Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 787: Identity Exposed

lying on his bed and slowly opened his eyes. His complexion darkened. Although the City of God had activated the concealing array, it could only hide the presence of people. His presence of sensing things remained unaffected. He clearly sensed the situation within a radius of twenty kilometers, so naturally he had learned about the news of the Winged Tiger God from all the people.

“The situations developing at an unexpected speed. I cant stay in the union any longer,” Jian Chen thought to himself. He stood up immediately afterwards and left the union with the white tiger in his hand.

In the very moment Jian Chen left the fifth story of the union, the president and the grand elder both exited from their rooms silently. They stared in the direction where Jian Chen had disappeared off to with complicated expressions, and after a long pause they finally produced a soft sigh.

“Looks like that the beast of antiquity on Yang Yutians shoulder is probably the Winged Tiger God that the protector clans want,” the grand elder said with a gentle voice.

The president nodded slightly, “Should we try persuading Yang Yutian to hand up the Winged Tiger God? Itll prevent a lot of trouble.”

“I dont believe that he would give it up so easily. His relationship with the tiger has already reached an extremely close level. Trying to persuade him would just be a waste of words. Also, the protector clans right now just want the Winged Tiger God. With their statuses, they wont harm him.” The grand elder said.

“I hope so.” The president said gently. Although he now knew the identity of the Winged Tiger God, he did not report to the protector clans, nor did he stop Jian Chen from leaving. He was a man at the end of his life. He understood many things, and had already let them go.

The union had some power in resisting the Zaar family, but the union would not even think of resisting the protector clans.

Jian Chen descended from the fifth floor, arriving in the huge lobby at the ground floor. He directly walked out of the union.

Along the way, all the Radiant Saint Masters Jian Chen passed by in the surroundings gave him a weird look. However, the majority of the gazes focused on the white tiger on Jian Chens shoulder while they all began discussing about it.

“Why do I feel like the beast of antiquity on Yang Yutians shoulder is similar to the Winged Tiger God? Theyre both tiger magical beasts, and if you look at the back of it, there really seems to be a pair of wings.”

“Wow, youre right. I also feel like theyre quite similar. The wings are hidden extremely well, but if you look carefully you can still see them.”

“Still though, how would an ancient beast god yield to a human with its pride? I think that the magical beast on Yang Yutians shoulder is just a beast of antiquity. It just looks very similar to the Winged Tiger God, thats all. After all, of the countless magical beasts that exist on the continent, theres quite a few that mutate. Its nothing weird to have two magical beasts that look the same.”

“Thats true too. Its probably just a coincidence. After all, the ancient beast god is as powerful as Mo Tianyun. How would they yield to us humans with their pride? Also, Yang Yutians beast of antiquity has already reached Class 6. Its not like the rumored ancient beast god cub.”

Jian Chens mood became even heavier from the various murmurings. His footsteps sped up slightly, while his face remained calm as ever without displaying any sense of being alarmed. If he was alarmed, people would know he carried a guilty conscience; people would definitely figure out that the white tiger was the Winged Tiger God.

Jian Chen left the union very quickly with Xiao Bai before disappearing into the crowds. He did not encounter any obstructions at all.

Now that the white tigers identity could no longer be kept as a secret, Jian Chen could not stay at the Radiant Saint Master Union headquarters any longer. He had already temporarily put the matter of reaching Class 7 to one side. Although he was extremely unwilling, he needed to protect the white tiger.

Jian Chens parents undoubtedly held a very important status in his heart, but he also could not give up on the white tiger.

Just as Jian Chen arrived on the main street, he frowned slightly. With a flash of cold light in his eyes, he immediately condensed a white cloud from Radiant Saint Force, riding away into the distance on it.

When Jian Chen had traveled far away from the union, the space around him suddenly froze. It trapped his body in the middle of the air, unable to move at all.

Shortly afterwards, five figures shot over from below. They arrived before Jian Chen in the blink of an eye, and one of them extended his hands towards the white tiger as he sneered, “Jian Chen, even if you turned into a Radiant Saint Master, were still able to find you. Lets see where you run this time.”

Roar! Before Jian Chen had even began moving, the white tiger immediately gave out a roar. It was completely unaffected by the frozen space and shot out in a streak of white light. Its two sharp claws quickly scraped against the two hands, leaving behind two deep wounds.

“Worthy of being an ancient beast god. You sure are powerful, harming me despite only being Class 6.” Old man Situ exclaimed in admiration. He then stared towards the other four people and bellowed, “Come, do it together. Well take the Winged Tiger God and get out of here.”

Currently the news of searching for the Winged Tiger God had already spread through the entire continent, so old man Situ naturally knew about the white tigers true identity. However, this did not affect his plan of taking the Winged Tiger God at all.

To them, it didnt matter if it was a beast of antiquity or an ancient beast god. It was only important if it would allow them to reap great profits.

Called out by his fighter name, Jian Chen jerked violently. He stared at the group of five with narrowed eyes while killing intent already covered his face. He bellowed, “How do you know my name!?”

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