Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 841: Stardust

Chapter 840: Lunastron Pit

“Since you all want to do it yourselves, I wont say anymore. We may face many unexpected dangers in the future journey, so please be careful,” Rui Jin said.

“Senior, dont worry. If we really do face dangers that we cant handle, well enter the artifact space immediately,” Jian Chen said. He had a clear understanding of the power of the saint artifact now. Unless they encountered Saint Emperors, nothing was able to damage the saint artifact. He did not believe that there would be more Saint Emperors other than the Class 9 dragon souls.

Jian Chen would not be terrified even if they really did encounter Saint Emperor living corpses. This was because the dragon souls were different from the living corpses. The souls maintained everything they had learnt in their past lives, so their strength in battle was not any weaker than their peaks. Their innate talents or abilities were the reasons why they could damage the saint artifact. However, Saint Emperor corpses would not have this ability. They did not have any battle techniques at all and could only use the most basic attacks, which would not be enough to damage the saint artifact.

Moreover, it was questionable if there were really any Saint Emperor living corpses. This was because only people that died after the transformation of the Fantasy Star Ocean would be reanimated as living corpses. The Saint Emperors from the Hundred Races that died before would not count.

Several days later, Rui Jin only left with them after waiting for the entire island to settle down. They continued into the depths of the Fantasy Star Ocean as Rui Jin hid their presences.

“Brother Jian Chen, may I ask what you are still searching for?” Hei Yu suddenly asked from beside Jian Chen. Because of the saint artifact, Hei Yus attitude towards Jian Chen had changed rather significantly.

Jian Chen pulled out some stardust from his Space Ring. “This is what junior is searching for. This is extremely important to junior. Before junior finds it, junior will not be leaving the Fantasy Star Ocean.”

“Whats that?” Hei Yu stared curiously at the stardust in Jian Chens hand.

“This is stardust, a material for forging weapons…” Jian Chen provided him with a rough explanation for the uses of stardust. He did not hide anything. He knew that in this world, probably no one other than him knew the true use of this material.

“Forging weapons?” Hei Yu became even more doubtful. He asked out of confusion, “Weird, dont you humans use Saint Weapons? Why forge a brand new weapon?”

Jian Chens idea of forging weapons seemed to be extremely novel among the group. Rui Jin and the Heavenly Enchantress both turned around to look at Jian Chen, their eyes flowing with a weird light.

Jian Chen hesitated slightly before speaking, “To be honest, juniors Saint Weapon has already been shattered, no longer able to refine another Saint Weapon. As a result, junior can only search for materials to forge something suitable.”

“What? Your Saint Weapons already destroyed?” The Heavenly Enchantress could not help but cry out while disbelief flooded her eyes. Along the way, she had clearly observed the strength displayed by Jian Chen. She could not imagine that Jian Chen, who had fought over a hundred living corpses with a Ruler Armament and slaughtered a Class 7 dragon soul with lightning speed, was actually a fighter with a destroyed Saint Weapon. It was unbelievable.

Rui Jin and Hei Yu also stared at Jian Chen in amazement, their eyes filled with astonishment. Although they had grown up in the saint artifact, they knew a few things regarding the outside world.

The Heavenly Enchantress calmed down very quickly. She swept past the stardust in Jian Chens hands and revealed a thoughtful expression. She said, “I might know some information regarding the stardust.”

Jian Chen rejoiced. He said, “Senior, I hope you are able to tell me this information.”

“Youre also a Saint Ruler right now. You should call me the Heavenly Enchantress. Thats how other people call me. Im not used to being called senior,” said the Heavenly Enchantress. Her voice was indifferent and cold.

With that, Jian Chen hesitated slightly before replying, “Alright. Please tell me about the stardust, Heavenly Enchantress.”

After pondering slightly, she said, “If I recall correctly, this should only exist in the Lunastron Pit. But its extremely dangerous inside it. Many Saint Ruler living corpses stay there and there are even Saint King corpses. There is only a slim chance of survival if you dont possess the strength of a Saint King.

“Where about is this Lunastron Pit?” Jian Chen asked.

“The pit is not in the depths of the Fantasy Star Ocean but under an extremely hidden cliff in the middle region. It tunnels straight into the ground and is extremely deep,” explained the Heavenly Enchantress.

Jian Chen turned to Rui Jin and Hei Yu. “Seniors, I hope you can help out junior and come to the Lunastron Pit with me to obtain some stardust.”

“Whatever, its not like we have anything better to do right now. Rui Jin, why dont we pay a visit to this pit?” Hei Yu spoke first, assisting Jian Chen.

Rui Jin was a Golden Divine Dragon. He was extremely honorable and did not originally want to do things for an unfamiliar junior. However, as soon as he heard Hei Yus words, he could only accept it. “Alright, Ill go to the Lunastron Pit with you.”

Jian Chens group of four immediately flew to the middle region of the Fantasy Star Ocean. They quickly returned to the region where they had collected heavenly resources with the white tiger. Finally, they found the entrance of the pit under a cliff according to the geography described by the Heavenly Enchantress.

The entrance to the pit was a huge hole a hundred meters wide. The hole directly sunk into the earth and was pitch-black. When the group stood at the edge of the unfathomably deep pit, they could sense a ghastly, bone-chilling wind from it.

Rui Jin stood at the edge and stared into the darkness with interest. His eyebrows were furrowed and his originally-uncaring expression instantly became rather stern. “I feel an extraordinary presence from the Lunastron Pit. This hole is not simple. When we go down, you two should be cautious.”

Both Jian Chen and the Heavenly Enchantress were slightly surprised. Even Rui Jin became serious and he had reached the Ninth Heavenly Layer as a Saint King. It immediately caused the two of them to become much more vigilant.

“Lets go down. I want to see just what dangers are down there. I hope they wont disappoint me.” Hei Yu sneered confidently, before leaping down first. Afterward, Rui Jin, Jian Chen and the Heavenly Enchantress jumped into the pitch-black hole together, quickly descending into the darkness.

The Lunastron Pit was completely enshrouded in darkness; nothing could be seen. The abilities of Saint Rulers were also suppressed here, which prevented Jian Chen from sending out his powered-up presence. He could only rely on his physical senses, falling down ten meters behind Rui Jin.

After falling for three thousand kilometers, some light gradually appeared beneath their feet. The light expanded in size as he quickly descended before it finally enveloped Jian Chen. His vision was no longer pitch-black now filled with multi-colored light. It was extremely pretty and the light would glimmer from time to time. The glimmers were extremely packed and they twinkled like the stars in the sky.

“This is an image of the night sky and that of an extremely rare nebula!” Rui Jins astonished voice appeared from rather close by. He said in surprise, “The appearance of this thing on the island would definitely cause a commotion. Weird, why cant I recall anything regarding this place from my inherited memories? Did it only appear on the island after my ancestor was sucked into the saint artifact?”

“Theres actually the image of the starry sky here. No wonder its called the Lunastron Pit. Its name must have been coined from the scenery here,” Jian Chen suddenly realized something and murmured softly.

As the images of the starry sky quickly flashed past them, they felt like they were swimming through the night sky. The multi-colored nebulae and glimmering stars quickly flowed by.

The four of them continued their descent down the pit at great speeds. They had no idea just how deep it was. They had fallen for at least five thousand kilometers, yet they had still not hit the bottom. Along the way, the four of them had also encountered many Saint Ruler corpses, which were all dealt with easily by Hei Yu. They would meet some Saint Kings from time to time too but they were still unable to withstand a palm strike from Hei Yu.

The four of them soon passed the ten-thousand meter mark. The living corpses along the way also constantly increased. If it was just Jian Chen and the Heavenly Enchantress, it would definitely take them quite some effort and energy to deal with them. But right now, there were two supreme Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Kings leading the way; no matter how many Saint Ruler corpses there were, it was not enough to stop their advance. Most of the time, Hei Yu only needed a single palm strike and his vast energy would be enough to disintegrate a dozen or so Saint Ruler corpses.

With their constant descent, Jian Chen slowly sensed that the hole seemed to be permeated with an odd energy. The temperature here would constantly change, sometimes bone-chillingly cold and other times scorching hot. It was as if they constantly traveled between two regions of opposite climates.

“This place really is rather weird.” Hei Yu who lead the way spoke out from below them. He also felt that the Lunastron Pit was odd.

Rui Jin constantly gazed around and said with a gruff voice, “This hole doesnt seem to be naturally formed. Im positive that this hole did not exist on the island before. It must have appeared after the island changed. Moreover, this hole plunges in a straight path from the surface right into the earth. Its as if a massive object fell from the sky and carved this out.”

“Thats reasonable. This tunnel is just too straight. There are no bends at all, and images of the starry sky actually appear here. If you connect these facts, its as if something from outer space had really collided with the island before creating such a deep crater.” Hei Yu agreed.

They continued their way down. When they reached thirty-thousand meters, they finally hit solid ground. They had arrived at the bottom of the hole.

The pit still permeated with colorful nebulae. Starlight glimmered faintly, as if they were each stars that floated in space. They were innumerable, filling up the entire place.

Jian Chen glanced around and discovered that the bottom was extremely large. It stretched as far as the eye could see and he could feel that the weird energy was even thicker here. The surrounding temperature constantly alternated between a frigid coldness and a scorching heat.

“Its not fire-attributed energy, nor water-attributed energy, nor ice-attributed energy. Just what is this weird energy?” Rui Jin mumbled to himself as he stared at the surroundings. Even his inherited memories contained no information on the weird energy here.

At this very moment, a strand of scorching energy fused with a strand of the frigid energy mid-air. It immediately formed a presence that was extremely unfamiliar yet still rather familiar to all of them.

Rui Jins eyes lit up with a light of shock. “This- this- this energy is actually the exact same energy as the unknown energy on the island. Is the transformation of my island due to the existence of this hole?”

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