Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 646: Class 3 Spirit Pills

Chapter 645: Manufacturing Radiant Spirit Pills

In the blink of an eye, three days passed by since the Saint Ruler was defeated. Life in the kingdom grew peaceful, but with the fact that three Saint Rulers were ruling over the Flame Mercenaries caused a wave of smaller mercenary groups and members to come ask to join the Flame Mercenaries in hopes of gaining the status of being one of them.

Jian Chen and the entire group went through a series of secret discussion before finally deciding that they would take in the best members into the group to supplement their strength.

The Flame Mercenaries of today was not the same as the ones from before.

The additions to the Flame Mercenaries had naturally gave no small amount of joy to the ones already in there. To them, the more that joined the Flame Mercenaries, the more honor that would be brought to them and the more resplendent they would be to the rest of the continent. Those that were not able to join the Flame Mercenaries had been disheartened, but they didnt give up on the hope just yet. If anything, they felt all the more motivated to go back and focus on their cultivation even more so that they could meet the standards in the future.

Day after day, the Flame Mercenaries swelled up in size. As if travelling to see a famous landmarks, a multitude of Earth Saint Masters came forward to join the Flame Mercenaries. There were even three Heaven Saint Masters that came for that same reason. In a short burst of time, the Flame Mercenaries increased in numbers and power once more.

The entire reason behind this exponential growth was due to the fact that there were three Saint Rulers acting as the ones in charge for the Flame Mercenaries. Individuals like these were a symbol of the utmost might that were practically unrivalled in strength. While not completely invincible, they may as well be in the eyes of the average mercenary.

By noon, Jian Chen was seated within a luxurious room that once used to be the bedroom of the old king of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom. Out of the entire palace, this was the most luxurious room.

Within the room, Jian Chen was currently discussing some of his experiences on cultivation with Bi Lian. For the sake of guiding her onto the path of cultivation, he wanted to make sure that there would be barely any deviations or side paths as possible.

“A report for the captain! Alchemist He Yun asks for an audience!” At that moment, a guard appeared right outside the room to speak respectfully to Jian Chen.

“Allow him entry!” Jian Chen spoke at once.

“Yes, captain!” The guard immediately retreated out of the room to bring the alchemist in.

A thin and sallow He Yun came walking into the room. Compared to his initial appearance, He Yun was practically an entirely different person. In order to accomplish the task set for him by Jian Chen, He Yun worked without rest. So by the time he had managed to refine the ten thousand year old into a successful product, he was on the brink of fainting.

“Report for the captain! Despite what the heavens might have had in store for me, Ive successfully procured two pills from the essence of the Geofruit!” He Yun bowed down to Jian Chen while speaking as respectfully as he could. In his hands was a single wooden box that was presented for Jian Chen to take.

Opening up the wooden box, Jian Chen could see two small bottles resting inside. Gingerly taking one of the bottles and uncorking it, a fragrant aroma immediately wafted into the room and dulled the senses of everyone in it.

Basked in the powerful but docile power of the pill, Jian Chen nodded his head in satisfaction. “Master He Yun, youve worked hard these past two days. For your assistance, I will be sure to treat you well. What might it be that you desire, I, Jian Chen, will do my best to reward you.”

He Yun hesitated to speak for a moment before bowing, “Captain, Ive no other request but that my family would be able to live here in peace.”

Laughing, Jian Chen replied, “How could such a small request be enough to reward you for your efforts? Master He Yun, Ive already prepared a set of rules for the Flame Mercenaries. As mercenaries that often have to fight and risk their lives on a daily basis, injuries are unavoidable. I wish to establish an alchemy hall where pills can be manufactured to specifically treat the Flame Mercenaries. Master He Yun, would you be interested in the spot as the hallmaster? From today onwards, the entire alchemy hall will be yours to govern.”

Upon listening to Jian Chen, He Yun had a joyous look to his face, “If the captain sees this one that highly, then I, He Yun, will work to my dying breath to serve the Flame Mercenaries.” He Yun spoke. He knew that the Flame Mercenaries were strong, and if he were to become an alchemical hallmaster, it would bring all the more glory to his own family. He had not been expecting this outcome, but it had been to his liking.

“Master He Yun, on your way back, please assemble all of the alchemists you know. From today onwards, the alchemy hall will be yours to govern. As long as the Flame Mercenaries have enough pills to recover with, then the business of the hall will be up to you order as you will.” Jian Chen spoke.

“As the captain decrees!” He Yun spoke respectfully.

As Jian Chen prepared to dismiss the alchemist, a sudden through struck his mind. “Master He Yun, what might you know about the alchemical procedure of procuring Radiant Spirit pills?”

“Captain.” He Yun hesitated. “While Radiant Spirit pills arent hard to make, it requires the assistance of a Radiant Saint Master to create even a small amount. Does the captain wish to create some?”

“Correct. That was the meaning I had in mind. Master He Yun, what exactly is required to make one of these?” Jian Chen asked. When it came to the miraculous effects of these pills, Jian Chen was all too experienced with them. He had once wanted to try and make them himself, but because no alchemist or procedure was found, he hadnt been able to fulfill the hope he had til now.

“Captain, a Radiant Spirit pill isnt hard to make. Its rather simple and only needs a few simple ingredients to make. But a Radiant Saint Master must infuse their Radiant Saint Force into it and then sealed so that it doesnt escape.”

“But to infuse Radiant Saint Force into a pill is the same as having a person stick their finger into stone. It isnt easy to do, and not many Radiant Saint Masters can do so. Thus, Radiant Spirit pills arent easy to make in large quantities.”

“Master He Yun, when you return, procure several Radiant Spirit pills for me. I will go find a person thatll be able to do this task.” Jian Chen spoke.

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