Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 685: The Yan Family Patriarch

Chapter 684: Wiping Out the Hongfu Clan (Three)

“Senior, Ill entirely listen to you as to how we handle the Hongfu clan. I just wonder when we will move against the Hongfu clan?” Jian Chen said.

Huang Tianba paused for a little while before saying, “Every day the Hongfu clan exists is another day where my Huang family will be not be at ease. Brother Jian Chen, in my opinion, its better if we handle it sooner. I just worry that if we drag it out for too long, unexpected changes might happen.”

“Since its like that, we should just act now. With our current strength, handling the Hongfu clan is a piece of cake, and it wont take up much time at all.” Jian Chen said. He seemed to be even more anxious than Huang Tianba.

Huang Tianba revealed an overjoyed expression, and nodded several times, “Its best like that. We should get going.”

Jian Chen turned around and look at the crowd. He called out, “Nubis, Jiede Tai, come over here.”

Jiede Tai and Nubis glanced at Jian Chen suspiciously, and then walked over doubtfully.

“How many times have I told you, call me the great Nubis. Just why dont you listen. Whatever, who told you to have such abnormal talent. I, the great Nubis, am magnanimous, so I wont bicker over these small things with a brat like you. Speak, just what have you called the great Nubis over for?” Arriving before Jian Chen, Nubis curled his lip and said unhappily.

After hearing what Nubis had said, Jian Chen and Huang Tianba could not help but laugh out involuntarily. Nubis just regarded the wordgreat with too great of an importance.

“Nubis, werent you unhappy that you could not enjoy yourself to the fullest with the fight a few days ago? Come with us in a while, therell soon be another battle to fight.” Jian Chen said.

Nubis was a magical beast. Even though he was in human form and that he seemed completely just like a human, his love for battle that flowed in his veins could not be changed no matter what. The moment he heard there would be another fight, he could not control himself and immediately became overjoyed. He said excitedly, “Your human world is just too marvelous. I once stayed in the Cross Mountains, and would only meet an opponent after hundreds of years. Ever since I followed you into the human world, theres been fights practically everyday. Only now have I, the great Nubis, realised how smart of a choice it was to follow you into the world of humans.” Speaking up to there, Nubis seemed to have realised something. His expression changed slightly, and said to Jian Chen, “Jian Chen you youngster, I, the great Nubis, must warn you beforehand that you definitely cannot find those abnormally powerful opponents for me. I can forcefully handle Saint Rulers of the Sixth Heavenly Layer. If the opponents strength is in the Seventh Heavenly Layer or has exceeded that, you cant blame me for ditching you and running off all by myself. Fighting against such strong opponents is just suicide. Theres no chance in winning. Even with a Ruler Armament, its impossible.” Speaking to the end, Nubis glanced at Huang Tianba, intentionally or otherwise.

Huang Tianba chuckled, “Nubis… the great Nubis, your worry is completely unnecessary. This time, our opponents will not be too strong. The two will only have strength of the Third Heavenly Layer. Its just that we need to pay attention to the fact that they have two Ruler Armaments.”

“What? The two both have Ruler Armaments?” Nubis stared blankly slightly, and then unwarily spat out, “Are they be the two old men who escaped a few days ago?”

“Correct, its the two of them!” Huang Tianba said.

Nubis revealed a soft smile and said, “Then no problem. With their strength, I can even handle three at once. However, they have Ruler Armements. The strength of those things cannot be ignored and cannot be casually hit by one of them. Ill be responsible for keeping one busy. You two can handle the other one.”

“Great! If we want to kill the other one, itll be extremely easy if brother Jian Chen and I work together.” Huang Tianba seemed very happy. The unresolved hatred of the Huang family for the Hongfu clan was finally going to disappear. Not only could the Huang family lead lives of no worry in the future, it would also relieve a great burden from the old man who held the highest status in the Huang family.

“Nubis, you come with Senior Huang and me this time. Jiede Tai, you can stay here to keep watch.” Jian Chen quickly allocated the positions of his subordinates. He did not get Jiede Tai to go along because it was completely unnecessary. Also, against an opponent with a Ruler Armement, if Jiede Tai fought, he would just be more of a hindrance than help, unable to use his strength to the fullest.

Afterwards, Jian Chan bid farewell to the group of people, and left together with Huang Tianba and Nubis. They directly headed towards the Hongfu clan.

Several thousand kilometres away from the Flame Mercenaries, there was a magical beast forest that took up an area of several thousand square kilometers. Even though the magical beast forest was on the Tian Yuan Continent, it was a medium-sized magical beast forest, not only because there were many magical beasts, but also because there were many Class 5 magical beasts. According to rumors, in the deepest parts of the magical forest, there were even Class 6 magical beasts, akin to human Saint Heaven Masters.

There were many countries of different sizes surrounding the forest. Every day, there would be large numbers of mercenaries who would enter the outskirts of the first to kill some low class magical beasts to support their families. Of course, there were also some Earth Saint Master who brag about their strength and enter the depths of the forest in attempt to hunt a Class 5 magical beast. However, without any exception whatsoever, all the Earth Saint Masters would enter unharmed and leave heavily injured. There was actually no one who had succeeded in killing a Class 5 magical beast.

As for powerful Heaven Saint Masters, there were some people who had once worked together in attempt to hunt a Class 6 magical beast. However, they all returned not long after. After that, no one ever entered the deeper parts of the magical beast forest, nor would they ever mention what was inside.

This was because in the deepest parts of the magical beast forest concealed a secret, mysterious clan. The strength of this mysterious clan had once caused all the Heaven Saint Masters heading into the deepest parts of the magical beast forest to pale, because the clan possessed a strength so great that it could completely, and easily, wipe out several of the surrounding countries, even though it had so few people.

In the deepest parts of the magical beast forest, there was a manor completely built out of white marble. At this moment, three people gathered together in a completely-sealed, secret room of the manor.

“In-law, this time, our Hongfu clan has met an unprecedented feeling of danger. You must help our Hongfu clan survive through this threat. After it, I am willing to give the Dragon Slaying Sword to your Yan family.” An elderly man in long, white robes requested while he sat before a middle-aged man.

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