Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 633: Is That Really You?

Chapter 632: The Transformation of Little Fatty (Three)

“Master, the Chaotic Force can destroy the world if theres enough. Your proficiency with the Chaotic Force can be considered subpar, but even now its not something that a Saint Ruler could survive against. Unless master gets to a higher level of proficiency with the Chaotic Force or perhaps forges the Azulet swords, dealing with a Saint Ruler that can use the powers of space will be impossible.” Ziying spoke.

Jian Chens eyebrows furrowed together, “In other words, I have no ways of dealing with a Saint Ruler that can use the power of space.”

“That may not be the case. Master, youve forgotten that movement skill you have, the Illusionary Flash. That movement skill embodies the laws of space. If master were to comprehend it, then you will be able to understand the laws of space to some degree. Once that happens, even a Saint Ruler can be dealt with.” Qingsuo explained.

“Wouldnt that mean to say that Ill breakthrough to become a Saint Ruler?” Jian Chen suggested. Although he was a Saint Ruler in strength, he was not one in status or actual power. The powers a Saint Ruler wielded were not things he could do.

This time, Ziying and Qingsuo hesitated to answer for a moment. It was finally Qingsuo who said, “Master, our analysis of a Saint Ruler suggests that their understanding of the laws of space is far more comprehensive. The Illusionary Flash focuses purely on speed and disregards the other aspects of space. Saint Rulers are using what is perhaps the power of the world itself, and that barrier they often use is likely a construct of the worlds power given a form.”

“Qingsuo is correct. Master, according to what we know of the Illusionary Flash, it should be able to elevate your speed based on the principles of the laws of space and nothing else, but even that will be enough to deal with a Saint Ruler.” Ziying spoke.

Jian Chen pondered what they said for a few minutes before finally saying, “It seems that I just have to try and comprehend the Illusionary Flash.” With a momentary pause, Jian Chen continued, “Ziying, Qingsuo, Ive already reached the Minor Achievement realm with the Chaotic Body. How much further away is the Major Achievement realm? If I reach that realm, would I be comparable in strength to a Saint Emperor? Which one of the two would be stronger?”

Ziying and Qingsuo both let out a peal of laughter in response to Jian Chen, “Master, you belittle the Chaotic Body far too much. You are only at the entrance of the Chaotic Body, and the path ahead of master is a long one. There is no doubt that the Major Achievement realm would be vastly superior to a Saint Emperor.”

“Master, the realms to the Chaotic Body arent that clearly divided. There are far too few people that cultivate the Chaotic Body. They could possibly be counted on ten fingers of two hands. Furthermore, there has been no one that has ever reached the Major Achievement, but for the sake of fully explaining the Chaotic Body to master, we shall divide it up into eight different parts. As of now, master, you are only at the first layer.” Ziying explained.

Jian Chen was surprised to hear that. The very first layer of the Chaotic Body was enough to match a Saint Ruler. That would mean that once he reached the highest level of the Chaotic Body, his strength would be at an unbelievably frightening level. This thought filled Jian Chen with no small amount of joy.

Afterward, Ziying and Qingsuo both began to explain many of the more important points of the Chaotic Body to Jian Chen. No longer would Jian Chen be as ignorant of the Chaotic Body as he been, only knowing that the Chaotic Body was strong and nothing else.

Jian Chen spent the following days in Longevity Valley. During the day, he would go to the forest and practice the Illusionary Flash. At night, he would stay within his room and try to comprehend the secrets of the Illusionary Flash. He hoped that he would one day make a breakthrough and become proficient enough to fight a Saint Ruler.

The tiger cub hadnt stopped either. Day after day, it would eat and digest the heavenly resources that Jian Chen had been given from the grand elder of Mercenary City to increase its strength. Afterward, it would lay on the bed and sleep off the food.

In the blink of an eye, Jian Chen had stayed in Longevity Valley for an entire month. During this one month, he had made a good deal of progress in his studies of the Illusionary Flash. Although he wasnt at a level of mastery where he could deal with a Saint Ruler, he had still reached a far greater level of mastery.

Over the span of this one month, the tiger cub had made a breakthrough to become a Class 5 Magical Beast with the help of the heavenly resources.

The elevation in its power also caused the tiger cubs outer appearance to undergo a transformation as well. It could still freely control the size of its body, and it remained its previous small size with its adorable cat-like appearance. Its pure eyes were still filled with a bright light that seemed to have a life of their own.

In addition, the wings on its back had grown even more, making the tiger look even softer than before. A touch of the cub felt warm and pleasant.

Hidden within the forests behind Longevity Valley, a white blur traveled at great speeds through. The speed of this figure was so great that it seemed as if its body was just a mirror image that had been blended with one another, making it hard to discern the outline of the body.

It was almost as if this person was one with the world, body moving without generating any wind, traveling swiftly and silently — like a ghost.

At that moment, the blurry mirror images suddenly came to a stop. As soon as the figure came to a stop, a young twenty-something-year-old man wearing coarse clothes could be seen. It was Jian Chen.

With his eyebrows perked, Jian Chen turned his hand to reveal an object. In it was a single piece of white jade that had silently cracked in two.

When Jian Chen saw that the jade had split into two white halves, his face grew serious. Turning his hand, he ground up the remaining pieces of jade into dust, and let them fly into the air. With the dust gone, Jian Chen turned around and disappeared from the forest with such speed that it was hard to discern where he was headed.

After returning to Longevity Valley, he went back to the room where the tiger cub was sleeping. After leaving the house, he headed straight to the field where uncle Xiu Mi was working.

As soon as he took several steps toward the field, the expression on Jian Chens face suddenly changed. He hurriedly turned his head to the entrance of the valley. He could see a white blur traveling toward him from far away. Despite the distance, Jian Chens eyes could clearly make out the blur. It was the distinct figure of a young man and elderly man traveling through the air.

“Hey! Jian Chen, Im back! Youre here in the valley too. Thats great!” A loud voice called out from the air with great excitement. His voice was so loud that the entire valley heard it, giving everyone an idea of just who had returned.

“Thats Little Fatty, hes back!” A middle-aged farmer cried out before tossing down his hoe to run with the others toward the village entrance.

“Thats Little Fattys voice. The village elder has to be back too!” From the fields, another middle-aged woman paused her actions to look into the air. When she saw two figures slowly descend from the sky overhead, a slightly reverent but admiring expression appeared on her face.

The figures in the sky slowly came to a stop on the ground in front of Jian Chen. Of the two, one was elder Xiu and the other was a young stalwart youth right next to him. The youth was filled with a boastful aura, but Jian Chen could barely make out the hint of a bloody scent on him. This was the appearance of a young man who had experienced a path of massacre, a trial by fire, and a near-death experience.

Staring at the young man in confusion, Jian Chen could hardly believe his eyes. The young person in front of him was really the Little Fatty he knew from before. The difference between him now and before was simply far too astonishing. It was practically impossible to recognize it was the same person.

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