Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 623: Destruction of the Heiyun Clan

Chapter 622: The Formidable Chaotic Force

Jian Chen turned to look at the magical beast cub in Wang Yufengs hands. The beast cub was jet-black in color, and was roughly the same size as his tiger cub. The wings of the bird looked as if they were made of hard iron, and looked similar to an eagle with its sharp sword-like beak.

However, it was clear to see that this Steelwing Beast was a newborn. It barely possessed any intelligence, and there was not a single bit of danger awareness to be seen. As such, it was currently quite content and quiet in Wang Yufengs arms, unaware that the man who was holding it had killed its mother.

“Class 5 Magical Beast cubs that can fly are hard to obtain. If they are carefully bred from young until they mature, they will provide a great deal of assistance. However, riding a flying type magical beast has its own risks associated with it. It would be best for a Heaven Saint Master to ride one.” Jian Chen spoke.

Wang Yufeng chuckled in response, “I understand that line of reasoning. The nature of a magical beast is a vicious one which can often lead to them going berserk. I heard once that many of the more gentle flying type magical beasts lose control of themselves, causing their riders to plummet to their deaths. However, Im sure that Ill be able to reach the highest level of control with this one so that such an event will never happen. In any case, a Steelwing Beast is a Class 5 Magical Beast. When their intelligence matures, theyll be far more stable unlike the lower ranked magical beasts, so the chance of losing control of themselves should be very low.”

Jian Chen nodded his head in agreement. “What you are saying makes sense. However, you must take advantage of the young age of the Steelwing Beast and carefully nurture it. If it matures before you tame it, itll only become harder.”

“I know. For now, I will treat this little child as if it were my own. I will love it dearly.” Wang Yufeng laughed.

As they traveled, Jian Chen and Wang Yufeng talked to one another. On the way, they talked about plenty of things, allowing Jian Chen to gain a more in-depth understanding of Wang Yufeng. However, Jian Chen did not once ask about his background, meaning it was still a mystery to him. That was because when one answered such a question, it was only natural that they would ask the speaker the same question. Dont ask, dont tell. That was how to avoid any careless slip of the tongues.

The base of the Heiyun clan was in a First Class City around five thousand kilometers away. With Jian Chen carrying Wang Yufeng through the air, it took about two hours to arrive at the flourishing city. Afterward, Jian Chen traveled to a large manor that Wang Yufeng had pointed out to him. He hovered roughly five hundred meters in the air above it.

The fact that Jian Chen was using the wind elements in the world to travel had easily caught the attention of plenty of people below. One by one, they pointed at the floating figures in the air and started to gossip.

The Tianzhu Kingdom was a country that could be said to be in the middling ranks. It was slightly stronger than the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom, and Heaven Saint Masters could be said to hold mighty ranks here. Whenever one ventured out in public, they would catch the eyes of many people.

Under Jian Chens grasp, Wang Yufeng was able to point at the manor beneath him and say, “This is the place. This is the manor of the Heiyun clan.”

Without even needing to ask Wang Yufeng, Jian Chen could tell that this manor was indeed the base of operations for the Heiyun clan. That was because Jian Chen had already scoped out the place with his presence and had a very clear idea of the terrain. Above the gates at the entrance of the compound was a signboard that made it all too obvious just who lived here.

Inside the manor, Jian Chen could detect three Heaven Saint Masters. One of them lacked both of his legs — it was the very same one that had tried to stop him in the Thousand Venom Valley and tried to take the tiger cub away from him.

“Heiyun Clan, I, Jian Chen, am a man that keeps his word. Ive come to settle the grudge made between us last year. And from today on, there will be no such thing as the Heiyun clan.” Jian Chen cruelly smiled. With a wave of his hand, the energy of the world came bubbling forth at rapid speed to gather into a ten meter long sword made of fire. The heat that radiated off of the blade was scorching and immediately elevated the temperature of the surrounding area.

With a brandish of his hand, the fire sword immediately disappeared into a blur of red lightning that struck the manor.


An explosion dispelled the silence in the manor as a tremendous fire washed over the surrounding area. As the waves of flame billowed forth with great speed, the destruction of the manor continued without stop.

In an instant, the previously tranquil Heiyun clan turned into a bonfire with flames that danced and roared. The blue sky above was covered by the pluming black smoke from the wreckage, making it extremely eye-catching to the people below.

The interior of the manor was brought to a frenzy as countless servants and guards came running out of their rooms. When they saw the sea of flames, they all turned pale with fright and fled toward the outskirts with great panic as if afraid that the flames would incinerate them before they could escape.

“What in the world is going on?” A middle-aged man cried out as he barged out of his room. Up until know, he hadnt even realized that someone had attacked the Heiyun clan.

“Quick! Put out the fire!” One of the more elderly caretakers cried out, but not a single person had heard him due to the intensity of the flames and the sounds that accompanied them. A few measly buckets of water wouldnt be able to put a dent in this flames in any case.

“Someone has attacked our Heiyun clan. Be on your guard, on your guard I said!” The captain of the guards immediately commanded the rest of the guards of the clan, but when he realized that there were people floating in the sky, his face paled drastically. “No! The ones whove attacked us are Heaven Saint Masters! Thats not someone we can fight! Qu-quick! Call out the patriarch!”

At the warning of the captain, three separate entities flew out of the interior of the manor. The three men quickly soared to the heavens to meet with Jian Chen, and at the same time, an elderly voice called out with such volume that the ears of everyone else ached from it.

“You there, for what reason have you to attack my Heiyun clan!” The elderly man called out with as much dignity as he could muster, but even his dignity could hardly hold back the furious anger the speaker had.

Soon enough, the three Heaven Saint Masters arrived at the same altitude as Jian Chen. Standing shoulder to shoulder just twenty meters away from Jian Chen, each one of them looked ready to kill him.

“Who are you? State your name at once and why you are attacking my clan.” The bald elder standing in the middle barked out as he grasped his sword. The sharp point of the sword glinted ominously, and if it were any regular person standing there, their valor surely would have dipped to non-existent levels.

Ignoring the elder that spoke, Jian Chen stared at the elder without any legs next to him. Jian Chen gave him a cold smile. “Perhaps you might recognize me?”

The elder without legs obviously recognized Jian Chen, and let out a gasp in shock, “Its you!” In his mind, he couldnt help but think of the legends he had been hearing as of late about Jian Chen. His heart skipped a beat, and he contemplated trying to flee.

“Third elder, who is he? Do you know him?” The bald elder asked.

“Hes the one whos been making waves recently with the rumors. The King of Mercenaries — Jian Chen!” The elder barked with a great deal of difficulty.

The bald elder blanched as well when he heard that, “What!? Hes Jian Chen?” Prior to this, Jian Chen had killed five Heaven Saint Masters by himself outside of Mercenary City. Even the news of his fight with two Saint Rulers within the city had been heard by these elders. Such a powerful figure like that was not an opponent that the Heiyun clan could take on. Even with the three Heaven Saint Masters, they stood no chance at all.

“So you do remember me. Then, I presume you remember what I said to you years ago. I said it once. If I, Jian Chen, am not dead, then Ill be sure to annihilate your entire Heiyun Clan. I have never once reneged my words before. I will not let a single one of my enemies escape, and today is the day I make good on that promise of mine.” Jian Chen laughed.

The three Heaven Saint Masters blanched at Jian Chens words. While two of the three men there had not participated, they all knew just what event Jian Chen was referring to.

“Sire Jian Chen, my Heiyun clan was the one at fault during that time. We give our sincerest apology, and are willing to offer ample compensation. We ask that sire Jian Chen pardon our Heiyun clan, and we are more than willing to offer our assistance to you should you require us or our territory.” The bald-elders intimidating glare melted away to adopt an apologetic smile. His voice gained a softer tone and no longer contained the iron edge from earlier

Unmoved by the proposal, Jian Chen chuckled, “How lightly you treat your words. Back when I was on the verge of death because of your clan, this blood debt was formed. Just how could I give it up so easily? Only in your dreams.” With that, Jian Chen spoke no more and immediately shot toward the head of the leading Heaven Saint Master. The Chaotic Force began to cycle around his body, and with a flash of light from his dantian, the energy flew into his palm.

Now that he could control the Chaotic Force, Jian Chens palm took on a gray color as a destructive amount of power came forth. The surrounding area around his palm looked like water as it distorted with ripples and waves.

At this one moment, Jian Chen could feel the practically unlimited amount of power he was wielding. It was almost as if his hand could split apart the world around him, and a single punch could kill a Heaven Saint Master instantaneously. This would be the very first time he wielded such a tremendous power.

With a grunt, Jian Chen slapped the area around him with his palm, causing the space in front of the slap to distort so violently that a slight fissure formed.

With such a destructive force being unleashed from his palm, it was as if a dragon had suddenly been let loose.

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