Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 836: Hei Yu Breaks Through

had some more time, my strength as a Radiant Saint Master would definitely not just stop here. I just wonder if I can reach Class 8 in the future.”

“Master, your talent is very great. Your infusion speed of origin energy is extremely fast, the fastest of all Radiant Saint Masters Ive seen. However, the higher your strength reaches, the more difficult it becomes to increase it. The amount of time you need will also increase and every persons soul has a limit for infusing origin energy. Its this very limit that stops many Class 7 Radiant Saint Masters where they are, unable to break through and reach Class 8. An example would be the president of the union. I was able to tell that he had reached his limit long ago, so he will never be able to reach Class 8 in this life, even if he tries to use those unorthodox methods.” explained the artifact spirit.

Jian Chen was in thought. He mumbled, “Is that so? Looks like whether Ill be able to reach Class 7 will depend on the limit of origin energy my soul will be able to hold. If my souls limit is too low, no matter how great my talent is, I will never be able to reach Class 8.”

In the next moment, Jian Chen seemed to realize something. He laughed gently. “Whatever. Im a fighter. I primarily cultivate the Chaotic Body. Being a Radiant Saint Master is only a secondary identity. Class 7 and Class 8 dont mean much to me. The main reason why I was so frantic about reaching Class 7 was for my parents, as well as healing Xiao Bais mother.”

The artifact spirit did not continue this topic. He extended the purple medal in his hand before Jian Chen and said, “Master, this one has already stored some origin energy in here according to your orders. Though, there isnt much, only several dozen strands.”

Jian Chen examined the purple medal in his hand and muttered to himself, “I wonder if there really are materials that can store the origin energy of Radiant Saint Force in the world. Looks like I need to collect quite a lot of it. Itll be of great use in the future.” Jian Chen put the purple medal away and left the hall. He did not absorb the origin energy stored in the medal.

Leaving the hall, Jian Chen retrieved some more Class 7 Monster Cores from the artifact spirit, before immediately going into seclusion, continuing his cultivation.

“Now that Ive become a Class 7 Radiant Saint Master, I have the ability to revive my parents, as well as heal the wounds of Xiao Bais mother, Rum Guinness. As for uncle Kendalls son, Sans; I only need to use a strand of origin energy to remake his destroyed Saint Weapon. One of the matters lingering in my heart can finally be laid to rest.”

“But I still cant return to the continent right now. I need to strengthen quickly. Although I now have the ability to threaten Saint Kings, the forbidden arte cannot be used so easily. Its price is too great.” Many thoughts appeared in Jian Chens head but soon afterward, he turned all of them into motivation; he dismissed any random thoughts he had, immediately closing his eyes and beginning to cultivate.

In the blink of an eye, Jian Chen stayed another year in the saint artifact. In that time, he constantly cultivated, relying on absorbing the energy in monster cores to increase his Chaotic Force. Going through large numbers of high class cores, his chaotic neidan had already become the size of a chickens egg. The chaotic neidan which he had almost consumed entirely in the City of God had been revived, allowing him to return to his previous peak.

Even though that had happened, Jian Chen did not have any intentions of resting. He continued to endure the monotony and loneliness silently in seclusion, working hard to absorb monster cores to slowly make his chaotic neidan grow.

His aim was to expand the neidan to the size of a fist. Then it would be time for him to break through to the second layer.

At the same time, outside the saint artifact, the number of dragon souls floating about the mountains had increased. The depths of the Fantasy Star Ocean had almost become a paradise for dragon souls; they could be seen floating about in the mountain ranges everywhere like they were taking leisure strolls. And from time to time, there would be a long dragon roar.

A huge door stood erect in the center of all that, connecting the sky and the earth. It radiated with great beams of light, resplendent and dazzling. Countless dragon souls passed through the door, coming in and out.

This was the graveyard of the Dragon clan, the dragons necropolis.

Suddenly, a powerful aura appeared in the necropolis. Like roaring waves, it spread outward towards the Fantasy Star Ocean with an unstoppable force, enveloping the entire region in a short while.


This aura was not from a member of the Dragon clan but from an outsider. It attracted the attention of all the dragon souls inside and outside the necropolis as soon as it spread out. Especially due to the fact that the outsiders presence was in the dragons necropolis, it triggered all the dragon souls. Immediately, deafening dragon roars flooded the entire Fantasy Star Ocean.

At this moment, no matter if it were the dragon souls in the necropolis or those roaming outside, they all roared loudly. Several tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dragons roared together; this commotion could literally be described as earth-shaking, causing mountain ranges to fall and the void to collapse purely from the sound.

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