Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 819: Fierce Battle with Living Corpses (One)

h Saint Master to his current level of cultivation. He stood on equal ground with Saint Rulers, and had even battled alongside the beautiful Heavenly Enchantress. Jian Chen would have never even thought of this if it were before. Even when he thought back now, he still felt like he was living in a dream.

Jian Chen sighed deeply and slowly calmed himself down. Looking away from the Heavenly Enchantress, he cast away the distracting thoughts in his mind and began to look into his bodys situation.

Inside Jian Chens dantian, his Chaotic neidan had clearly shrunk by another portion from the soybean size it was before from the usage in the Saint Ruler killing formation. Even less Chaotic Force remained. The chaotic neidan would definitely disperse after all the Chaotic Force was consumed if he were to continue fight so intensely a few more times.

Understanding his chaotic neidans situation, Jian Chen furrowed his eyebrows tightly. Chaotic Force was the source of his strength. If he lost it, he was only as powerful as a First Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler. And with the suppression of Saint Ruler abilities in the Fantasy Star Ocean, his strength would suffer another big hit. He would not be able to survive in the danger-ridden Fantasy Star Ocean at all.

“I need to quickly recover my Chaotic Force. I still have quite a lot of monster cores on me, so I wonder how much Chaotic Force I can refine from all the cores,” Jian Chen thought, “But if I refine Chaotic Force in the Fantasy Star Ocean, residue energy will leak out and itll definitely be sensed by the Saint Ruler living corpses. Also, were only staying in this cave for a night. We need to continue on our way tomorrow, so times very short. I cant make it. Plus the Heavenly Enchantress is resting next to me. Even if I ignore everything else and proceed with refining Chaotic Force, the secrets of the Azulet swords will definitely leak out. Looks like right now is not the time to replenish my Chaotic Force.”

As he thought, Jian Chen became rather perturbed. He stood up and walked towards the exit of the cave, planning to get some fresh air.

“What are you trying to do?”

At that very moment, a chime-like voice appeared from behind him. Jian Chen abruptly stopped and looked backwards as he heard it. The Heavenly Enchantress had already opened her eyes. Her limpid eyes seemed to contain ripples like autumn water, staring at Jian Chen with a bewitching charm.

Jian Chen remained calm and stared back at the Heavenly Enchantress, “Im going outside to check on the situation.”

The Heavenly Enchantress slowly closed her eyes and said gently, “Remember that this is the Fantasy Star Ocean and not elsewhere. You cant make trouble; not only will you lose your life, youll end up pulling me down with you.”

“Senior, dont worry. I know what I should do. Im not going to mess around with my life.” Jian Chen laughed gently, before concealing his presence. He walked outside silently.

It was already pitch-black outside the cave. The sky was dark, devoid of any stars. Jian Chens vision was affected by the darkness in the Fantasy Star Ocean as well; it was not as bad as the fog where his hand would leave his range of vision if extended, though it was still limited to only several hundred meters.

Deathly silence lingered in the surroundings, with no sound at all. It was as if only the Heavenly Enchantress and him were in the entirety of the Fantasy Star Ocean without any other traces of life.

Jian Chen sat down on a rock to the side. He did not make any sound at all. He sat in thought, mulling over some matters.

Suddenly, Jian Chens ears twitched slightly. Soon after, a gleam of light immediately flickered in his dull eyes. He suddenly raised his head and stared fixedly into the distance, becoming grim in that very instant.

A while later, several dark figures slowly emerged in Jian Chens vision range. They travelled on the ground, walking directly in Jian Chens direction with walking speed. Their movements were stiff like machines.

Jian Chens expression changed greatly. He became extremely stern, and carefully sucked in all of his presence. He silently got off the rock and slowly backed away as he watched the figures from hundreds of meters away, directly backing into the cave.

“Crap, theyve actually come for the cave.” Jian Chen was shocked. He rushed to the end of the cave without any hesitation. He needed to tell the Heavenly Enchantress about this.

Perhaps she had sensed Jian Chens hurried steps, the Heavenly Enchantress had already opened her eyes when she arrived at the end of the cave. She stared at him brightly. The Heavenly Enchantress always maintained her vigilance in the always-dangerous Fantasy Star Ocean.

“Crap senior, theres a few Saint Ruler currently heading towards the cave.” Jian Chen immediately communicated via a technique.

Hearing that, the Heavenly Enchantresss expression changed abruptly. She stood up suddenly, eyebrows furrowed and expression grim.

She could handle a few fallen Saint Ruler living corpses, but it would definitely lead to a great commotion once they began fighting. It would alert even more living corpses, and it was night right now. Visibility in the Fantasy Star Ocean was too limited, while the dangers were unknown. It was even more dangerous than fleeing in the day.

“Just how far are they from the cave?” The Heavenly Enchantress replied with a communication technique. Her tone was stern.

“Around five hundred meters.” Jian Chen replied. Neither of them dared to speak aloud.

“This cave must have been where they once stayed. Quickly, we need to leave here immediately.” The Heavenly Enchantress showed no hesitation, running towards the outside with the zither in her arms while Jian Chen followed closely behind her.

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