Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 712: Family Transformation (Two)

entire city became a mess in an instant.

In the sky, as the difference in strength between the opponents was just too great, the weakest, Jiede Tai, was injured by his opponent just from a few rounds of battle. He spat out blood as he fell from the sky, unable to battle anymore. Bi Hai was also suppressed by the two old men at a similar level to him, falling into a disadvantage, only able to defend but not attack. Nubis was the same, greatly suppressed by his two Sixth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler opponents.

Hiss! Suddenly, a hiss that seemed to be capable of ripping apart souls erupted from Nubiss mouth. Nubis quickly turned into his body as a magical beast. A huge, golden snake of several dozen kilometers in length hung in the sky, battling intensely against two Sixth Heavenly Layer Saint Rulers.

Transforming into a magical beast, Nubiss ability in battle greatly increased. Just with his body as a beast of antiquity and the renowned venom, he could actually able to fight two Sixth Heavenly Layer Saint Rulers to a stalemate temporarily.

However, as the two Saint Rulers used all their strength without holding anything back, Nubis became suppressed once again, only able to defend and not counterattack.

In the end, Bi Hai was unable to persist against the overwhelming numbers. Not long after, he was injured by his opponent, falling out of the sky after spitting blood. He landed heavily on the ground, creating two great ditches.

As for Nubis, the great snake he had transformed into was also beaten until he spat up blood, flying far off into the distance.

Old man Situ floated in the air as he gazed coldly at the three that were heavily injured. He said with an evil smile, “Capture them as hostages. I just dont believe that Jian Chen wont come. Mateng, lets go and get the Silver Striped Golden Snakes monster core.”

Immediately, two Saint Rulers flew towards Bi Hai and Jiede Tai. As for old man Situ and Mateng, they continued to fly towards Nubis.

“Hmph, with this old woman here, how can you be so brash?”

Just at this moment, an old voice reverberated in the area. Shortly afterwards, a presence even greater than the five people appeared, before an old woman with a dragon-headed cane appeared soundlessly in the air. She just happen to block the two Sixth Heavenly Layer Saint Rulers.

Feeling the great presence given off by the old woman, the expressions of the two old men suddenly changed greatly. One of them immediately called out with a deep voice, “Who are you?”

The old woman stared at old man Situ and Mateng with a forceful gaze and the corner of her lips curled into a sneer of disdain. She did not answer their question, and instead raised the dragon-headed cane. She tapped it gently at the two people and invisible World Forcce immediately shot out, rushing at the two people.

The two Saint Rulers knew that the old woman was powerful and did not dare to be complacent even in the slightest. They also swung out with the Saint Weapons in their hands, with invisible World Force.

The World Force clashed mid-air. It did not give off any sound or any violent energy ripples, just that the space there began to shake and tremble violently, before being ripped open, revealing a black hole the size of a head. Within the black hole, starlight glimmered vaguely.

The old woman stood there unmoving, while the expressions of the Saint Rulers that faced up against her changed greatly. Their throats produced a deep, muffled sound with great difficulty, before backing down.

However, before they could contain the situation within their bodies, the old woman originally in front of them appeared behind them without any warning. The dragon-headed cane in her hand fused with the space and with a gentle-looking swing, it struck the backs of the two old men with lightning speed.

Sputter! The two old men who were Sixth Heavenly Layer Saint Rulers became extremely weak in that moment with blood spraying from their mouths. Their complexions paled in an instant, before looking at the old woman in shock.

“Crap, this bloody womans at least the Eighth Heavenly Layer.” Old man Situ exclaimed.

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