Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 658: Origin Energy of the Metal Spirit

e a challenge. Its best not to dwell on such matters and focus on your cultivation.” Tian Jian spoke.

“Yes, senior!” Jian Chen replied obediently like a student replying dutifully to their teachers teachings. Now that this matter was done and settled with, the Origin Essence, or whatever, was nothing more than an item that would be hard to get.

“Master… master! This is the Origin Force from the Metal Spirit of the five elements! Excellent! I never thought that wed find the Origin Force of one the five elemental spirits here. This is a spirit of the world, an unbelievably rare encounter!” The voice of Ziying suddenly made itself known.

“Aiyah, it really is the Origin Energy of the Metal Spirit. And here Qingsuo thought that this world wouldnt have the presence of Metal or Wood Spirits, but here it is now.” The singsong voice of Qingsuo made itself known as well.

Jian Chens expression went askew at the two spirits voices, but he recollected himself quickly to ask, “Ziying, Qingsuo, are you saying that the Origin Essence that is hidden within the tungsten alloy is the Origin Energy of the Metal Spirit?”

“Yes, master. It really is the energy of the Metal Spirit. We are sure its the presence of one of the five elementals.” Ziying replied excitedly.

“Master, the energy down below might be quite weak, but it still holds a considerable amount of power. If master can absorb it, the Chaotic Body will increase in strength again.” Ziying spoke.

Jian Chen was moved by this suggestion, but the very thought of the extremely strong tungsten alloy that was protecting the Origin Essence left him with a headache. “Ziying, Qingsuo, the tungsten alloy is guarding the Origin Essence. How would I take it?”

Ziying and Qingsuo quietened down as to think. Before long, Ziying replied first in vexation, “Because of the influence of the Metal Spirits Origin Energy, the surrounding rock has become extremely metallic in nature. With masters current strength, breaking through this layer to get to the Origin Energy is all but impossible.”

“Master, you just need to wait for the Azulet swords to be forged to retrieve the Metal Spirits Origin Energy.” Qingsuo spoke.

“Again the Azulet swords!” Even just the mention of the swords caused a sharp headache for Jian Chen. It was an ardent wish for him to hurry up and forge the Azulet swords, but forging the swords was beyond his reach because of how difficult the materials were to get and because he lacked the power to do so.

“Forget it, its not as if the Origin energy will be running away from here in any case, and no other person should be able to take it. Ill let this matter be.” Jian Chen thought to himself.

“Jian Chen, since the matters here have been taken care of, Ill be taking my leave.” Tian Jians calm voice broke through Jian Chens thoughts.

“Senior, since you came all the way here, why not come in and have a drink of tea? Itd be an honor for this junior to act as host.” Jian Chen asked. Inviting the grand elder of Mercenary City in for a drink would make the Flame Mercenaries standing skyrocket.

Tian Jian smiled, “Theres no need. Ive done what I promised today. I may not have helped you with your enemies, but with your strength, youve more than enough power to deal with them. Whatevers left for you to do will be up to you.”

“Then thank you senior for your assistance. With this, the ones helping the Saint Ruler from the Sect of Dragon and Tiger will think twice now. Presumably, the Hongfu clan will find their bonds with the Yan family broken, leaving the Sect of Dragon and Tiger alone with the Honfu clan. That should be a small enough power for us to deal with.” Huang Tianba spoke.

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