Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 561: Prosperous Auction (Three)

their jaws would drop to the ground in surprise. Each one of these men were representatives of the strongest four powers in Fengyang City — specifically the city government and the three clans.

For the sake of obtaining one of the Class 5 Monster Cores, the four of them had joined forces for the time being.

The rather pricy tea cup in the city lords hand had practically been reduced to dust and tea when his hand had shattered it. With a deep growl, he said, “This Harido clan is audacious if they think they can buy a Class 5 Monster Core for such a low price.”

“Our Fengyang City has attracted the attention of plenty of strong powers from our surrounding area this time. Even those from First Class Cities have decided to participate. I would have to presume the Harido clan is one of those powers. If the Harido clan wishes to monopolize the Class 5 Monster Core, then I believe our chances of obtaining one wont be as easy as buying the corpse of the Class 5 Magical Beast like last time.” The head of the Heiming clan spoke.

“Correct. The Harido clan is a clan we should fear at all costs. Even the Blue Wind Kingdom as a whole is not too far above the Harido clan. They too would have to fear the Harido clan.”


Four men sat in another VIP booth. There was a single child around the age of ten along with two middle-aged men and a white-haired elderly man.

“Grandfather, isnt this Harido clan a bit much? As if a Class 5 Monster Core can be bought for only eleven hundred purple coins. We cant let them buy it!” The child had spoken with a very discontent face.

Giving a small smile, the elder explained, “Child, the Harido clan isnt a clan we can offend. They are beyond what you could imagine in strength. The founder of the clan still lives to this very day, and his strength is that of a Sixth Cycle Earth Saint Master. He only requires a single step to become a Heaven Saint Master, so it should only take him another hundred years or so before the breakthrough happens. The he will step into the next realm.”

Startled, the child replied, “Then doesnt that mean that the Harido clan will soon become one of the strongest powers in the Blue Wind Kingdom?”

“Correct. Though, whether or not the Harido clan will become one of the strongest clans in the kingdom will be up to whether or not their founder can become a Heaven Saint Master.”

No one in auction house, meaning everyone in the VIP booths, possessed an interest in raising the price above the Harido clans bid. Even the factions that had traveled from far away had no desire to offend the Harido clan.

After waiting for a long time on the platform, Yulian felt a depressed sigh well up inside her, especially when she saw no more takers, “It seems that this will be historys cheapest Class 5 Monster Core.” She thought to herself.

Clearing away her negative thoughts, Yulian loudly said, “The Harido clan bids eleven hundred purple coins, are there any other takers? Eleven hundred purple coins, going once!”

Jian Chen, Ming Dong, and You Yue were all talking among themselves in their chairs at a leisurely tempo. Only Tie Ta was staring out at the spectacle outside their booths since this would be the very first time he had been to an auction. His entire body practically threatened to break through the window in excitement.

The windows to the VIP booths were specially made so that the people sitting within the booths could see outside without a problem while the people outside could not see what was happening within the booths.

“Bah, eleven hundred purple coins for a Class 5 Monster Core. This Harido clan is far too frugal with their money.” Jian Chen gave a short snort from his seat.

Sitting right next to Jian Chen, You Yue turned to speak to him after listening to what he said, “We definitely cant let the Harido clan get away with this. If they truly do buy this monster core for eleven hundred purple coins, wed starve to death with our losses.”

“Thats only natural. I didnt bring out these two Class 5 Monster Cores to sell. I am in no shortage of money.” Jian Chen laughed.

“Eleven hundred purple coin going twice!” Yulians voice could be heard once again. Like before, no one spoke to offer another bud over the Harido clans offer.

Within the Harido clans booth, three men sat inside — one middle-aged man and two elders.

“It seems like our Harido clan will be benefitting from quite a deal if we buy a Class 5 Monster Core for such a tremendously low price. Kaizer, you are truly a smarter individual than I am.” An elder laughed in delight.

Seated right next to this elder, the other laughed as well, “This is truly a great profit, but this only a small one. Wait until after the auction finishes, an even nicer surprise will be waiting for us.”

“What surprise? Even now, you refuse to say what it is.” The elder asked in a happy mood.

Kaizer gave a secretive smile to the elder, “Its a secret for now, youll understand in a moment.”

“Forget it. If you wont speak of it, then I wont ask anymore. But this Class 5 Monster Core is as good as ours. As low-profile as our Harido clan is, we are still a power that no one would try to go against in the Blue Wind Kingdom.” The elder replied.

Suddenly, a voice could be heard from one of the other booths as soon as the elderly man finished speaking.

“I offer twenty thousand purple coins!”

Not only was the elder stunned, but even Kaizer had fallen into a daze as well.

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