Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 75: Fighting a Saint Master

yan Guan Dao down towards Jian Chens head at an extremely fast speed.

Since he was fighting a Middle Saint Master, Jian Chen didnt plan on meeting this attack head on, and nimbly dodged to the side.

However, as Jian Chen stabbed with his sword, the mans Guan Dao changed direction in midair and whistled through the air, as it parried Jian Chens sword.

Jian Chens face changed as he immediately brought back his sword, reluctant to go against the mans Guan Dao.

Jian Chens Light Wind Sword was the equivalent to his Saint Forces life. His life was connected to the frail looking sword, so if his sword were to be injured, then Jian Chens own life would be too. And if his Light Wind Sword were to break then Jian Chen would lose all of his cultivation, and his life would be threatened.

On the Tian Yuan Continent, the cases in which people had died due to their Saint Weapons being broken were commonly seen. It practically happened everywhere. But with the Saint Weapon being a representation of ones inner Saint Forces condensation, when summoned outside the body, it would become unimaginably hard. Moreover, it would grow harder as the owner improved. Thus, unless one were to fight someone stronger than him by a large amount, their Saint Weapons would never break.

Since his opponents strength was already at the Middle Saint Master, he was higher than Jian Chens strength by two whole levels. So if Jian Chens Light Wind Sword were to collide against the mans Guan Dao, then he would definitely take some damage. Jian Chen couldnt afford this happening, so he had to try to avoid a collision between the weapons at all cost; after all, he would be the only one to suffer from a loss.

Once again dodging the mans attack, Jian Chen noticed the mans defenses momentarily showing a large gap. Taking advantage of the rare opportunity, Jian Chen immediately moved towards the man with a silent Profound Steps and stabbed the Light Wind Sword towards the mans back with a red flash . The sword whistled silently as it traveled through the air, the sound making it seem like the sword had cut through the air itself. Its speed had reached its peak as it approached the mans back. Enveloped with Sword Qi, the sword slashed through the mans clothing, and then embedded itself into his back, breaking through his skin.

Feeling a painful sensation in his back, the mans face changed immediately, but he displayed no signs of immediate panic. He hadnt been fully prepared for Jian Chens speed, so the wound on his back continued to spray blood as his Saint Force condensed itself to take care of his wounds. At the same time, the man began to glow bright with cyan light as his speed started to increase rapidly. Before he could even leave a shadow on the ground or for Jian Chens Light Wind Sword to completely stab into his back, the man immediately leaned towards the side and escaped from the Light Wind Swords range.

The man had already guessed that Jian Chen would stab out with all his strength. At this moment Jian Chens own guard was at its weakest. Thus, the middle aged man also grasped onto this difficult opportunity. Dodging the stab, he immediately brought his Guan Dao high into the air, causing the twinkling cyan color of light to resemble a dazzling moon in the night. With the Guan Dao left high in the air, it emitted a sharp glow as it flew towards Jian Chen. This blow contained all of the mans remaining strength.

Seeing how Jian Chen had fought earlier, the man had already known from previous experiences that Jian Chen would be a hard opponent. Due to Jian Chens bountiful battle experience, he never had any holes in his defenses. So no matter if it was his attack or defense, his style of fighting could be said to be flawless, with absolutely no gaps. This was especially true since his sword had used all of Jian Chens abilities this time. Most likely, the only situation where the man couldve heavily damaged Jian Chen was if Jian Chens technique wasnt strong enough. Thus, the middle-aged man didnt have the slightest intention of holding back this attack of his.

The Guan Dao streaked across the air so quickly, that if it was aimed towards weaker people, then they would have had no time to react at all.


With an explosive shout, the man brought the cyan colored Guan Dao down towards the defenseless Jian Chens head. From his upper body stroke, the Guan Dao did not decrease in speed at all and smashed fiercely into the ground.

The smash contained all of the mans strength as the Guan Dao exploded into the ground. The blade of the Guan Dao sent all of the surrounding dirt flying into the air, creating a huge hole a meter in diameter. At the same time, Jian Chens silhouette had completely disintegrated due to this sudden move.

However on the mans face, not a single trace of happiness could be seen; instead, his face hardened in annoyance.

“An afterimage!” The man cried out in alarm. However, as his mind came to this conclusion, an intense feeling of a crisis struck the mans thoughts. Without hesitation, the man leapt towards the side with his natural reflexes, simultaneously picking up his Guan Dao from the ground and blindly swinging it behind himself.


A loud sound could be heard as the mans Guan Dao swung back and suddenly collided with the Jian Chens bloody sword.

Just as the sword and Guan Dao collided, Jian Chens face suddenly changed. He immediately paled as he felt an intense churning sensation in his stomach, and he immediately retreated.

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