hear him, even the soldiers stationed out on the streets could hear his command loud and clear.

Every single soldier from within the mansion immediately mobilized into action. Even the ones outside began to pile in from the streets to join in. Those bystanders outside felt stunned by what they had heard. They immediately began to talk among each other.

“Did I hear that right? Are the Flame Mercenaries rebelling…?”

“The Flame Mercenaries are the strongest group of mercenaries within Wake City, what reason do they have for a rebellion?”

“I heard that the captain came back last night. Has he gone errant in the head?”

“In the magical beast invasion two years ago, the captain of the Flame Mercenaries was one of the greatest contributors to the city. Why would he rebel?”

Yun Lis words had caused a tremendous explosion of conversations in the streets. No matter if it was a civilian, merchant, or mercenary that heard him, none of them could understand him.

Within a span of several seconds, over three hundred soldiers were jampacked around the area so tightly that even water couldnt escape. Under the protection of several soldiers, Yun Li could be seen coldly smiling at Jian Chen.

Even after being surrounded by these three hundred men, Jian Chen and the other had remained unmoved. Their expression were calm, especially those of Ming Dong, Dugu Feng, Yun Zheng, and Senior An. When they saw the soldiers, they seemed as if they were staring at nothing itself.

“My esteemed lord, it goes without saying that you are childish. Do you really think this small amount of soldiers will be able to force us into submission?” Ming Dong mockingly snorted at Yun Li.

“I do! How could they not? Dont forget that I have the hundred thousand soldiers of Wake City under my command. Rebels you lot are, rebels I say! From today henceforth, the Blue Wind Kingdom will shelter your Flame Mercenaries no more.” Yun Li knew that there was no way Jian Chen would forgive him, so he had thrown caution to the wind as he committed to this final gambit in the form of the hundred thousand soldiers he had. Killing the soldiers in charge of defending the city was different than killing a civilian or even a merchant. This was tantamount to an act of war against the Blue Wind Kingdom itself and would warrant further punishment.

According to his own thoughts, if the Flame Mercenaries were captured and tried for a sin as grave as rebellion and conspiracy, even the figures behind the mercenaries would be useless.

“Conspiracy and intent to rebel? My esteemed lord, do you take our heads for hats?” Ming Dong merrily laughed. “Do you think this would scare us?”

“Hmph, a group of insurgents that remains unchanging even when death is at hand. Soldiers! Kill them all!” Yun Li barked out a decisive order.

Without hesitation, the three hundred soldiers charged straight at the group in front of them.

Laughing, Ming Dongs body immediately flashed away as an azure light that flew through the crowd and toward Yun Li. Before Yun Li could even react, both of Ming Dongs palms had flown out several times to send the soldiers near Yun Li flying, and with another stretch of his right hand, Ming Dong clasped onto Yun Lis throat.

Ming Dong had been so fast that Yun Li couldnt even see what had just transpired. A choking sensation swelled up within Yun Lis throat as terror flooded his senses once he realized that his throat was held tightly by the enemy.

At the same time, Yun Zheng, Senior An, and Dugu Feng let their Saint Force wrap their palms before they shot, with a wave of energy, at the surrounding soldiers, sending some flying. Plenty of them were knocked so hard that blood flew out from their mouths from the damage they received.

As Earth Saint Masters, there was no need to waste so much energy on these soldiers who were far weaker than them.

Completely terror-stricken, Yun Li could hardly believe his eyes. There was no way he would have imagined that Ming Dong would possess such a tremendous amount of power.

“Brothers, Ive captured the lord. What shall we do with him, kill or cripple?” Ming Dong asked Jian Chen.

Yun Lis face paled when he heard Ming Dong, but because of the tight hold on his throat, he couldnt even say anything in response.

“Theres no need to deal with him that quickly. Tie him up and carry him out.” Jian Chen replied.

“Fine, but lets take some precautions, lets rough him up a bit to make sure he loses his will to fight.” With that, Ming Dong slapped his palm into Yun Lis chest.

“Pah!” A mouthful of blood immediately sprayed out of Yun Lis mouth after having been injured by Ming Dong.

Shortly afterward, Kai Er and the others had found some iron chains to tie up Yun Li. His arms were chained behind his back with the chains looping around his neck. Then, under the eyes of all the soldiers there, Yun Li the lord and ruler of Wake City was taken from the mansion without obstruction.

“The Flame Mercenaries have gone rogue and captured the lord. Go, notify commander Duo Li immediately!” One of the soldiers cried out for another to go run for the commander.

Kai Er and the others kept a close watch on the injured Yun Li as they followed Jian Chen from the mansion. The cage with the Class 5 Magical Beast cub had remained with them. Right behind the group, all of the soldiers followed with anxious looks. They had originally planned on blocking Jian Chen from leaving, but when they thought about how terrifying Dugu Feng and the others were, their fear caused their hearts to tremble, overriding their courage to fight.

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