Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 825: Blood of the War God

Chapter 824: Searching for Heavenly Resources

Jian Chen lifted the white tiger up the boulder and laughed gently, “Xiao Bai, dont you love eating heavenly resources? This Morning Sunflower is a ten-thousand-year heavenly resource. It should be able to make your strength increase by quite a bit.”

The white tiger sniffed it with its nose, quickly becoming entranced by the Morning Sunflower. It immediately cried out joyfully and arrived before the flower with a leap, opening its mouth and devouring the flower. It began to chew happily.

Ever since the white tiger reached Class 6, the effects of thousand-year heavenly resources became negligible. Only ten-thousand-year heavenly resources had any major effects to it.

Jian Chen could not help but smile as he watched the white tiger wolf down the flower. He leapt onto the huge rock, carefully protecting the remaining stalk of the Morning Sunflower. He did not dig it up along with its roots;Morning Sunflowers were extremely rare, unlike other ordinary heavenly resources. Jian Chen did not want to completely destroy this Morning Sunflower plant. As long as the stalk remained, there were possibilities for it to regrow in the future.

Eating the Morning Sunflower, the white tiger produced a crisp, satisfied burp, before nimbly climbing onto Jian Chens shoulder. Its eyes slowly closed, about to fall asleep to digest the medicinal effects of the Morning Sunflower.

Jian Chen quickly grabbed the white tiger and shook its head, “Xiao Bai, its not the time to fall asleep. Theres definitely large quantities of ten-thousand-year heavenly resources in the Fantasy Star Ocean, or even be hundred-thousand-year ones. You cant miss the chance to search through a blessed land like this. Do what youre best at—go find some heavenly resources. As long as theres large quantities of heavenly resources, I believe youll reach Class 7 very quickly.”

The white tiger had gained intelligence long ago. Itt could not speak, but it could already understand the human language. Its two small eyes immediately lit up with interest from what Jian Chen had said and its sleepiness immediately disappeared. It became overflowing with energy once again, immediately standing up on Jian Chens shoulder and constantly sniffing at the air with its nose.

Gradually, the white tigers small eyes shone brighter and brighter, before becoming extremely excited. Afterwards, it leapt off Jian Chens shoulder, shooting off into the distance as a white blur and disappearing into the forest in the blink of an eye.

Jian Chens expression changed greatly. He cried out, “Xiao Bai, come back. Its dangerous here. You cant just run around.” Jian Chen became extremely worried as he watched the white tiger disappeared from his sights. He had a deep understanding just how terrifying the Fantasy Star Ocean was. Not only were there vast numbers of Saint Ruler living corpses, there were also plenty of undetectable formations hidden about. Even though Xiao Bai was the Winged Tiger God, it was still a Class 6 Magical Beast in the end.

Jian Chen no longer paid any more attention to anything else due to his concern for Xiao Bais safety. He used the Illusionary Flash, turning into a blur to chase in the direction the white tiger had disappeared off to.

The scenery around him suddenly began to change greatly just after traveling a few kilometers. The world suddenly darkened. He discovered that he had strangely arrived at a vast starry sky. Countless stars filled every inch of the space, so densely packed that it was innumerable.

He had no sense for direction at all in the vast starry sky. It was the same everywhere, without any differences. Jian Chen discovered that he had was completely and utterly lost when he had arrived here, actually unable to tell which direction was north or south, east or west. He could not even tell which way was up or down, left or right.

“This- this is an illusionary formation,” Jian Chen murmured with a soft voice as he became stern. He knew that the formation this time was much more powerful and profound. It had already conjured starry sky as soon as it appeared. Other ordinary formations could not be compared to this.

“Thisll be troublesome. Im completely disoriented, so I probably cant walk out of it. Just how am I supposed to break out of this illusion? It must have been cast down by a great person from the ancient Dragon clan looking at the handiwork. I might not be able to forcefully break through it with my current strength,” Jian Chen mumbled. He felt extremely anxious as he worried about the white tiger running about in the Fantasy Star Ocean.

Suddenly, Jian Chen heard a low growl. A sliver of joy immediately appeared on Jian Chens face and he cried out, “Xiao Bai!”

A white blur appeared in front of Jian Chen. It was Xiao Bai who had returned, suddenly appearing in the formation. Its small body immediately became three meters long and it dove directly between Jian Chens legs. It forced Jian Chen onto its back, before bounding away.

Jian Chen only felt the wild whistling of wind, and soon afterwards, his vision suddenly brightened. He had already left the illusion of the starry sky, returning to the Fantasy Star Ocean once again. Around him stood the familiar mountains and hills.

Having expanded in size, the white tiger leapt through the forest nimbly as Jian Chen sat on its back. It advanced through the depths of the mountains at an extremely great speed and soon enough, it stopped before a small, three-meter-tall tree. The tree was an extremely lush, and through the dense thicket were a few, fist-sized red fruits, slightly obscured by the leaves.

“Mrrrrrrrr…” The white tiger stared at the red fruits. A slavering expression appeared in his eyes, extremely excited.

Jian Chen focused on the red fruits. He did not exactly what they were, but he knew that they were definitely some unknown heavenly resource from the way Xiao Bai behaved.

Jian Chen climbed off the white tiger, slowly making his way up to the tree to pick the fruits.

“Mrrrrrrr…” The white tiger immediately blocked Jian Chen. It waved its front paws without any signs of stopping, as if it was trying to tell Jian Chen something.

Confusion appeared on Jian Chens face, but he understood very quickly. He said, “Xiao Bai, are you saying that these Heavenly Resources need to be stored in jade?”

The white tiger immediately nodded its head.

Jian Chen suddenly understood something. There were myriad varieties of heavenly resources on the Tian Yuan Continent, and some of them could be picked directly without any particular methods of storage. Their medicinal effects would not dissipate. However, there were also a few special heavenly resources that required to be stored in jade in order to prevent the dissipation of its medicinal effects to allow for longer storage. The unknown fruits here were clearly the latter, needing to be stored in a jade box to seal in their medicinal effects.

Jian Chen immediately began to search through his Space Ring. Very soon, he found a square jade box with a length of 30 centimeters, carefully placing the red fruits from the tree into it. He knew that most heavenly resources that required to be stored in jade were fragile and could not be played around with. Otherwise, it would be equivalent to ruining the heavenly resource.

A smile appeared on Jian Chens face as he looked at the nine fruits in the box. He could feel the extraordinarily great medicinal effects of the fruits. They were at least ten thousand years old, or even several tens of thousands years old.

“These fruits should be able to make the white tigers strength increase by quite a lot.” Jian Chen mumbled to himself, before gently closing the jade box. He put it away into his Space Ring as the white tiger stared at it with a drooling gaze.

Jian Chen smiled as he saw how the white tiger behaved. He rubbed its big head and said, “Xiao Bai, these belong to you anyway. You cant keep feasting on them now. Once you fall asleep, wouldnt it just be wasting an opportunity at so many other heavenly resources? Alright, lets hurry up and continue the search for more. The Fantasy Star Ocean may be one of the most dangerous regions of the Tian Yuan Continent, but doesnt that mean its a land of treasure too? We have to take this opportunity to collect a few aged heavenly resources.”

The white tigers eyes began to shine with interest once again. It immediately slipped between Jian Chens legs again and left the area, leaping nimbly through the tree. It traveled extremely quickly.

“Xiao Bai, slow down. Dont make too great of a disturbance and disturb those living corpses.” Jian Chen immediately warned as he saw how the white tiger traveled through the Fantasy Star Ocean brazenly.

But his warning was already too late. Many Saint Ruler corpses immediately detected the white tiger above their heads as it leapt over a large mound. They produced angered roars as they began chasing the white tiger.

“Itll be troublesome now. I need to finish them off as fast as I can.” Jian Chens mood became gloomy. The Dragon Slaying Sword immediately appeared in his hand, ready to leave the white tigers back to handle the corpses pursuing them closely.

However, Xiao Bai produced a great roar at that moment before he could leave. It shook the sky, resounding across almost half of the Fantasy Star Ocean, echoing constantly between the mountains.

Several wild beast-like roars immediately arose up in response as soon as the white tigers roar ended from the surroundings. Several dozen powerful presences appeared immediately, quickly approaching the area.

Jian Chens complexion immediately became extremely ugly. He had never thought that Xiao Bai would be so mischievous. Saint Ruler living corpses were extremely hard to deal with; he could not even avoid them when he wanted to, yet the white tiger had purposely attracted them over. This was essentially dooming themselves.

“Xiao Bai, I shouldve never let you out.” Jian Chen spoke through gritted teeth. He had already entered the general region of the Fantasy Star Ocean, so the chances of encountering Saint King corpses here were much greater than in the outskirts.

“Mrrm…” The white tiger immediately purred after feeling the anger in Jian Chens words. Its call was filled with a feeling of being wronged. However, it sped up instead.

The roars from the surroundings grew closer and closer. Jian Chen could already see the figures of a dozen or so living corpses, currently quickly approaching the white tiger.

Jian Chen became extremely grim. He immediately filled every corner of his body with Chaotic Force, making preparations for battle.

The surroundings around Jian Chen suddenly changed greatly. The lush mountains and forest disappeared and so did the figures of the living corpses. Jian Chen and the white tiger had arrived at a blood-red world, where an edgeless sea of blood laid beneath their feet. It constantly bubbled like boiling water, but there was not heat at all.

“Formation, its another formation.” Jian Chen immediately connected it to the countless formations in the Fantasy Star Ocean after seeing this.

The sea of blood below began to surge suddenly, like a roaring wave. A big cluster of blood rose from it, slowly forming a huge dragon head.

Roar! The dragon head, completely made from blood, roared at the sky. Powerful sound waves rocked through the entire world of blood and shortly afterwards, the head rose from the blood towards the sky, revealing a three-hundred-meter long blood dragon.

A few figures flickered in the surroundings at the same time. The Saint Ruler corpses pursuing Jian Chen had also entered the formation. They directly charged for Jian Chen, paying no heed to the blood dragon.

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