Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 866: Fight for the Divine Water of the World

Chapter 865: The Auction Begins

“Itll be extremely disadvantageous to us when experts like that help the Dare tribe. Since theyve been drawn to the Dare tribe by crystal coins, I wonder if we can draw them over to us with an even greater price. If thats possible, our tribes strength will increase even more again without a doubt,” said a protector elder of the Menghuang tribe.

“The price to draw over two 14th Star Seasoul Warriors definitely wont be little. Itll be at least ten million grand quality crystal coins but if we want to take the spiritual vein in the Dare tribes possession, this price will be worth it,” murmured the current patriarch. Afterward, he followed a servant with the two protector elders and his clansmen into the auction center.

The small disruption on the platform did not affect the auction at all. When the people of both clans disappeared from the platform, it became peaceful once again. Many large tribes and organizations arrived on the platform in an orderly fashion, before being escorted away by an enthusiastic servant.

The auction of Jass City was extremely grand. The fifty-meter-tall castle was emptied and divided into ten floors, where each floor was filled with seats. At the very front was the stage where objects were displayed and auctioned off.

The private enclosures were built into the highest parts of the walls. It wrapped around the entire castle, separated by a special type of glass. The people inside could see exactly what was going on outside but people outside could not look in.

Within the private enclosure, Jian Chen and Nubis sat comfortably on a soft sofa with satisfied expressions. The patriarch sat beside them, studying the situation of other enclosures through the special glass.

The servant who had escorted the three of them carried many delicious desserts and fruits of unknown names, which she placed on the crystal table. She said, “Warriors, these are all delicious desserts and fruits of the Sea race. Please try them as you please. I am called Lan Shuiling. If the warriors require anything, this servant will do her best to fulfill the warriors requests.” Lan Shuiling smiled brightly. She exuded a special charm, while a cheerful light flowed from her bright eyes.

Nubis clutched his head on the sofa, half inclined. He squinted his eyes at Lan Shuiling while his lips curled into an evil smile. He joked, “If I, the great Nubis, wants your body, will you fulfill my request too?”

“Of course!” Lan Shuiling smiled charmingly and began to take off her clothes slowly. It immediately revealed a great section of her water-blue skin.

Seeing this, Jian Chen frowned slightly. He waved his hand at Lan Shuiling. “Alright, you can stop stripping. The three of us need to discuss some important matters. You can go out for now. Well call you when we need you.”

“Yes, esteemed warrior.” Lan Shuiling stopped taking off her clothes and bowed courteously to the three of them, before leaving with gentle steps.

“What a provocative girl,” murmured Nubis as he watched Lan Shuiling disappear off into the distance with bright and limpid eyes.

“Nubis, surely you havent taken a liking to her.” Jian Chen laughed softly.

“Piss off. I, the great Nubis, do not take a liking for ordinary girls like that. Though youre pretty good, arent you? To actually hook up with that devastatingly beautiful girl. Admirable, truly admirable.” Nubis smiled evilly as he reached the end of these words.

Two hours later, the large center was finally filled with people. Various discussions filled the entire place like the constant buzzing of a bee.


Suddenly, a bright voice rang out. It echoed through the entire center and the voices of all those who were seated finally quietened down.

In the blink of an eye, the noisy center became deathly silent. Only a large mass of people could be seen.

A slightly skinny old man stood on the platform at the very front with a smile. The voice from before was his and he was the auctioneer this time. He was a 13th Star Seasoul Warrior.

“Guests, I welcome you warmly to the grand auction held once every hundred years. Not only will we be displaying even more treasures and worldly wonders than previous auctions, weve also received the last fragment of the Octoterra Map, which has received the attention of many large tribes,” the auctioneer paused slightly when he reached here, before continuing, “I believe that many of the seated guests know very well about the origins of this fragment. It was left behind by the Octoterra Emperor who once shook up the entire sea realm.”

“The Octoterra Emperor was a cultivator of our sea realm who did not join any organizations but he exceeded many geniuses with his own talent alone and without any master. He paved a path of corpses and bones in his life to the peak, shaking up the entire sea realm and becoming an emperor who received the respect of countless people. Although the emperor has passed away from age, the Octoterra Divine Hall he once constructed still remains. It has been sealed into a region of void by the Octoterra Emperors absolute strength, while the Octoterra Map is the route to the divine hall and the key that opens it.”

“The Octoterra Emperor went without disciples, always by himself. It is rumored that when he passed away, he left his legacy and all he had learned in the Octoterra Divine Hall. I believe everyone understands extremely well what it means once they receive the legacy of the Octoterra Emperor. He has also left all his belongings in the divine hall aside from his legacy. Everyone, I believe you have an even better understanding than old me about just how wealthy an emperors belongings are. Thats a vast wealth only second to the three supreme halls of our sea realm.”

Hearing this, a serious of haggard breaths immediately appeared in the quiet crowd. The legacy and wealth of an emperor was a great, irresistible enticement to all those present. Even the members of peak-level clans could not remain calm.

Seated within the private enclosure, Jian Chen and Nubis could not help but have their hearts beat faster too. They were already deeply interested in the map fragment, while the patriarch had lost even more control compared to them. The great wealth had already dyed his eyes green with envy as he snorted roughly.

However, the patriarch calmed down very quickly, gradually returning to how he was before. He knew that he had no future that would involve the map fragment. The matters regarding it were not something he could delve into.

The auctioneers voice rang out once again, “Seven fragments have already appeared. This fragment will be the final one. Everyone, as long as someone obtains this map fragment, theyll gain the right to entire the Octoterra Divine Hall and gain some great blessing. Alright, I wont ramble anymore. As the main treasure for the auction this time, itll be auctioned off last. Well begin the auction now. The first treasure is…”

Afterward, treasures were brought up and auctioned off one by one. The auction was only held once in a hundred years, so without any doubt, all of the items were the finest of the fine. Everything brought on-stage would institute a battle between many people. Various prices were called out one after another in a vicious battle of wealth.

“Well now be auctioning off a Ruler Armament left behind by a human expert when he passed away in meditation. The starting price is a hundred thousand grand quality crystal coins,” the auctioneers voice rang through the entire building.

Jian Chen and Nubiss eyes snapped open abruptly. They stared in the direction of the stage in interest and watched a machete being brought up carefully by a skimpily-dressed servant.

“It really is a Ruler Armament. Its a Ruler Armament left behind by a Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler.” Jian Chen was secretly shocked. Every Ruler Armament was treated as a clan treasure by the hermit clans on the Tian Yuan Continent. They were extremely valuable but he never thought that in the sea, there would be people who would auction off these extremely valuable Ruler Armaments.

“According to what I know, only human experts can use Ruler Armaments. Are members of the Sea race able to use them just like humans?” Jian Chen thought, before looking toward the patriarch of the Dare tribe. He asked, “Patriarch, may I ask exactly what the Sea race uses the Ruler Armaments of humans for?”

With that, an astonished light flashed across the patriarchs eyes. However, he still provided a detailed explanation. “Esteemed warrior, the Ruler Armaments of human experts are a rare treasure to the Sea race. This Ruler Armament was left behind by a Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler after he passed away. Not only does it contain his strength, it also contains quite a lot of the three vital energies. If we absorb it, it can greatly increase our strength.”

“Are Ruler Armaments able to be refined and absorbed?” Jian Chen was surprised. He did not think that the Sea race would have this ability too as he could only do so with the assistance of the sword spirits.

“Of course you can. As long as you use the Spirit-converting formation of the Sea race, youll be able to refine the Ruler Armament into energy we can absorb. However, only we will use this method. Humans wont because they can just use it directly and display great powers with it. For them, the strength brought on from a Ruler Armament is much greater than the energy gained from absorbing it,” the patriarch explained.

“Is that so.” Jian Chen reached an understanding. Members of the Sea race were unable to use Ruler Armaments like humans but they had methods to refine it into pure energy to absorb.

“One hundred and fifty thousand grand quality crystal coins.”

“One hundred and eighty thousand grand quality crystal coins.”

“Two hundred thousand grand quality crystal coins.”

“Two hundred and fifty thousand grand quality crystal coins.”

The appearance of the Ruler Armament ignited an intense fight. The price quickly skyrocketed from one hundred thousand grand quality crystal coins to five hundred thousand and after another series of intense fights, it was sold off for a price of eight hundred thousand grand quality crystal coins. It was bought by a large tribe.

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