Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 666: Fall of a Saint Ruler (Four)

t Ruler, hed be able to fight two of them to a standstill. Their comprehension of the mysteries of the world and mysteries of space was substantially lacking in contrast to the Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler. Jian Chen was no Saint Ruler in this aspect, and he could only borrow on his powerful body to contest against a Saint Ruler. But in front of a Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler, Jian Chen was powerless.

Jian Chens face was extremely pale from his spot on the grassy ground. Several mouthful of blood were coughed out, but he managed to look weakly at Huang Tianba and Nubis anyways. “Im managing. At the very least, I am still alive. It was unexpected that his palm strike would be that strong; I was almost unable to bear the brunt of it.”

Seeing Jian Chen manage to respond, Nubis and Huang Tianba both felt their concerns ease up a bit. Giving a faint smile, Huang Tianba spoke, “Jian Chen, there is a huge difference in strength between a Saint Ruler of the Fourth Heavenly Layer and the Fifth Heavenly Layer. With your powerful body, youd be able to make do against a Fourth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler, but a Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler would make you look as if you had no defenses at all.”

“But the fact that you were able to stay alive after receiving an all out blow from a Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler is a very proud achievement to have.”

Painfully, Jian Chen struggled to climb to his feet, “Has Situ Qing died?”

“Of course not. Do you really think a Saint Ruler is that easy to kill? Hes a very enduring person, and unless theres a great difference in strength, a Saint Ruler wont die so easily.” Nubis spoke. “But that Saint Ruler has already been poisoned by my toxins. Combined with the fact that he used his own life force as fuel for his power, hes not too far away from death itself.”

News of that made Jian Chen immediately ignore his own injured state to try and drag himself to where the Saint Ruler was a hundred meters away.

He could see that Situ Qings face was as pale as paper due to the lack of blood flowing in it. His eyes were closed and still from where he was, and his blood continue to pool underneath him in large amounts. Even the poison that had invaded his body started to appear in the blood around him.

Now that he used up his life force, he looked even older than before. His previously grizzly-white hair was all gone from his head, and his skin was wrinkled all over the place with flab that covered his face.

Seeing the appearance of Situ Qing, Jian Chen had felt rather conflicted about the situation. This man was a Saint Ruler, a high and mighty entity. But now he was reduced to such a miserable state like this.

Taking in a deep breath, Jian Chen schooled the emotions in his mind and looked to the man. “I know you havent died just yet. You must answer me. That man named Bi Hai from the other day, where is he now?”

Slowly, Situ Qing opened his eyes to stare weakly at Jian Chen. With an equally weak voice, he spoke, “What….vitality you have. To be…alive still… from that.”

“Answer my question!” Jian Chen glared.

A slight smile appeared on his face, “Im already a dying person, give up on trying to learn something from me.”

A furious light entered Jian Chens eyes, “That may be true, youre a dying person about to leave this world. But dont forget you still have thousands of disciples in your Sect of Dragon and Tiger. Do you wish for their corpses to be buried with you into your next life?”

Some vigor reentered Situ Qings eyes at that. Glaring, he looked to Jian Chen, “Ji–Jian Chen. You….what are you…planning?”

Smiling victoriously, Jian Chen replied, “Seems like you still care somewhat for the Sect of Dragon and Tiger. I, Jian Chen, promise you that if you tell me what I need to know about Bi Hai, then Ill spare the Sect of Dragon and Tiger. If you dont, then Ill wipe them off the continent.”

Hesitation befell Situ Qing for a brief moment. Then finally, a look of resolution appeared on his face as he finally relented to Jian Chen for the sake of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger. “You win, Jian Chen. I….Ill tell you about Bi Hai. I hope that youll….keep to your word then….”

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