Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 718: Saint Ruler Killing Formation

iately appeared on the huge back of the earthwyrm with a trail of countless vague, blurry figures and thrust the Dragon Slaying Sword viciously into it with destructive Chaotic Force. He drew it out immediately afterwards, and with a slight movement of his body, he would reappear hundreds of meters away, stabbing the back of the earthwyrm once again like before.

Like this, Jian Chen managed to stab the earthwyrms huge body hundreds of times very soon. Every strike turned the sand of the earthwyrms body into dust, dealing great damage to it. After so many attacks, the earthwyrm had been reduced to several hundred meters in length, while the dust from the sand below had already formed mountainous piles.

As Jian Chen battled the earthwyrm, the temperature of the surroundings also shot up rapidly, becoming terrifyingly hot. The scorching sun in the sky grew bigger and bigger, falling towards the two of them.

The Heavenly Enchantress sat cross-legged in the air. Her slender hands slid across the Zither of the Demonic Cry with a rhythm as sound waves shot out from the zither. They collided with the descending sun in the sky, causing the sky to constantly rumble with a deep sound.

The unadorned yet unique Zither of the Demonic Cry had a total of thirty-six strings. The Heavenly Enchantress only played twenty of them, completely avoiding the other sixteen throughout the whole process.

Jian Chen raised his head and glanced at the huge sun. He became even grimmer; he knew that the huge sun was the real killing mechanism of the trap. Once the sun collided with the group, even this world would perhaps be destroyed. Even Saint Rulers would struggle to survive.

“I need to finish this off as fast as possible.” Jian Chen thought, before appearing before the shrunken earthwyrm. He raised the Dragon Slaying Sword high over his head, poured surging Chaotic Force into it, before striking downwards from the sky.

An enormous sword ray, completely condensed from Chaotic Force, disappeared into the earthwyrms head. It passed through its entire body, exiting at the tail. The earthwyrm was no longer as tough and powerful as before; Jian Chens strike had directly cut it in half. Its body was reduced a pile of dust, collapsing onto the ground and forming a heap of sand, akin to a small mountain.

Jian Chen did not stop after dealing with the earthwyrm. He immediately shot into the sky, resisting the unbelieveable temperature to fly towards the sun.

Jian Chen knew that this was not the time to be conserving his Chaotic Force. His chaotic neidan in his dantian began to pump out Chaotic Force unsparingly even though it had already shruken, all coalescing in the Dragon Slaying Sword. Afterwards, several strands of sword Qi were sent flying at the sun.

Boom, boom, boom…

Consecutive deep booms rang through the sky and the expanding sun began to tremble gently. However, its speed of descent did not decrease at all.

“Move back. Your energy might be strange, but with the Ruler Armament, its only the Fifth Heavenly Layer at most. Attacks with that much power is not enough to break through the killing formation at all. Let me do it.” The Heavenly Enchantresss emotionless voice appeared in Jian Chens head.

With that, Jian Chen immediately felt pained. He knew that the Chaotic Force he controlled was an extremely powerful energy, but it still could not be considered as true Chaotic Force. He currently had only reached the first layer of the eighteen layers, possessing strength equivalent to a Third Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler. He could only display a strength of the Fifth Heavenly Layer when he wielded a Ruler Armament.

Only when he reached the eighteenth layer would the Chaotic Force he controlled be the true Chaotic Force.

Jian Chen put the Ruler Armament away and slowly descended from the sky. He had secretly made up his mind that after he left the Fantasy Star Ocean, he would definitely find a way to increase his overall strength.

“Just the first layer of the Chaotic Body is equivalent the strength of a Third Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler. I wonder just what level my strength will reach after I reach the second layer of the Chaotic Body?” Jian Chen anticipated it very much as he thought.

The Heavenly Enchantress continued to concentrate on playing the zither. Sound waves constantly shot towards the descending sun, producing booms after booms. The explosion of every sound wave would leave behind an odd energy in the surroundings, floating slowly around the huge sun and it lingered.

This was the power of sound waves from the zither!

Soon, more and more energy gathered around the sun, before virtually permeating the entire sky.

At that moment, the Heavenly Enchantress stopped playing. She slowly raised her head at the dazzling sun, and her elegant finger, as white as sheepskin, gently struck the twenty-first string.


A clear, crisp sound rang out when the string was struck. The sound carried an extremely powerful ability for penetration, while the note constantly echoed about despite not being very loud.

The energy around the scorching sun immediately became violent. Shortly afterwards, it exploded and a deafening boom rang out. The entire world shook violently, as if the world was ending. The sun in the sky had cracked in half from the explosion, before immediately disintegrating into countless pieces, raining down everywhere.

With the destruction of the sun, the killing formation was also successfully broken. Everything before Jian Chen began to distorted and the sandy world slowly disappeared. He had returned to the Fantasy Star Ocean once again.

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