Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 779: Awe of the Bloodsword Sect

Chapter 778: The Bloodsword Sect Arrives

Another three days passed in the blink of an eye. During this period many competitors were sent out from the competition and brought to safety by the power of the saint artifact. These people brought out the most recent news, causing all the people in the City of God to be astounded.

The second disciple of the Radiant Saint Master Union president worked with over twenty clans of different sizes and gathered over thirty Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters to handle Yang Yutian alongside the Zaar family and the eight clans, embroiling in an intense battle.

Afterwards the first young lady of the Kara clan, Kara Liwei, lead her own people to publicly stand against the Zaar family, helping out Yang Yutian when he was in danger. They helped him earn precious time to cast Judgements Sword, one of the three great Radiant Artes, killing several people instantly and allowing a turn for the better in the situation.

The moment Yang Yutian used the Judgements Sword to reverse the tides of the battle, Zaar Tilos used a Saint Kings strike to heavily injure Yang Yutian and attempted to take his defensive treasure. In the end, over forty Radiant Saint Masters that had grouped up against Yang Yutian had their souls wiped out by a great beast roar. They died within the artifact space, as even the artifacts energy was unable to prevent it.

Yun Tian then forfeited from fear, but was pursued by Yang Yutians beast of antiquity. The beast was met by the artifacts obstruction, and, while it attempted to resist, it was not powerful enough to prevent Yun Tian from escaping.

Not long after that had happened, Yang Yutian, who should have been killed by the Saint Kings strike, appeared before everyone unharmed, deeply astounding all those present.

All the shocking news spread like wildfire. It was not only the competitors who were absolutely stunned, but the three great clans of the empire and the Radiant Saint Master Union were as well.

Zaar Tilos actually possessed a strike from a Saint King, given to him by his ancestor in the Zaar clan. The roar of the beast of antiquity dispersed the souls of over forty Radiant Saint Masters, including Zaar Tilos, and wiped them out; even the power of the artifact was unable to prevent it. Meanwhile, Yang Yutian was actually completely fine after receiving the Saint Kings attack, emerging completely unscathed.

The shocking news rang through the minds of all those who heard it like thunder, completely stunning them.

“Zaar Tilos actually died. He died in the artifact space. The competitors who attacked Jian Chen together, people from my Zaar family and the eight clans, have all died. Shaken to death by a roar of a beast of antiquity. Just- just how powerful is this beast? It killed all those Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters with just a roar; even Saint Rulers cant do that.”

“And Yang Yutian. He received an attack from the ancestor, and hes not dead. How is this possible?” Elder Hong of the Zaar family was no longer enraged, but rather completely stunned. His mind was blown by the news, struggling to believe that it was true.

On the other side of the square, Elder Liu of the Kara clan also heard what happened in the saint artifact clearly. After the initial shock, he revealed a smile of relief and mumbled, “The young first miss has made a wise choice. This Yang Yutian is much more stronger than I imagined, and I never thought that his cub was actually a beast of antiquity. One that had already reached Class 6 with terrifying strength, no less. Unbelieveable. Though, this Yang Yutian seems to have brought some trouble to himself. The Radiant Saint Master Unions behind him, so it shouldnt be too bad. I presume the Zaar family does not dare to constrain the union too much, otherwise theyll just be seeking death once the union decides to work with the other two clans.”

“Ai, Kazda De you muddled man. How did you forgo such a good chance to pull Yang Yutian to our side? Yet you chose to just stand by and watch on. Youve missed such a rare and great opportunity. Its not like you dont know our clans relationship with the Zaar family. Were going to start fighting sooner or later. Perhaps you were scared of provoking the Zaar family? Youre just incompetent.” An old man from the Kazda clan sighed as he shook his head with a face filled with regret.

Within the castle of the Radiant Saint Master Union, the president currently sat with the grand elder. They were both stern with their eyebrows furrowed.

“I never thought that the beast cub accompanying Yang Yutian was a beast of antiquity. Itll be troublesome this time. The people from the Zaar family and the eight clans of the City of God have all been killed in the artifact, and even their souls have been destroyed. Even with our ability to bring back the dead, we cant revive them. The Zaar family will definitely not just let this be,” the grand elder said woefully as he rubbed his temples.

The president remained calm and chuckled, “Yang Yutians performance is making me more and more satisfied. Although Ive long anticipated that disciple Yun Tian and the people of the Zaar family would make things difficult for Yang Yutian and try to stop him from placing in the top ten in the saint artifact, I never thought that the Zaar family would be so determined. The ancestor of the Zaar family even gave an attack of his to a clan member to bring into the artifact. Fortunately their schemes failed, or Yang Yutian wouldve lost this chance at reaching Class 7.”

“As for the Zaar family people that were killed, they deserved it. They even brought in the power of a Saint King. They cant blame anyone else. Anyways, Yang Yutian is the future pillar of support for the union. I cannot allow him to collapse. If they really wish to pressure him, Ill make them pay the price.” With that, the president narrowed his eyes.

The grand elder stayed silent for a while before speaking, “Something bad seems to have happened between Yun Tian and Yang Yutian. How do you plan on dealing with it?”

“The Tian Yuan Continent itself is a place that abides the law of the jungle. Those who are not strong can only become prey. As long as they dont create too great of a commotion in the union, I will not interfere with the matters between the two of them. Ill let them handle it themselves. Also, this is a perfect opportunity for Yang Yutian to understand the evil intentions of people. Although Yang Yutians talent is overwhelming, hes only twenty-four. Hes experienced too little,” the president said.

Currently, five ordinary-looking old men strolled down a large street in the City of God, all of whom seemed vaguely anxious.

“We really dont know where Jian Chens run off to. We havent found any news about in even after asking around for so long.” An old man sighed as he shook his head.

“Situ, keep using your Great Soothsaying Technique. Lets see if you can find Jian Chen or not.” Old man Mateng said.

Old man Situ shook his head, “Ive already tried earlier. Theres only the presence of Jian Chens bloodline in the City of God, not him himself. He seems to have left the city ten days ago, but this is impossible because I already sensed that hes located in the City of God. He must be hiding somewhere in the city, somehow avoiding my Great Soothsaying Technique.”

“Recently, there seems to be a competition for Radiant Saint Masters. I heard that theres an independent space in the saint artifact. Do you think Jian Chen is hiding there?” The old man beside old man Mateng said.

“Impossible. My understanding for Radiant Saint Masters may be limited, but I know some basic information. Only Radiant Saint Masters are allowed into the artifact space, not fighters. Do you think Jian Chen is a Radiant Saint Master?” Old man Mateng made a deduction with absolute certainty.

“Youre right. Jian Chens clearly a fighter, and he even participated in the Gathering of Mercenaries. How could he be a Radiant Saint Master? Its impossible for him to be in the artifact. After all, its impossible for a person to be both a fighter and a Radiant Saint Master.” Old man Situ seconded the thought, dismissing the idea that Jian Chen was in the saint artifact.

Old man Mateng pondered for a while and said, “Though, recently the news of Yang Yutian has spread wildly in the City of God. Apparently this Yang Yutian has a beast of antiquity with him.”

“I heard that this beast of antiquity is a huge white tiger, already at Class 6. Although the cub the tiger king wants is also a white tiger, its not that large and has wings on its back. This beast of antiquity clearly does not have wings. Otherwise, we may have associated that beast of antiquity with the white tiger the tiger king wants. Though it might not be impossible; the beast of antiquity follows Yang Yutian, while the beast cub were searching for follows Jian Chen.” Old man Situ said.

Suddenly, the five of them jerked violently on the street and became extremely stern.

“Crap, the four people from the Bloodsword sect have come. Lets quickly hide our presence and escape from this place.” An old man said nervously.

“Currently, theres plenty of experts at the Radiant Saint Master Union. Lets go hide there immediately. The four people wont dare to act too recklessly in the City of God, and theyll definitely be intercepted by the Zaar family.” Old man Mateng said with a deep voice. Shortly afterwards, they sprinted off towards the union without any hesitation. They were extremely fast, and traversed several hundred meters with each step.

Currently, four streaks of blood-red light cut through the sky outside the City of God. They directly approached the City, and wherever they passed by the temperature would decrease abruptly and leave behind traces of Baleful Yin Force.

The four streaks of light stopped outside the city, revealing four red-robed, middle-aged men with the exact same countenance.

The four people eyed the huge moat below them with furrowed eyebrows. A sliver of dread flashed across their eyes, before one of them bellowed, “Chase!”

Immediately, the four of them became a streak of blood-red light and entered the City of God.

In the very moment they entered the city, a sliver of light flashed across all the Saint Ruler experts on the square outside the union. They suddenly raised their heads to look into the distance, and many of them displayed a certain sternness.

In the huge castle, the president and the grand elder both stood up from their seats. Through the blinds, they stared into the distance with faces full of surprise, as well as some seriousness.

“What dense Baleful Yin Force. Theyre people from the Bloodsword sect, and they arent weak,” the president said with a deep voice.

“The Bloodsword sect retired from the continent a thousand years ago, and there has been no news of them at all. I never thought that theyd suddenly appear now, and its even four powerful Saint Rulers. Are they perhaps people who have been invited by the Zaar family with a great price to handle Yang Yutian?” The grand elders expression was also grim.

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