Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 715: Loss of Parents (Two)

Chapter 714: Loss of Parents (One)

The news of the Flame Mercenaries encountering powerful enemies created a great commotion, spreading everywhere in a radius of several thousand kilometers in an extremely short time. As long as it was within the area, basically countless people could be heard discussing it at any given time.

Even a few hermit clans learnt about what had happened to the Flame Mercenaries. They were all extremely curious, unsure of exactly who had plucked up such courage to actually dare to provoke the Flame Mercenaries, which were supported by the grand elder of the Flame Mercenaries.

At that moment, it had already become a mess within the Flame Mercenaries. Although the five powerful Saint Rulers had been repelled, they had still brought an irremediable loss to the Flame Mercenaries. Not only was the entire city and palace greatly destroyed, becoming essentially ruins, there were also countless people who were heavily injured. Those who were weaker in strength had even lost their lives in the incident.

Although everything had settled down, there was still a great pile of things to do for the aftermath. At this moment, You Yue and Bi Lian displayed their leadership, immediately calling on the higher-ranking members of the Flame Mercenaries to begin tidying up the aftermath. Commands constantly flew out the mouths of the two.

At the same time, in a dense mountain several kilometers away from the Flame Mercenaries, there was a bonfire slowly burning within a dark cave. The bright flames flickered about like the joyful dance of a disobedient child, causing the entire cave to flicker between dark and light.

If one were to borrow the dim light from the flames, one could see clearly that there were currently five elderly people who sat cross-legged with pale faces by the walls of the cave. They were like old monks who were meditating, sitting without moving at all.

The five old men were old man Situ and the other four who had escaped from the old woman.

After consuming Radiant Spirit Pills, the five of them spent half a day before finally recovering from their injuries. They opened their eyes slowly at the same time and exhaled deeply, slowly expelling a turbid air from their bodies.

“God dammit, just when we were going to succeed, that happens. Who thought that the Flame Mercenaries actually hid such a powerful old woman? She made us fail even though we were so close.” A Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler gnashed his teeth as he clenched his fists so tightly that they made a sound.

According to their plan, as long as they controlled the Flame Mercenaries and those close with Jian Chen, they could threaten Jian Chen with it and get him to hand up what they wanted. With that, they could complete the mission from the Gilligan clan king very easily and obtain the other two Class 7 Monster Cores. They just did not think that such a sudden change would happen in the end, that there was actually an old woman who was stronger than the five of them combined in the Flame Mercenaries.

“These Flame Mercenaries really have exceeded what I expected in strength. Since they have an old woman who is at least in the Eighth Heavenly Layer protecting them, the original plan definitely wont work. Looks like we have to return to the drawing board.” Old man Situ said as he pondered.

“When we first came here, we did not understand the entire situation, and we also know nothing about Jian Chen identity. I think we should go and investigate things about Jian Chen. Itll be good if we understand him more, as itll help us determine what we should do next.” Old man Mateng suggested.

“Youre right. I feel that we should investigate some more about Jian Chen before thinking of other ideas to deal with him and get him to give us what we want.” A Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler said.

“Sure, though we shouldnt delay it. Lets move out right now and all go off to investigate about Jian Chen. Well gather in this cave again after a day.” Old man Situ said.

Soon after, the five people all left the cave, flying off in a direction they chose themselves. They all disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Time passed quickly. A day later, the five elderly men all returned to the cave at the same time.

“Everyone, I wonder if youve found anything useful?” Old man Situ seemed to be the backbone of the group so he asked first.

“Ive found some useful information. The captain of the Flame Mercenaries, Jian Chen, actually has another important identity, and thats the fourth young master, Changyang Xiangtian, of the Changyang clan. Also, hes a new Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom.

“Also, Jian Chens a great genius. Its only been less than fifty years since he first started cultivating, and hes become a Saint Ruler. His talent really is unprecedented in history and probably unmatched in the future. I think that theres probably some great treasure on him, which is why he can improve at such a great rate.”

“This Jian Chen probably inherited the legacy of some peerless expert. Otherwise, its really hard to explain his speed in cultivation.”

The people explained what they had found in a few sentences and the topic of the conversation slowly digressed from Jian Chens identity to the treasures he possessed. However, as soon as they began talking about treasures, gleams of light flickered within the eyes of all five of them, all filled with greed.

Old man Situ coughed lightly and said, “Our top priority is to find Jian Chen. Lets avoid the topic of treasures for now. As soon as we find Jian Chen, everything will be easily resolved. Not only can we finish the mission, everything he possesses will become ours.”

“Yeah, lets first find Jian Chen. The Changyang Manor is Jian Chens home. Since Jian Chens not at the Flame Mercenaries, he must be at the Changyang Manor. Lets go there immediately, as fast as we can, just in case Jian Chen hears the news and flees.” Old man Mateng immediately stood up. He was unable to wait anymore, as if he feared that Jian Chen would escape.

“Lets go to the Changyang Manor right now!”

The five Saint Ruler did not hesitate at all. They immediately departed from the cave and travelled towards Gesun Kingdom with their greatest speed. Even the weakest of the five was in the Fifth Heavily Layer, so as they travelled at their top speed through the use of Spatial Force, it could be considered extremely fast. They arrived in Gesun Kingdom in just six hours, even though it was several thousand kilometers away from the Flame Mercenaries.

In Lore City of the Gesun Kingdom, the Changyang clan had already indisputably become the greatest clan in the kingdom without dispute. They was an existence that could dwarf the royal family and was respected by all ordinary people. Even in a radius of several thousand kilometers, there were no other great clans that could rival the Changyang clan.

This was because in the Changyang clan, there was a dazzlingly lustrous and brilliant legend—Changyang Xiangtian!

The fourth young master of the Changyang clan was the captain of the Flame Mercenaries, Jian Chen. This was no longer a secret, because no matter if it was the fourth young master of the Changyang clan or the captain of the Flame Mercenaries, they both possessed overly-great statuses. The fame was so great that there was basically no one who did not know about him in a radius of several thousand kilometers, receiving the attention of countless people. As a result, there would also be many more people who would ask about Jian Chen who was like a character from a legend, thus allowing his name to be spread even further. Also, after Jian Chen had truly became powerful, he did not purposefully conceal his identity. As a result, his true identity was found out very quickly by those who cared.

As the fact that the captain of the Flame Mercenaries, Jian Chen, was the fourth young master of the Changyang clan spread, the clans status also shot up at an unbelievable pace. It was as influential as the noon sun, as dazzling as the sun that shone in the sky. No one could waver the clans position.

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