Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 670: Return of the Ancestor (Two)

Chapter 669: Return of the Ancestor (One)

As he knelt down to his knees, Jian Chens heart was practically threatening to leap out of his chest. At last! He had found the long lost patriarch to the Bi family!

As one with the blood of Bi through his veins, this was a monumental occasion with great implications.

Bi Hai was appalled. These words spoken to him by Jian Chen had left him speechless and his actions had left him wide-eyed. For the longest of times, Bi Hai stared at Jian Chen with an askew glance, but not a single word was said.

On the other side, Huang Tianba and Nubis were both equally stunned. Just like Bi Hai, they could only really stare at the still kneeling Jian Chen while being as still as statues.

Although Huang Tianba guessed that there was some sort of secret between Bi Hai and Jian Chen, he wasnt able to tell what type of relationship there was exactly. Thus, he was just as surprised as the others were.

“What in the world is going on, has Jian Chen gone loose in the head?” Nubis was the first to finally speak. His eyes were wide-eyed from shock and his jaws were dropped open in surprise.

Huang Tianba was still speechless due to his own shock. Never did he imagine that the enemy he fought some time ago would be the ancestor to Jian Chen.

For a good while, Bi Hai didnt speak. His expression was filled with shock as he looked to Jian Chen, but at last he spoke, “Yo–you…what did you say?” He asked, unsure whether or not his hearing was still working.

“Patriarch, my mother was from the Bi family, and by extension, I am of the family line with the blood of Bi in my veins.” Jian Chen replied.

“What! Youre….youre a member of the Bi family?” A quivering finger of Bi Hai pointed at Jian Chen in disbelief. Since when did the Bi family have a Saint Ruler? He had never seen or heard of such a person before; surely a person like Jian Chen would leave an impression on Bi Hai.

“Yes, patriarch. This one is of the Bi family.” Jian Chen replied.

“Impossible! This is impossible! If youre one of my own, how have I never heard of you before?” In this current moment, Bi Hai was filled with emotion. The Bi family was long since a source of heartache for him. He spent so many years to build the family up into what it was, and then it was destroyed all in one night; there was no way he wouldnt feel hurt by it.

He originally thought that no one survived the massacre of his family. So when he heard that there was somehow one survivor to his family; and a Saint Ruler no less. This too him, was a tremendous shock and also a great upset.

A thought struck Bi Hai, causing him to stare dangerously at Jian Chen, “Tell me who your parents were, and what name you used to be called by.”

“Patriarch, my mother is named Bi Yuntian. Thirty years ago, she was the daughter to the acting head of the Bi family. As for me, my name is unfortunately one you will not have heard of before. When the massacre happened, I wasnt born yet.” Jian Chen replied.

“What; you werent born thirty years ago?” Bi Hai stared at Jian Chen in disbelief. Disbelief wouldnt even be the right word to describe his face actually. This was the most shocking news he had ever heard of in his life in fact.

Not even thirty years old and he was already a Saint Ruler; if the Tian Yuan Continent were to hear about this, every single inhabitant would definitely be stunned.

“Blast; what a monster. Hes even younger than what I, the great Nubis, imagined! His potential is even better than the wargod Aergyns; is it possible that he is the reincarnation of Mo Tianyun? Aside from him, what other human would be as capable? It is no wonder the Winged Tiger God has reappeared in the world. I was worried that the Winged Tiger God would grow up to become a being thatd break the tranquility between the Shou Shen Continent and the Tian Yuan Continent, but it seems my concerns were unfounded.” Nubis sighed.

“You…you really are one of my descendants?” Bi Hai asked to verify. Since this piece of information was far too amazing to believe, his heart found it hard to do so.

“Patriarch, if you dont believe me, please follow me back to my Changyang Manor to see my mother. My mother will show you proof.” Jian Chen spoke.

“How wonderful! So there are still descendants remaining still. Come now then, well go see your mother at once!” Bi Hai was completely besides himself with excitement now.

“Patriarch, Ill take you to my Changyang Manor. If my mother knows that the patriarch still lives, shell definitely be overjoyed.” Jian Chen stood back up on his feet. Joy was evident in his own voice as well.

Soon afterwards, Jian Chen ordered Nubis and Huang Tianba to return to the Flame Mercenaries while he and Bi Hai returned to the Gesun Kingdom.

As soon as the two left, Huang Tianba and Nubis were left to stand in the middle of the skies. Still slightly sluggish from their shock, the two of them could only look off into the direction where Jian Chen and Bi Hai left towards.

For a while, neither of the two spoke.

“Ai, how unexpected that this would be the outcome. Bi Hai was the patriarch of Jian Chen? Its really a freakish outcome.” After an extended period of silence, Huang Tianba finally let out a sigh.

“The first time we met, we were enemies with him. Jian Chen was even injured by this man before. I, the great Nubis, had never thought that there would be such a secret between the two. You humans have many strange monstrosities on this world.” Nubis exclaimed.

“Jian Chens status isnt just limited to being the fourth master of the Changyang Manor it seems if hes also a descendant of the Bi. Ive never heard of them before due to the distance between us, but they must be a strong one.” Huang Tianba spoke.

“From what the two were saying, I, the great Nubis, could hear that the Bi family was massacred. Forget it, we should head back ourselves.”

Afterwards, Huang Tianba and Nubis both returned back to Mercenary City.

Both Jian Chen and Huang Tianba were flying towards Changyang Manor with as much speed as they could muster. Perhaps it was because of the fact that he knew that there were still descendants of the Bi family that Bi Hai was excited, but his speed was extremely fast. It surpassed what Jian Chen was capable of even if he was forced to use the Illusionary Flash to travel as fast as he could.

“Allow me to carry you there, you just need to point the direction.” Bi Hai spoke as he and Jian Chen traveled with the powers of Space. Bi Hai himself was extremely anxious to reach the Changyang Manor.

Suddenly, Jian Chen felt the world ahead of him start to distort and grow hazzy as the scenary around him blended into chaos. Just barely, Jian Chen could make out the hazy blurs that were the mountains and rivers, but even those faded away from sight almost instantly. Even the bustling cities and verdant skies and clouds would change and blur away from vision as fast as they appeared.

They werent illusions, it was only because of the fact that they were traveling far too fast to properly register as a definite image on their eyes. The speed in which they were traveling at was simply far too fast.

“This has to be the speed from when Spatial Force is used. How fast it is! This is many times faster than flying through the air; if I had this type of speed, then how long would it take to reach the Qinhuang Kingdom?” Jian Chen thought to himself. He was envious of such a speed; if he commandeered it, then he could travel home whenever he wished.

This time, it only took a short four hours to travel several hundred thousand kilometers back to the Gesun Kingdom and into Changyang Manor.

Masking his aura, Jian Chen only allowed for Chang Wuji, Qing Wuming and the other two Heaven Saint Masters to detect his arrival so that the four of them would come to greet him.

“Fourth master, youve returned so soon! Your departure several days ago was so sudden; the lord himself felt regretful that you couldnt stay for a moment longer.” Chang Wuji smiled at both Jian Chen and then at the old figure behind him with an equally welcoming smile.

“Chang Wuji, Ive something very important to attend to. We can talk later, but first, I must see mother.” Jian Chen spoke briefly to him before walking with Bi Hai towards the flower garden where his mother was. Because of his presence around the manor, he could sense that his mother was currently talking with his other aunts.

After the reconstruction of Changyang Manor, even the flower garden was expanded to three times its original size. At this very moment, Bi Yuntian and the other three aunts of Jian Chen were gathered around a pond of water to chat.

“Third sister, the past is the past. Dont be so worried, Xianger is an obedient child and not a vengeful one. When Xianger comes back, we can have another talk where you two can talk it out.” The second aunt, Yu Fengyan spoke.

“Second sister is correct, us four sisters have lived together for over twenty years already. We shouldnt squabble over such trivial matters like this. Third sister, when Xianger comes back, you should apologize to him. The three of us can help you afterwards; Im sure that the situation will become a lot easier afterwards. Fourth sister, what do you think?” The eldest sister, Ling Long, spoke, before prompting Bi Yuntian to speak.

Bi Yuntian smiled and nodded her head to look at both Yu Fengyan and Ling Long. Then looking to Bai Yushuang, she spoke with a gentle voice, “Eldest sister and second sister are correct. Xianger might be someone of extreme importance, but he is still my child, and his nature has never changed since then. When he comes back, Ill have a talk with Xianger and see that some plans can be made. It wont be long until then. Soon, these small matters will be quickly forgotten about.”

Bai Yushuangs face was streaked with tears as she looked up to Bi Yuntian pitifully, “Then please, fourth sister, please allow Xianger and I to have a talk. Ive done him wrong in the past. I must apologize to him, as an aunt, Ive failed in my duty to him. In the future, I will do my best to make up for this.”

News that Jian Chen was a Saint Ruler was no secret to the higher echelons of the Changyang Manor. Once news of that reached the ears of Bai Yushuang, became so frightened that her spirit was terror-struck as well. In her heart, she began to feel apologetic for what she had done to Jian Chen in the past, and with time, she began to try to find a day and opportunity to talk with the other three sisters to see if she could perhaps apologize to him.

“Mother, Ive returned!” Just at that moment, the sound of Jian Chen came calling from a distance away. The four seated women all glanced upwards to see a young man and elderly figure come walking quickly towards them.

“Xianger is back! What fortunate timing.” Bi Yuntian grew gleeful as soon as she recognized Jian Chen. She, Yu Fengyan, and Ling Long were all equally happy and excited to see him. Jian Chen was the pride and glory of Changyang Manor, and they all felt proud to be related to him.

Out of the four of them, only Bai Yushuang was the only one not entirely excited. Instead, she was rather apprehensive. But despite her feelings, she managed to force out a smile on her face.

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