Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 791: Battling the Eight Clans (Four)

ore him. His hand on Jian Chens armor disappeared as he directly pushed forwards with his left hand. The extremely-compressed World Force immediately shot towards Jian Chen in an attempt to block Jian Chens Ruler Armament.

Jian Chens first three consecutive thrusts dispersed the World Force rushing towards him, while the fourth strike directly shot towards the persons head.

The ancestor tilted his head and just managed to dodge the attack. However, the Dragon Slaying Sword left behind a bloody mark on his head where a sliver of Chaotic Force was embedded. It immediately transformed into an unreined wild horse, surging into his head to begin wreaking havoc.

Bang! Bang!

At the same time, the two other Saint Weapons landed on Jian Chens back. It was blocked by the silkmail, but the violent energy still knocked Jian Chen backwards.

“Goddammit, what is this energy!?” With his face cut, the ancestor of the Hou clan immediately gave out a terrified cry. The sliver of Chaotic Force from the Dragon Slaying Sword had already wormed into his brain and was currently wreaking havoc to his nerves.

It was not much, but it was extremely powerful and filled with the aura of destruction and just happened to be in the weakest part of the human body, the brain. It prevented the ancestor from controlling the Saint Force in his body to purge it. He could only watch on helplessly as that small sliver of Chaotic Force destroyed his brain.

With the constant destruction of his nerves in his brain, a powerful pain followed. It caused the persons muscle to constantly twitch and jerk.

“Crap, the energys coming for the origin soul.” Suddenly, the Hou clan ancestors expression changed significantly. After a slight hesitation, he clenched his teeth and his origin soul immediately broke out. He actually fled off after discarding his body.

Seeing how the Hou clan ancestor had actually fled as an origin soul, the Saint Rulers who had yet to join in on the fight were immediately astounded. The other Saint Ruler from the Hou clan immediately appeared before the origin soul in a flash to protect it.

“Yang Yutians defensive treasure is too powerful. We cant break through it at all.” At that moment, the other two Sixth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler called out.

“Let me deal with him. I want to see limit of his defensive treasure. Can it block a blow from an Eighth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler?” An old man in flame-red robes replied and walked forwards. With a sway, he arrived before Jian Chen and opened his hands. A ball of blue flames immediately roared between his hands before being struck towards Jian Chens chest with lightning speed. He sneered, “Yang Yutian, remember my name. I am Heras of the Fire God clan. I will be taking the life of an unprecedented prodigy today.”

Jian Chens silkmail gave off a dazzling glow, resisting against the scorching blue flames between the old mans hands. However, after less than a second the glow from the silkmail was suppressed, allowing Heras to land a firm strike on Jian Chens body.

With a muffled cough, Jian Chens complexion immediately became rather pale. Heras strength was already at the peak of the Eighth Heavenly Layer, far beyond Jian Chens strength. Not only did a single strike of his break through the golden silkmails light barrier, it even injured Jian Chens Chaotic Body.

“What a powerful body. A casual strike of mine can only slightly injure you!” A sliver of marvel appeared in Heras eyes. Soon afterwards, he abruptly clenched his hands and the space around Jian Chen instantly froze. Afterwards, with a pulling motion of his hands Jian Chen, who was originally knocked flying backwards, was pulled towards Heras at an extremely fast speed.

The Chaotic Force in Jian Chens body surged violently attempting to break free from the frozen space. However, due to the huge disparity between their strengths, Jian Chen could not escape despite having tried every inch of space around him. He could only watch helplessly as he quickly approached Heras.

“Yang Yutian, I want to see if you can survive a second strike from me.” The old man sneered, and another ball of scorching flames appeared between his hands to once again be struck against Jian Chens chest with lightning speed.

Spurt! Jian Chen spat out a mouthful of blood as he was sent flying off into the distance like a cannonball. The power of the silkmail did not activate this time. Without its protection, he received the full brunt of the strike from an Eighth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler. He was heavily injured, and even his Chaotic Body was broken through.

Jian Chen shot backwards for several kilometers before finally coming to a stop. He hung in the air pale-faced while his glare towards Heras was completely filled with killing intent. Inside his body, the severe wound from Heras was currently healing at an extremely fast rate.

The difference in strength between the Eighth Heavenly Layer and the Fifth Heavenly Layer was just too vast. It could not even be described as a huge chasm. With the Dragon Slaying Sword, Jian Chen could battle Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Rulers, and even kill them, but currently against one that was at the Eighth Heavenly Layer he did not even have the power to counterattack.

Seeing how not only did Jian Chen took a strike with ninety-percent of his power without dying, but he still possessed the power to remain in the air, Heras was no longer able to stay calm. He displayed disbelief as he cried out with a gruff voice, “What is this body?! Its actually countless times more powerful than that of a beast of antiquity!”

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