Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 821: Saint King Living Corpse

Chapter 820: Fierce Battle with Living Corpses (Two)

Both Jian Chen and the Heavenly Enchantress knew the outcome extremely well if they met the living corpses. Even with their presences hidden, the living corpses still would be able to sense them if they became too close.

The two of them hurried out of the cave. They moved completely silently, without any sound at all. Both of them changed in expressions when they arrived at the entrance of the cave. There were seven human living corpses, and they had already arrived within fifty meters of the cave entrance. They were all expressionless, with lifeless eyes and stiff movements like machines.

When Jian Chen and the Heavenly Enchantress arrived at the entrance of the cave, the seven incoming Saint Ruler all paused simultaneously. Powerful auras immediately began to radiate from their bodies as surging energy trembled in their bodies. The region turned into a storm of energy instantly.

Both Jian Chen and the Heavenly Enchantress darkened in complexion. They knew that they had been detected by the seven Saint Rulers. Without any hesitation, they immediately made their preparations for battle. Jian Chen drew the Dragon Slaying Sword from his Space Ring.


The fallen Saint Rulers all produced monster-like roars at the same time. They no longer remained like before with the roar, becoming much more nimble. With a few blurs, the seven Saint Rulers all charged at Jian Chen and the Heavenly Enchantress.

The Chaotic Force in Jian Chens body flowed steadily into the Dragon Slaying Sword. Wielding it with his right hand, he used the Illusionary Flash, arriving before one of the Saint Rulers instantly in the form of a blur. He stabbed the sword that radiated with the energy of destruction into the corpses chest with lightning speed.

The living corpse did not show any intentions of dodging as it faced Jian Chens attack. It paid no attention to Jian Chens sword, directly throwing a punch at him.

Shwt! The Dragon Slaying Sword passed through the persons chest without any obstructions, reappearing on the other side. Again, there was no blood, or even any signs of pain on the persons face. Meanwhile, his fist continued towards to Jian Chen with a great strength.

Jian Chen used the Illusionary Flash, dodging the Saint Rulers punch with unbelievable speed. Abruptly slashing with the Dragon Slaying Sword, it directly chopped away half of the Saint Rulers chest, leaving only half of his body connecting the upper torso and lower half.

At this very moment, another two Saint Rulers attacked Jian Chen at the same time from the side. Their attacks were extremely simple, bluntly hurling their fists without any fancy tricks.

Jian Chen dodged the attacks with the Illusionary Flash. The Dragon Slaying Sword swept through the air as a black streak of light with a destructive aura, severing the other half of the first Saint Rulers body. He had directly bisected the Saint Ruler.

However, that Saint Ruler did not die. His lower half, with his legs, quickly approached Jian Chen, directly kicking at him. At the same time, its arms on the upper torso pressed down on the ground, hurling itself at Jian Chen with great speeds, hurling two punches with both hands powerfully at Jian Chen.

Jian Chen remained expressionless. His right had moved, and the Dragon Slaying Sword was immediately thrusted out countless times at devastating speeds. The densely-packed blurs seemed to form a closely-knit net, enveloping the severed Saint Rulers body parts layer after layer.

Jian Chens sword was known for its speed. In that very moment, he had thrust his sword out over a hundred times with unbelievable speed. Right now, the closely-knit net seemed to become like a meat grinder, directly shredding the Saint Rulers two halves into countless pieces of dried flesh.

Although the living corpses were Saint Rulers, they completely lost their special abilities as Saint Rulers and their battle experience even though their strength remained at Saint Ruler level. They had no Saint Weapon, were unable to use the mysteries of the world and did not even have the most basic awareness for dodging or resisting. All they knew was to attack outsiders with their fists, to slaughter the outsiders.

As a result, the strength of the fallen Saint Ruler living corpses were far from before, able to be easily sliced into countless pieces by Jian Chen.

Finishing off a Saint Ruler, Jian Chen immediately used the Illusionary Flash, disappearing instantly.

Just when Jian Chen disappeared, two fists brutally spaced into the empty space he was before. The power created a sonic boom.


Suddenly, a black light flashed, and one of the Saint Rulers arms broke off. Jian Chen had already appeared beside him like a ghost, easily severing of their arms with the Dragon Slaying Sword.

At the same time, the Saint Ruler diced up by Jian Chen reformed its body, continuing its charge at Jian Chen, currently completely unharmed and fully healed.

On the other side, the Heavenly Enchantress fought the four other human Saint Rulers. She carried her zither in her left hand while her left hand constantly danced about on top of it. Sound waves collided with the four Saint Rulers one after another. Every sound wave would create a great hole as they hit them and the knockback was so powerful that the four struggled to advance forwards.

Although the Heavenly Enchantress took a different path of cultivation, her strength clearly was much greater than Jian Chens. The special soundwave attacks carried a great strength, able to stop the advance of four Saint Rulers without much difficulty at all. It was even enough to make the four of them retreat, unable to approach the Heavenly Enchantress no matter what.

The Heavenly Enchantress played the twenty strings with a rhythm. Each soundwave shot out from the Zither of the Demonic Cry as her fingers moved, and whenever a soundwave would collide with one of the four Saint Rulers, it would leave behind some energy of the zither in the air. Slowly, the residue energy accumulated and became denser and denser, and when it reached a certain level, the Heavenly Enchantress also stopped playing. She looked towards Jian Chen and called out, “Retreat quickly!”

Hearing it, Jian Chen did not hesitate at all. He immediately gave up on his opponent, turning into a chain of blurry figures and retreating to the Heavenly Enchantresss side.

The Heavenly Enchantresss finger slowly fell on the twenty-first string, which caused it to fluctuate gently.

The twenty-first zither string produced a clear sound. It began to tremble heavily, and shortly afterwards, the zither energy that had accumulated in the air suddenly became extremely violent. With a boom, the zither energy immediately exploded, where the violent ripples directly ripped the seven Saint Ruler living corpses to shreds.

Roar! Roar! Roar…

The commotion of battle here had alerted the experts far away. Immediately, dozens of beast-like roars resounded from faraway in all directions. The roars flooded the sky, essentially resounding throughout the entire Fantasy Star Ocean in the pitch-black sky. Immediately, a dozen or so presences radiated over from different directions and even further away, an even more powerful presence faintly appeared.

“Leave here quickly.” The Heavenly Enchantress said hoarsely. She could already feel the appearance of a terrifying presence, something that would even be able to cause her fear. It was a Saint King living corpse.

Jian Chen also became extremely grim. Although his sensory abilities were suppressed in the Fantasy Star Ocean, he was still able to clearly feel the presences of Saint Rulers. He had also discovered that at least several dozen Saint Rulers were currently flanking them from all directions. Once they were trapped, the outcome would be virtually disastrous. It could even attract even more experts.

Jian Chen and the Heavenly Enchantress fled at top speed, fleeing into the distance as fast as they could. However, before they could get any further, the seven Saint Rulers ripped into smithereens by the soundwaves had reformed. They all roared at the two of them, who had yet to flee far.

A sliver of cold light flashed across the Heavenly Enchantresss eyes. She immediately placed the Zither of the Demonic Cry before her, beginning to play it.

However, with a flash from beside her, Jian Chen had already charged at the seven Saint Rulers using the Illusionary Flash as he carried the Dragon Slaying Sword. He called out, “Ill keep them busy. You hurry up and escape.”

The Heavenly Enchantress looked around the surroundings. She could feel that the experts rushing over from all directions were getting closer and closer. She said with a deep voice, “Its extremely difficult for you to through them off in an extremely short amount of time with your strength. Once the living corpses arrive and surround you, itll be difficult for you to survive in the Fantasy Star Ocean, which is also littered with formations.

Jian Chen used the Dragon Slaying Sword and stabbed out dozens of times instantly with an aura of destruction, dicing one of the Saint Rulers with a mere face-off. He cried out, “Dont worry about me. My Saint Ruler abilities are suppressed here, so I cant use Spatial Force to flee. Once the two of us get surrounded, itll be difficult for you to escape. I have a profound movement battle kill so even if I get surrounded, I have the ability hold them off. Ill find a way myself to shake them off.”

Jian Chens voice was heard by the Heavenly Enchantress clearly. For a moment, the Heavenly Enchantresss gaze became complicated. She stood there in hesitation and did not leave immediately. What Jian Chen said had deeply touched her.

She had never thought that in dog-eat-dog continent of Tian Yuan where it was filled with malevolent people, there would actually be someone so stupid that they would take an almost fatal risk to block several dozens of Saint Rulers, just to earn some precious time for stranger that they had only met several days ago to escape.

In a situation where death was virtually guaranteed, even brother related by blood could betray each other, let alone a stranger.

Jian Chens actions immediately caused a great change to the Heavenly Enchantresss gaze towards him. She stood there as light flickered through her eyes uneasily. She did not know whether she should abandon Jian Chen to flee for herself, or to stay behind and fight with him.

Currently, the great presences from all directions was getting closer and closer. Seeing how the Heavenly Enchantress still did not leave, Jian Chen could not help but become frantic. He called out, “Whatre you staying here for!? Hurry up and go, before its too late!”

The Heavenly Enchantress looked at Jian Chen who was currently battling the several Saint Rulers with mixed emotions. In the end, she gritted her teeth and made her decision, turning around and leaving. She disappeared into the darkness in the blink of an eye.

Even though her abilities with the zither were extraordinary, she had no chance of victory against several dozen Saint Rulers and even a Saint King. The abilities of Saint Rulers were also suppressed her; she could not use a movement battle skill like Jian Chen to move about. Once she was surrounded, it would be much more dangerous for her than Jian Chen. Also, the number of Saint Rulers was not the whole force of the Fantasy Star Ocean. She knew that if the commotion became too great, it would even attract experts from further away. That way, the Saint Rulers they faced would only increase.

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