Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 849: Second Layer of the Chaotic Body

Chapter 848: Method for Dual Cultivation

Jian Chen and the Heavenly Enchantress were stunned by Mo Tianyun strength. It took them a solid moment before they returned to their senses. Their hearts beat heavily and uncontrollably.

A while later, Jian Chen sucked in a deep breath and slowly calmed himself. He asked bitterly, “Senior, the Forsaken Saint World was already so powerful back then. Those peak experts may have all been wiped out by senior but after so many years, theyve probably recovered completely now. On the other hand, if you look at our Tian Yuan Continent, the laws of the world have been thrown into a mess by the great war in the ancient times. It has made it extremely difficult for humans to break through on the Tian Yuan Continent, so their strength is far from that of the ancient times. How are we supposed to resist the invasion with just our current strength?”

“You dont need to worry about this. I have taken the disorder of the laws of the world into account long ago. However, these laws did not fall into disorder because of the war in the ancient times. The battles back then were intense but they were far from a level where the laws of the world would be affected. All of this is due to the existence of the Yinyang Saint Rock. As long as you deal with that, the Tian Yuan Continent will shortly return to how it was before,” Mo Tianyun said.

“What!? Its all due to the Yinyang Saint Rock?” Hearing what Mo Tianyun had said, Jian Chens face became filled with shock.

Almost all the experts on the current Tian Yuan Continent, including those who had reached Saint King, were extremely certain that the increased difficulty in breaking through was caused by the laws being shaken up by the war in ancient times. Only now did he understand that all the experts were wrong on this; the chief culprit was not the intense war in the ancient times but the Yinyang Saint Rock.

Mo Tianyuns figure became even hazier. He had virtually become a wisp of smoke that was about to disappear. “The two of you used the method of balancing yin and yang to absorb the Supreme Yin and Supreme Yang Qi radiated from the Yinyang Qi, so your bodies and souls already have some resistance to Supreme Yin Qi and Supreme Yang Qi. I just happen to know a dual cultivation method, which Ill pass on to the two of you today. When you increase your strength in the future, you can come back to this place and use this method to absorb the Yinyang Qi, allowing the two of you to power up quickly. Itll be all up to you when the Forsaken Saint World invades in the future.” With that, Mo Tianyun pointed toward them. A sliver of intent flew out and disappeared into the center of Jian Chen and the Heavenly Enchantresss eyebrows with lightning speed.

“Back then, I had set up a transportation formation fifty kilometers to the east. You can use it to leave. If you want to come back in the future, you just need to follow the way you came in. Remember, problems lurk within the Yinyang Saint Rock. You two must deal with it.” Mo Tianyuns figure became so transparent that he was almost invisible. He looked toward the Azulet sword spirits, waiting for their reply.

“Dont worry. The Yinyang Saint Rock is of great benefits for us and for master. We will definitely deal with it.” Zi Ying vowed.

With Zi Yings guarantee, a worry seemed to finally disappear from Mo Tianyuns mind. His illusionary body finally disappeared completely; the presence he had left here before had dispersed.

The two of them did not feel Mo Tianyun disappear. They currently stood there with their eyes closed, silently accepting the information appearing in their heads.

A while later, the information regarding the dual cultivation method was finally all deposited into the depths of their heads. However, when they saw the contents of it, strange expressions appeared on their faces accompanied with some awkwardness.

The two of them slowly opened their eyes. Jian Chen looked toward the Heavenly Enchantress with a face full of mixed emotions. Just as he wanted to speak out, the Heavenly Enchantresss cold voice cut him off and sounded out first.

“You better forget that method from senior Mo Tianyun quickly. In the future, you will not be mentioning this ever again.” The Heavenly Enchantresss tone was cold and straightforward like hitting a nail on the spot. She did not leave any room for replies.

Jian Chen rubbed his nose. He became extremely awkward, while he grumbled internally. Mo Tianyun did not even pay any careful attention to the relationship between the two of them. Now he had done it. His method for dual cultivation was passed on for nothing.

“Senior Mo Tianyun…” Jian Chen clasped his hands. Just as he wanted to ask something else, he discovered that Mo Tianyun had vanished.

Jian Chen stared blankly, before understanding soon after. He murmured, “Looks like senior Mo Tianyuns presence has already vanished.”

“Mo Tianyun is not a simple man,” Zi Ying said as he stared in the direction where Mo Tianyun was before. He was rather stern but when he saw the Yinyang Saint Rock afterward, he immediately became excited. “Master, lets hurry over quickly. This Yinyang Saint Rock is extremely beneficial for us. If you can absorb the Yinyang Qi within it, not only will Qing Suo and I recover quicker, even your Chaotic Body will improve greatly.”

Jian Chen dismissed his current feelings. Walking slowly up to the rock, he did not feel happy at all, even though he knew exactly how valuable it was. Instead, he felt extremely heavy-hearted.

After learning about the existence of the Forsaken Saint World from Mo Tianyun, a mysterious but powerful force pressed against Jian Chens chest like a mountain. He had lost his breath.

Just their previous number of experts who had surpassed Saint Emperor was over twenty. The number of Saint Emperors were definitely even more than that, perhaps reaching the triple digits. The Tian Yuan Continent would face extremely great difficulties if they wanted to fend off such a powerful force.

Even if the effects of the Yinyang Saint Rock were dealt with, allowing the Tian Yuan Continent to increase in strength substantially, the amount of time needed for them to grow to the level of the Forsaken Saint World would definitely not be short.

Jian Chen stared at the Yinyang Saint Rock in interest. He said with a deep voice, “We need to deal with this Yinyang Saint Rock as soon as possible. The sooner we deal with it, the sooner the Tian Yuan Continent can return to how it was before. Zi Ying, Qing Suo, are there any good ways to remove the Yinyang Saint Rocks influence?”

“Master, this question is extremely simple. We just need to absorb all the Yinyang Qi within it and the Yinyang Saint Rock will disappear completely. However, the Qi is extremely powerful inside. We arent able to absorb it with our current strength, and if we directly try, master will immediately explode from overloading,” Zi Ying said.

“Even youre unable?” Jian Chen asked.

Qing Suo shooked her head. “If we were at our peak, we would not pay any regard to this rock and just devour it with one mouthful. But right now, the two of us have been seriously weakened. If we try absorbing it, it wont be absorption; well just be fused into the Yinyang Qi. Also, there is indeed an evil presence hidden within the rock as mentioned by Mo Tianyun. We must eliminate it.”

Jian Chen thought in silence for a while, before speaking out regretfully, “Looks like the Yinyang Saint Rock is just an unopenable treasure box to us right now. We can only come back in the future since its like that.”

“Master, you may not be able to absorb the Yinyang Qi inside the rock, but theres a layer of relatively thin Supreme Yin Qi and Supreme Yang Qi outside. The two energies are no longer able to form any great threat to the two of you, so you can absorb it,” Zi Ying said.

With that, Jian Chens eyes lit up, “If its like that, Ill just absorb the Qi outside first and break through to the second layer of the Chaotic Body here.” With that, Jian Chen turned to the Heavenly Enchantress. “Youve also heard what Zi Yings said. Well cultivate here for now. This opportunity to increase our strength before us can only be encountered through luck. We cant forgo it so easily.”

The Heavenly Enchantress paid no attention to Jian Chen. She sat down where she was and began absorbing the Qi present on the surface of the rock.

Jian Chen stared at the Heavenly Enchantresss stunning beauty and could not help but think back to the entrancing scene three days ago. His eyes immediately became mixed with emotions and he only dismissed his feelings after a while. He sat down with his legs crossed and began to cultivate.

The thin Supreme Yang Qi on the surface of the Yinyang Saint Rock slowly entered Jian Chens body. He was immediately filled with a scorching energy, as if roaring flames currently burned him.

However, Jian Chens body did not become a mess like three days ago. He already had a certain resistance to the Supreme Yang Qi, so even though he found the flames formed from the Supreme Yang Qi within him extremely uncomfortable, they could not pose much harm to him.

Jian Chen gritted his teeth and his body radiated with heat. He silently endured the unbearable torture and worked hard to absorb the strand of Supreme Yang Qi within him.

The power hidden within the Supreme Yang Qi was powerful and pure. If he wanted to absorb it completely and turn it into his own energy, it was extremely difficult. The yang within it was extremely unruly; with Jian Chens current strength, he was unable to forcefully absorb it. All he could do was slowly refine the unruly energy bit by bit. That was the only way he could absorb it.

The speed for refining the Supreme Yang Qi was extremely slow. After two hours, Jian Chen had only refined a tenth of the strand.

On the other side, the Heavenly Enchantress faced a similar torture to Jian Chen. Her body radiated with a frigidness, also absorbing the strand of Supreme Yin Qi as best as she could.

Seeing this, Zi Ying could not help but sigh softly. “Ai, if they used the dual cultivation method, they would only need a while to neutralize the wild energy. Why be so strenuous?”

Jian Chen used an entire day before finally refining the first strand of Supreme Yang Qi. It turned into a powerful but gently energy, which he absorbed.

The energy within the strand completely exceeded any Class 7 Monster Core. Even with the energy of many cores combined, it still probably would not have been enough. With the Supreme Yang Qi absorbed, the chaotic neidan in Jian Chens dantian solidified quite some more. It seemed to become slightly bigger again from its previous fist-size, approaching the limit.

Jian Chen did not stop. After he refined the first strand, he immediately took in another strand of Supreme Yang Qi and continued his refinement.

The unknown space did not have day or night. Submerged in his cultivation, Jian Chen could not feel the flow of time, nor did he know just how much time had passed. After absorbing a total of a hundred strands of Supreme Yang Qi, the amount of Chaotic Force that his chaotic neidan could store finally reached its limit. With a rumble, the chaotic neidan that was the size of an adults fist cracked loudly. All the Chaotic Force hidden within leaked out, surging about turbulently in Jian Chens body like wild horses that had broken free.

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