Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 830: The Crow Kings Rage

Chapter 829: Sorrow of the Golden Divine Dragon

Several seconds later, a great dragon roar resounded from outside the cave, causing the rocks that sealed it to constantly tremble.

Inside the cave, the two humans and magical beast held their breaths. They did not even dare to exhale too loudly, terrified that they would alarm the dragon souls outside. They were like cicadas in winter—quiet. There were a dozen or so Class 7 dragon soul even if they ignored the Class 8 dragon soul that they definitely could not handle. The group was so powerful that only supreme Saint Kings had the ability to face it.

Also, different laws of the world had already formed in the Fantasy Star Ocean. It was different from the mysteries of the world outside, so neither Saint Rulers nor Saint Kings could use their abilities once they entered this place. No ordinary Saint King would be able to face off against these dragon souls here, much less Jian Chen.

The dragon roars shook the ground and even made the firmament tremble. The powerful sound waves caused thick cracks to appear one after another on the countless rocks in the surroundings and many mountains even collapsed.

The roars occurred right outside the cave where they were hiding. The terrifying sound pierced through the obstruction of the rocks and into Jian Chens ears, causing his mind to ring constantly. He had already become temporarily deaf, unable to hear anything. Moreover, inside the dragon roar, Jian Chen felt a vast dragon aura, as if it was a lord ruling the work, making everything submit to it.

The deafening dragon roars finally began to gradually grow further and further away. The Class 8 dragon soul existed as a soul; it had no intelligence so it did not discover where Jian Chen was hiding.

Listening as the dragon roars grew further away, both Jian Chen and the Heavenly Enchantress immediately exhaled in great relief. Thinking about the frightening scene from before, they both felt a lingering fear. Once the Class 8 dragon soul caught up to them, they just could not imagine the predicament they would face.

Perhaps, the two of them would never be able to leave the Fantasy Star Ocean, with their corpses stuck here for all of eternity, before turning into things like those living corpses.

With the departure of the Class 8 dragon soul, the Class 7 dragon souls also followed closely. They whistled past the cave, following the Class 8 dragon soul.

Only when all the dragon souls left did Jian Chen and the Heavenly Enchantress finally dare to stretch their bodies, sighing deeply.

The Heavenly Enchantress arrived at the end of the cave and wedged a fist-sized luminous pearl into the ceiling of the cave. She said, “Weve already attracted the attention of those dragon souls. According to how the dragon souls move, they will probably patrol this region for a period of time in the future, so its best if we dont go out in the following days. Lets stay here and wait for all the dragon souls to leave before venturing outside.

“Senior, just what are those dragon souls? Why would they appear? Didnt the ancient Dragon clan already disappear? So why would there be dragon souls here now?” Jian Chen asked in doubt. He knew that the Heavenly Enchantress had an extremely deep understanding of the Fantasy Star Ocean. He hoped to get an answer from her.

The Heavenly Enchantress walked over to a corner and sat down. After a period of silence, she slowly began to respond, “Within the ancient Dragon clan, theres a necropolis. This necropolis is the only grave for the entire race. Throughout history, all members of the Dragon clan would be buried there after they died, regardless of their status in the clan. The dragon souls you met just then were born from the necropolis.”

“I once read some records that touched on the necropolis in Mercenary City. Apparently, there werent dragon souls in the beginning, However, ever since the Dragon clan disappeared the island changed, becoming one of the most dangerous regions of the continent, Fantasy Star Ocean. Dragon souls began to appear in the necropolis for some reason. These dragon souls are extremely powerful; other than the fact that they lack intelligence, they completely maintained all that they have learned in their former lives, perfectly preserving their strength. They exist as a special form, as souls, and are no different to the living corpses. Theyre unkillable. Even if you disperse the souls, they will completely be revived in the necropolis, returning to their peak strength.

“Just how many dragon souls are in the necropolis?” Jian Chen became stern. His heart was filled with doubt; why did the ancient Dragon clan disappear? Just what happened to the island for it to become so odd? The unkillable living corpses, the dragon souls that would revive for mysterious reasons, all of this mystified Jian Chen. He was unable to explain it and it even seemed to exceed what he knew.

Other than the Dragon clan, there was also the Divine Phoenix clan and the Winged Tiger God. They seemed to have disappeared together. Did they die, or did they go to a completely unknown world?

“The Dragon clan may have disappeared in the ancient times but they still have a lengthy history on the Tian Yuan Continent. With the accumulation through the generations, the dragon souls in the necropolis also increased in number. Let alone me, probably even the ten protector clans and Mercenary City have no idea just how many dragon souls there are. However, several tens of thousand years ago, all the experts of the ten clans and Mercenary City had come. With several Saint Emperors leading, they came with large numbers of Saint Kings and Saint Rulers, casting an ancient secret technique together to seal all the dragon souls in the necropolis, eliminating all the dragon souls from the Fantasy Star Ocean. However, weve now discovered dragon souls outside, so that means that the seal of the necropolis been broken. Other than this, I cant think of any other explanations.” The Heavenly Enchantresss voice carried a slight worry and she continued, “I hope that the dragon souls wont end up outside. Otherwise, itll be a disaster for the entire world. Tens of thousands years ago, our Tian Yuan Continent still had several Saint Emperors protecting it, so we had the power to repel these dragon souls. Yet now, the Tian Yuan Continent is only getting weaker with each generation. Other than the path lord of carnal desires, the protector clans and Mercenary City have no other Saint Emperors to protect the continent. How would we be the opponents of these dragon souls with our weak strength? We arent even powerful enough to seal the necropolis again.”

Jian Chen became slightly shocked with that. He asked, “Perhaps there are Saint Emperors in the necropolis?”

The Heavenly Enchantress nodded her head solemnly. “There are, and its not few. The Class 9 dragons have accumulated through the generations, not all from the same age. Otherwise, why would the ten protector clans and Mercenary City pay so much attention to it?”

Jian Chen immediately felt heavy-hearted. He could already imagine what the world would become like if all the dragon souls escape from the necropolis. It would definitely bring a calamity. After all, the dragon souls had no intelligence; all they knew was how to kill. It was impossible for them to coexist with the people outside.

Jian Chen looked at the white tiger. He knew that perhaps the white tiger was the final shred of hope. As long as it completely matured, even if there were dragon souls that had surpassed Saint Emperor, there was no need to fear with its strength as the Winged Tiger God.

In the ancient times, the Winged Tiger God was even able to slaughter the war god of the Hundred Races, Aergyns, an existence that had too surpassed Saint Emperors. Its strength was at a terrifying level.


At this very moment, another roar resounded from faraway. It was the Class 8 Wind Dragon that had chased the two of them. It had already returned and its constant roars echoed in the mountains. Afterward, it began to pace around the area without leaving, even after a long time.

Not long afterward, the dozen or so Class 7 dragons also returned. They copied the Class 8 Wind Dragon, pacing about in a radius of ten kilometers high up in the air, as if they were searching for Jian Chen and the Heavenly Enchantress who had hid.

“Just like what I anticipated, they would pace around here mindlessly.” Sensing the activity outside, the Heavenly Enchantress murmured softly.

Jian Chen became bitter-faced. “Its all over. If they never leave, doesnt that mean well always be trapped here? I hope they leave quickly.”

In the depths of the island stood a three-hundred meter tall Space Gate, hanging in the air. It shone with a powerful golden light. Within the space Gate, there was another world; this world was another space ripped open by someone with great abilities. It was extremely vast inside, stretching as far as the eye could see.

On the ground, huge tombs stood in an orderly fashion beside each other like small mountains. Before each tomb was a gravestone of various heights. The tallest were several hundred meters tall, while the shortest were only a little over nine.

Above the tombs, countless dragon souls of different sizes flew about subconsciously. All the dragon souls were extremely quiet and did not make any sounds at all.

At this very moment, there were two figures before a three-hundred-meter gravestone. One of them was a middle-aged man who seemed to be in his forties. He wore long, golden robes and his face was weather-worn. Currently, deep grief and sorrow spilled from his eyes as he stood before the gravestone with mixed emotions.

The other person was a black-robed old man. He currently sat cross-legged on the ground with his eyes, while powerful energy rippled around him. He was clearly cultivating right now.

The two of them were the Class 8 Magical Beasts that had escaped from the artifact space, the Golden Divine Dragon Rui Jin and the mutated Divine Alligator, Hei Yu.

“Why would it be like this? Why would it be like this? Why has the former island of the dragons become like this? What happened to the island before?” Deep sorrow and grief appeared on the Rui Jins face. He constantly looked around, sometimes looking at the countless dragon tombs that filled the space and sometimes looking at the dragon souls that flew around mindless in the sky at other times.

“Its changed. Its changed. Its all changed. The island is no longer the old island. The records of the island in my inherited memories is completely different from this. Furthermore, this necropolis, why have my dead clansmen turned into something like this?”

“And my clansmen. Just where are you all? Where have you gone…”

“Is it really like how that human Saint King described it, my Dragon clan has already disappeared from the Tian Yuan Continent along with the Divine Phoenix clan. Even the ancient Winged Tiger God has disappeared with them…”

“Just what happened before to my clansmen and the Divine Phoenix clan? Why have you suddenly disappeared? Have you all died, or have you gone to some other place?”

“And whats happened to the humans and magical beasts on the island? Why have they become like that? Theyve become soulless living corpses with indestructible bodies.”

Suddenly, Rui Jin stared into the distance. A red dragon slowly formed above a thirty-meter tall gravestone.

Rui Jin stared blankly at the red dragon. He murmured,” Whys it like this? Whys it like this? His soul was already dispersed by someone, so why has it reformed? Why is all this happening?”

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