Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 633: Is That Really You?

Hes outstanding in almost every aspect, and his potential is quite terrifying to say the least. If hes able to become a Heaven Saint Master at that young age, then I can say that he wont be inferior to me in the future.”


Flying over the mountains, Jian Chen carried Little Fatty through the sky, quickly bypassing the Cross Mountains. The tiger cub on Jian Chens shoulder had already long since woken up. It glanced around with great bright eyes.

“Mrrrr…” Suddenly, the cub let out an excited cry as it unfolded its wings. Leaping off of Jian Chens shoulder, it disappeared into the verdant forests down below. Not even a moment later, it came flying back to Jian Chens shoulder with a fruit in its mouth.

Jian Chen was rather startled by what the cub did, but he laughed in the end, “I had thought that your wings were just for decoration, but it seems that flight with them is possible, thats a first.”

Little Fatty looked at the tiger cub on Jian Chens shoulder. “Jian Chen, I can tell that this cub is very strong. Is it a Class 5 Magical Beast already?”

“Correct. It became a Class 5 Magical Beast cub several days ago. Little Fatty, I recall that youve never seen a high class Magical Beast before. How were you able to tell the cubs strength?” Jian Chen asked curiously.

Little Fatty laughed, “At one point grandpa took me to some strange place where I had to kill all sorts of magical beasts time after time. Im familiar with a Class 5 Magical Beast now, so its only natural that I know how strong it is.”

At that moment, Jian Chens face grew grim and his body came to a sudden halt in the middle of the air. His face also darkened for some strange reason.

The reason for this strange occurrence was because his blood had suddenly started to bubble as if it was boiling water. This abnormality quickly spread throughout his body, causing his body temperature to increase.

“Jian Chen, whats wrong?” Little Fatty was at a loss of words. He had no idea why Jian Chen was acting this way.

Jian Chen did not respond since even he didnt know what was going on with his body. It was the first time he had experienced such a sensation.

“Could there be a problem with the Chaotic Body?” Jian Chen thought, but even as he finished that thought, the two sword spirits immediately answered him.

“Master, the blood within your body has the anti-venom factor from the Golden-Striped Silver Snake. This is a reaction caused by that anti-venom. Since the Golden-Striped Silver Snake is a rare being, the two sides definitely have an attraction to one another. There has to be one of those snakes nearby. Presumably a strong one, Class 7 Magical Beast at a guess.” Ziying spoke.

A change over came Jian Chens face, but he did not say a second word about it as he immediately left the area. A Golden-Striped Silver Snake was extremely strong. It was also hard to come by. He had Little Fatty with him, so Jian Chen didnt wish for some sort of conflict to happen.

Quickly leaving the Cross Mountains, Jian Chen headed straight for Mercenary City without pause. After two days, they finally arrived.

As soon as he entered the city, Jian Chen headed straight to the inn where Wang Yufeng and patriarch Jiede were residing.

Exchanging several words with Wang Yufeng, he introduced everyone to one another. However, he did not divulge Jiede Tais identity and gave a careless introduction when it was his turn.

After the introductions were made, Wang Yufeng and Little Fatty became quick friends. Soon enough, they were laughing and chatting with one another as if they had always been friends.

Jian Chen took Jiede Tai to another room to talk. After giving several heavenly resources to the tiger cub to let it fall asleep, he said to Jiede Tai, “Come with me to the Cross Mountains.”

“What? the Cross Mountains!” Jiede Tai cried out loud with great fear. Refusing Jian Chen, he said, “Out of the question. That is a forbidden zone to even the strongest of the continent. One couldnt go there unless one was a Saint King.”

Knowing that Jiede Tai was afraid, Jian Chen explained, “Rest assured, we wont be going deep inside; itll only be the outside perimeter. I know the dangers of the mountains, so we wont be going to our deaths.”

Knowing that they wouldnt be going to the depths of the mountains, Jiede Tai sighed in relief, “As long as we dont go too deep in and dont cause too much trouble, thats fine. But what in the world are you going there for!?”

“Theres no time to waste. Come with me for now. Youll understand when we get there.” Jian Chen placed the sleeping cub on the bed and turned around to leave the room with Jiede Tai right behind him.

After leaving the room, Jian Chen mentioned to Wang Yufeng and Little Fatty that he and Jiede Tai would be leaving Mercenary City. After that, they rushed to the Cross Mountains.

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