Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 797: Farewell

ime, he had no idea when he would be able to return. He had no idea when the next time he would able to meet or see these people again would be.

Jian Chen stayed with the Flame Mercenaries for the entire afternoon. He dealt with what he needed to deal with, and gave full authority to Bi Lian and You Yue to deal with the problems of development. As for Bi Hai and Jiede Tai, they stood guard and protected the mercenaries as Saint Rulers.

“Jian Chen, I wont be dealing with the matters of the mercenaries. After you leave, Ill immediately find a quiet place to go into seclusion.” Ming Dong suddenly stood up. His eyes flowed with a determined light. The situation that forced Jian Chen to leave the continent affected Ming Dong very much and aroused his determination to work hard and become stronger. This was because he knew that even though he was now a Heaven Saint Master, he was of no help to Jian Chen. He could only watch on helplessly as his brother, someone who had been through thick and thin with him, had to endure the great pressure and leave the continent. He could do nothing. This made Ming Dong feel horrible.

Strength! Strength! Only with strength does one have the right to survive!

Jian Chen produced over twenty Class 6 Monster Cores and passed it to Ming Dong, “Ming Dong, you cant rush cultivation. The energy hidden within monster cores have a violent factor. If you dont properly overcome them, they can leave behind irremovable problems. Im giving these Class 6 Monster Cores to you. I hope you can use them prudently. You mustnt use them with undue haste.”

“Dont worry brother. Im not stupid, I know what to do.” Ming Dong guaranteed sincerely.

Jian Chen looked towards Huang Luan and his gaze became rather complicated. He pulled out a great pile of Class 5 Monster Cores from his Space Ring and said, “Luaner, you have very great talent. Youre a prodigy rarely seen even in a thousand years, reaching Third Cycle Earth Saint Master without any heavenly resources or monster cores. I am giving these monster cores to you, not for you to use but to prepare for the case you need them in the future.”

Huang Luans eyes were watery. She looked at Jian Chen, unwilling to part, and said softly, “Jian Chen, when are you going to come back?”

Jian Chen sighed softly, “Even I dont know.”

Huang Luan could no longer hold it back and tears began to roll down her face. She already understood that it might be an extremely long time before she could see Jian Chen again.

Jian Chen sighed once more before arriving beside You Yue, “Yueer, dont overwork for the mercenaries. If you can, just leave matters for the people below to handle. Once I leave, you need to work hard on your cultivation. Thats the only way you can lengthen your life. I hope youre a Heaven Saint Master next time I see you.”

You Yues tears gushed out like a fountain. She gently bit her lips and would sob from time to time. She sobbed, “Jian Chen, Yueer will definitely work hard on cultivation. Yueer will wait for you to return.”

Jian Chen looked at Bi Lian and a sliver of affection appeared in his eyes. He said, “Lianer, you also need to cultivate properly.”

“Brother, you must promise Lianer that you will return safe and sound.” Bi Lian cried. Her voice was already unclear from the crying. “My fathers gone, my mothers gone, and so is my aunt. Brother, Lianer cant lose you as well.” Reaching the end, she threw herself onto Jian Chens chest. She wailed in tears, clearly heart-broken.

“Lianer, brother promises that he will return safe and sound.”

After a farewell that seemed like they were separating forever, Jian Chen and Tian Jian finally left the Flame Mercenaries.

“Senior, I want to go to the Qinhuang Kingdom. I want to retrieve my parents bodies.” Jian Chen said.

Tian Jian nodded slightly and directly sliced open the space, taking Jian Chen to the sky above the kingdom. Afterwards, Jian Chen directly entered the imperial palace, heading towards the Qin Heaven Palace.

At that very moment, four powerful presences appeared in the distance. The four Imperial Protectors simultaneously hurried out from the palace, blocking Jian Chens path.

Jian Chen remained without expression. He looked at the four of them calmly and clasped his hands at them, “Jian Chen greets the four seniors.”

The four Imperial Protectors eyes Jian Chen with a complicated gaze. Qin Yunlong sighed gently, “Jian Chen, its best if you come back.”

“You already know all about it?” Jian Chens expression remained the same. He had anticipated this long ago as old man Situ and Mateng had announced his real name back in the City of God.

“Correct, we learned about this already. Weve heard about the matter of Yang Yutian in the City of God,” Qin Yunlong said with a mixture of many emotions.

Jian Chen paused for a while and then said, “I am going to retrieve my parents right now. Are you blocking me?”

The four Imperial Protectors did not reply immediately. Currently they felt extremely conflicted and, after a while of pause, it was still Qin Yunlong who spoke, “Jian Chen, the people blocking you are not us. The ancestor of the Kara clan has already come to the kingdom, and hes currently in the imperial palace.”

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