Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 736: Comprehending the Artes (One)

Chapter 735: Radiant Artes (Three)

From the ninth and fourteenth elder, Jian Chen gained a better understanding of the distribution of power in the City of God.

Within the City of God, the most powerful clan was the Zaar family. The City of God, one of the seven capitals of the continent, was completely controlled by the Zaar family. Without any exaggerating, the Zaar family are the rulers of the City of God, as well as one of the three clans that controlled the empire.

Beneath the Zaar family, there were eight great clans. The eight clans were all extremely strong, possessing strength no lower than hermit clans, while some of them even possessed strength that superseded several hermit clans.

The Cheng family was one of the eight clans.

As for the Lei family that had disagreements with Jian Chen when he was on the road, they were only a rather well-known clan in the city. A secondary force. There were plenty of clans like this, though a great portion of them were subsidiaries to the eight clans.

Seeing the shock on Jian Chens face, Feng Jianming was secretly delighted. He said with a smile, “Sir Yang Yutian has guessed correctly. Mr Cheng indeed belongs to the Cheng family of the eight clans and in the clan, Mr. Cheng hold a very high position.”

“I must apologise, I will be going to the Radiant Saint Tower to practise Radiant Artes soon. I wont have the time for quite some time, so please transfer my message to him, that I appreciate his kind intentions, but I perhaps wont be able to attend the floating restaurant on Fragrance River in two days time.” Jian Chen clasped his hands at Feng Jianming and said calmly.

Feng Jianming was slightly surprised. He had never thought that after declaring that he was from the Cheng family, one of the eight clans, Yang Yutian would reject him so flatly. It had caused him some surprise.

Although the invitation was rejected, Feng Jianming did not become unhappy even in the slightest. He clasped his hands at Jian Chen, “Since sir Yang Yutian needs to go to the Radiant Saint Tower to practice Radiant Artes, Feng Jianming will not interrupt sir anymore. Sir, Feng Jianmings mission is now accomplished and will now report back to Mr Cheng. Farewell!” After he finished what he was saying, he turned around to the shadow behind him. His expression immediately became cold, “Shadow, I hope you wont forget the rule set down by the union. If you break it, you wont be able to escape punishment even with your clan supporting you. You probably will even die!”

“Hmph, Feng Jianming, thats none of your business.” The husky voice sounded from within the black mist, filled with cold intent.

The corner of Feng Jianmings lips curled into a sneer, “The esteemed sir Yang Yutian is Mr Chengs guest, as well as an esteemed guest of the Cheng family. If anything happens to sir Yang Yutian, you should know the outcome, Shadow.” With that, Feng Jianming turned around and left.

“Feng… Jian… Ming!” From within the black mist, there was the sound of grinding teeth. The person shrouded in dark mist clearly dreaded the big bald man.

Jian Chen glanced at the angry black mist and said indifferently, “Sir, please leave my room, I need to rest.” Within Jian Chens indifferent gaze, an undetectable killing intent flickered about. If it were not for that fact that he needed to hide his identity as a fighter in the City of God, how would he let a mere Heaven Saint Master at so brashly before him?

“Hmph!” The person shrouded in black mist snorted coldly, before leaving unwillingly. Originally, he carried the notion that if Jian Chen did not want to go with him, he would just forcefully take him away. However, after arguing with Feng Jianming, he did not dare to do that anymore.

On that night, Jian Chen was destined to fail to rest peacefully. After the bald Feng Jianming and Shadow left, there were plenty more people who went to the inn to look for the resting Jian Chen. Their intentions were all the same, without any exceptions, to represent their masters in wish of inviting Jian Chen to their clans as a guest. However, Jian Chen wriggled out of all of them, declining every single one.

In the blink of an eye, three days passed. In those three days, Jian Chen had basically gone to every famous store in the city under Lin Bais lead, but the outcome was disappointing. He failed to find even a single material to craft the Azulet Swords.

In that period of time, people from the eight clans constantly went to find Jian Chen, to take the initiative and get on Jian Chens good side. They also spared no trouble to invite Jian Chen to their clans as a guest. However, a few arrogant people from the eight clans looked down on Jian Chen, speaking to him intransigently. However, not only did they fail to get what they wanted, they were met with a cold shoulder.

Although Jian Chen was an outsider, a person with no right or power in the City of God, as long as he used his identity as a Class 6 Radiant Saint Master, he did not even need to fear the eight famous clans.

Other than the eight great clans, there were even a few second-rate clans who went and displayed good will to Jian Chen. The second-rate clans were not as intransigent, treating Jian Chen respectfully and extremely courteously.

Three days later was also the day when Jian Chen would go to the union to participate in the ceremony of becoming a core member, before going into the Radiant Saint Tower to learn Radiant Artes. On that day, he bid farewell to Lin Bai rather early, before calling a luxurious carriage towards the union.

Jian Chen sat in the jolting carriage as he fed several thousand-year heavenly resources to the white tiger. Right now, he could feel that the tiger had already reached the peak of Class 5, akin to a human Sixth Cycle Earth Saint Master.

With the increase of strength, the speed at which the tiger absorbed heavenly resources also increased. Right now, it could consume a dozen or so thousand-year heavenly resources in one go, no longer needing to sleep to absorb the medicinal effects.

“Xiao Bai, looks like its not long before you break through Class 5 and become a Class 6 Magical Beast.” Jian Chen mumbled to the small white tiger with a soft gaze.

“Mrrrr…” The tiger who was wolfing down the heavenly resources seemed to be able to understand what Jian Chen was saying. It gave out a few slurry cries, while a complacent light appeared in its eyes.

Seeing that, Jian Chen smiled. The tiger was a Winged Tiger God and the intelligence it possessed was extremely rare in magical beasts, as it possessed self-consciousness. At this moment, it possessed the intelligence similar to an eleven-year-old child despite being only Class 5.

The carriage shot down the wide streets, and arrived very quickly at the main entrance of the union. When Jian Chen left the carriage, a female in long white robes immediately arrived before him. Quickly glancing at the blue badge of Jian Chens chest, she immediately bowed deeply to Jian Chen, “Esteemed Radiant Saint Master, are you perhaps master Yang Yutian?”

Jian Chen examined the female. She was around twenty years of age with fine features and was rather pretty. On the right side of her protruding chest, there was an orange badge, indicating the identity of a Class 2 Radiant Saint Master.

“I am Yang Yutian. What is it?” Jian Chen asked indifferently.

“Esteemed master Yang Yutian, I am the fifth elders attendant. Ive come under the orders of the fifth elder to await for master Yang Yutians arrival. Sir, please follow me. I will take you to go see the fifth elder.

Jian Chen followed the female into the union. This time, Jian Chen was directly brought to the third storey of the castle, before being led into a beautifully decorated room.

The room was very large and was full of extravagant decor. In the centre of the room was a cushion, where a ruddy old man sat. The old man sat with his eyes closed, in a way where he seemed like an old monk. On the old mans chest was a shiny purple badge, indicating that he was a Class 7 Radiant Saint Master.

“Esteemed fifth elder, master Yang Yutian has arrived.” The female bowed respectfully to the old man.

“You can leave!” The old man said.

“Yes, fifth elder!” The female left with gently steps, before closing the door behind her.

“Yang Yutian greets the fifth elder!” Jian Chen clasped his hands at the old man. Although his tone was courteous, he carried no respectful expression.

The fifth elder slowly opened his eyes. The moment they opened, the rays of light in the room seemed to grow bright. In the next moment, the fifth elders bright eyes seemed to become the only thing in the room, as if there was a whole, separate world in his eyes.

In the moment he saw the elders eyes, Jian Chens eyes became slightly lost. The fifth elders gaze contained the world, but was also as profound as the vast night sky. It actually caused Jian Chen to become involuntarily lost within it.

However, Jian Chen returned to his senses very soon. A sliver of shock flashed past his eyes, and his gaze towards the fifth elder also underwent a great change.

Although Jian Chen did not become completely taken within it just before, he was shocked speechless by the fifth elders ability. With just a gaze, he had been imperceptibly affected. This caused a great storm to brew over Jian Chens calmness. It must be known that not only was he a Class 6 Radiant Saint Master, he was also an extremely powerful Saint Ruler who had comprehended the mysteries of the world with a naturally-powerful presence.

If it was another Class 6 Radiant Saint Master or another Saint Ruler, they definitely would not have been able to break out from the trance as easily.

Seeing how quickly Jian Chen had recovered, an undetectable sliver of surprise flashed across the fifth elders eyes. His opinion of Jian Chen increased once again.

“Yang Yutian, you really are an unprecedented prodigy of the Tian Yuan Continent. You indeed possess power that exceeds Radiant Saint Masters at the same level as you.”

“Thank you for praising me!” Jian Chen remained calm, without any ripples of emotions in his tone.

“Not bad, not arrogant or rash. Youre quite a bit stronger than the other Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters.” The fifth elder nodded his head slightly, very satisfied with Jian Chen performance in his heart. He continued, “Yang Yutian, you must know the purpose of you coming here today. After today, youll become a core member of the union and will be able to enter the Radiant Saint Tower to practise Radiant Artes which have been passed down from the ancient times. Only our Radiant Saint Master Union possesses these Radiant Artes. Theyre definitely not something that regular Radiant Saint Masters can obtain.”

Hearing that, Jian Chens heart was immediately filled with anticipation. He had wanted to see the wondrous Radiant Artes since long ago.

At this moment, the fifth elder slowly raised his hand. The surrounding Radiant Saint Force quickly gathered in his palm, forming a huge, silvery sword three meters in length in the blink of an eye. He said, “Yang Yutian, do you see? This is a Radiant Arte. Its condensed from the surrounding Radiant Satin Force using a special method, forming something with great power for attack.”

Jian Chen immediately looked at the huge sword. Although the sword was condensed from the gentle Radiant Saint Force, he could feel the ripples of an extremely forceful energy, filled with violence.

Just when Jian Chen looked at the sword, a weird expression flashed across the fifth elders eyes. An undetectable ripple of thought shot out from the centre of his eyebrows, landing in between Jian Chens eyebrows with lightning speed.

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