Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 877: Emissary of the Serpent God Hall (Two)

Chapter 876: Emissary of the Serpent God Hall (One)

Swallowing the Waters Spirit Pearls, their presences turned back into the Sea races. They then left together.

Jian Chen and Nubis erased their presence and carefully headed for the Dare tribe.

Several vast presences appeared from behind them at this very moment. It was Jad, Yun Feng and the other, shooting over like bolts of lightning. They headed directly for Jian Chen and Nubis.

Both of them immediately became nervous. They did not have the ability to flee from Six Saint Kings, especially when one of them was of the Sixth Heavenly Layer.

“Stay calm and keep the act.” Jian Chen stopped and sent a mental message to Nubis. If they were to run right now, it would definitely raise suspicion.

The six Saint Kings arrived before them very quickly. They examined Jian Chen and Nubis, before paying no particular attention to them when they saw how the two were only Saint Rulers.

“Seniors, is there anything we can help you with?” Jian Chen clasped his hands at them and asked politely.

“Did you see an azure-dressed lady fly by?” Yun Feng asked condescendingly as he stared arrogantly at the two of them.

“No,” Jian Chen replied seriously.

Jad seemed to realize something as his eyes glimmered. “I remember you two. Werent you at the Jass Auction? Whyre you here?”

The others all looked toward Jian Chen and Nubis while cold lights flickered in their eyes. They revealed expressions of suspicion.

Both Jian Chen and Nubis heart sank slightly. Never did they think that Jad would remember two juniors he had only met once with his status. If Jian Chen did not explain this properly, it would definitely raise doubt. Any small error in this crucial moment could lead to their deaths.

“Senior, right after we left Jass City, we sensed many experts heading in the same direction, so we went to check out what was going on out of curiosity. This is why were here.” Jian Chen casually forged a reason, hoping to trick them.

“How would it be possible for them to participate in this with their puny strength? Yun Feng, lets go find Qing Yixuan quickly and not waste anymore time here.” A Third Heavenly Layer old man said arrogantly. He looked down on the two of them.

“Youre right. Finding Qing Yixuan is the most important matter at hand.” Yun Feng nodded before he flew off first.

The other four Saint Kings tailed behind Yun Feng closely. Although they were not companions of each other, they possessed they same objective so they decided to work together to deal with Qing Yixuan. She was just too strong and she also had two extremely powerful helpers. It would have been very difficult for them if they moved alone.

With Yun Fengs departure, Jad did not cause any more trouble for the two of them. He flew off in the other direction.

Jian Chen and Nubis beating hearts finally calmed down as they watched them disappear. They directly headed for the Dare tribe afterward without any hesitation.

When they had arrived, the news that Qing Yixuan of the eight human experts had taken the Octoterra Map fragment quickly spread out like wildfire across the entire territory of the Serpent God Hall. It caused quite the commotion. Many greedy Sea race experts and some great clans began to band together in search of Qing Yixuans traces.

The Saint King of the Hao family dragged his injured body back to the territory of the Heavens Spirit Hall. He did not return home immediately and instead traveled to the center of the territory.

At the center, a huge divine hall hung in the sky, filling the surroundings with a grand pressure.

The Saint King entered the hall with no obstructions and was taken to a grand conference hall under the lead of a guard.

A black-robed old man sat high up in the conference hall. He was short, only a meter tall but his eyes shone with spirit. A vast pressure radiated from his body, encasing the entire hall.

He was a hall elder of the Heavens Spirit Hall, one of the most revered figures of the hall after the hall master.

The Saint King of the Hao family immediately became meek before him, unwilling to carry any arrogance. He clasped his hands at the hall elder. “Hao Daq pays respects to hall elder.”

The hall elder stared at the Saint King calmed and asked, “What do you need?”

“Esteemed hall elder, I had succeeded in purchasing the map fragment but it was taken by Qing Yixuan along the way. Qing Yixuan is a foreigner yet she has interfered with the matters of the Sea race. She has gone overboard and definitely cannot be forgiven. However, my Hao family does not have the strength to deal with the eight human experts. I hope the esteemed hall elder can stand up for my Hao family and take back what was ours,” the Saint King said unhappily.

In the sea realm, the three halls possessed a supreme status. They were the rulers of the sea realm and were extremely territorial. They normally would never interfere when organizations fought each other in their own territories but they would never stand by when a foreigner decided to create troubles in the sea realm.

The hall elder pondered for a while with his eyes closed before replying, “Hao Daq, five of the eight human experts have already sworn their allegiance to one of the three halls. Qing Yixuan belongs to the Sea Goddess Hall. If we move against Qing Yixuan, we will definitely be met with the Sea Goddess Halls resistance. There might even be conflict. Do you think that we, the Heavens Spirit Hall, are willing to risk something like this to deal with Qing Yixuan over such a small matter?”

“What!? She has already pledged her allegiance to the Sea Goddess Hall? Was she ordered by them to steal the Octoterra Map fragment?” The Saint King asked in shock.

The hall elder shook his head. “Dont dwell on the matter of the map fragment any more. Now that all eight pieces have appeared, of which the Sea Goddess Hall has three, the Serpent God Hall has three while we, the Heavens Spirit Hall, has two, I believe the search for the Octoterra Divine Hall will begin soon.”

“Every map fragment can allow twenty people in. When the search begins, the Heavens Spirit Hall will personally negotiate with the two other clans to get them to hand over the right to pick a total twenty people, ten from each clan. Well get some extremely powerful peak 14th Star Seasoul warriors to go in to ensure we have the strongest team. This way, we can reap the greatest rewards.”

The pale-faced Qing Yixuan sat in a secret basement in the territory of the Sea Goddess Hall. Her face was rather dark from the poison.

The venom of the Silver Striped Golden Snake was just too powerful. Even with her overwhelming strength, she could only forcefully suppress it and was unable to force it out.

A striking middle-aged man sat opposite to her. His face was weathered from experience, while he naturally radiated with a noble bearing.

“Youre quite heavily injured. Looks like there were quite a lot of people that had come for the map fragment but its all be worth it. Once you obtain that object, your strength will skyrocket. You would have nothing to fear even if you face up against Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Kings.” smiled the man. His expression carried unconcealable joy.

Qing Yixuan sat there pale-faced. She said, “I may be disappointing you then. The map fragment is not on me.”

The man became stunned and immediately sat up straight. He cried out in surprise, “What? You havent obtained the map fragment?”

Qing Yixuans dazzling eyes immediately filled up with a cold killing intent. She ground her teeth. “I had already stolen the map fragment originally but I was caught off guard and ambushed by two juniors while I was heavily injured. They took it away from me.”

“Juniors? What were their strengths?” The mans eyes flickered in surprise as he stared fixedly at Qing Yixuan.

“They werent Saint Kings,” Qing Yixuan replied icily. A powerful killing intent and anger radiated from her body uncontrollably, causing the temperature of the room to plummet.

The scene where the map fragment along with her undergarment was taken flashed through her head. It made her anger and killing intent skyrocket even more.

“Two little juniors who werent even Saint Kings actually managed to take something from you, with your strength. Th- this…” The man struggled to believe it.

Qing Yixuan sat up instantly and stared at the man with a pressuring gaze. She grumbled, “That was what happened. Whether you believe it or not is up to you. The poison has spread by quite a lot so I need to head back to the hall immediately. Ill be leaving.” Qing Yixuan turned around and left as she fumed.

“Qing Yixuan, according to our agreement, I cant give it to you since you havent finished the mission,” said the middle-aged man.

Qing Yixuan fumbled slightly, before leaving the room. She thought, “Ill come back for the map fragment after Im healed. You brats, I definitely wont let you off. Ill kill you even if I have to chase you to the ends of the earth.”

Qing Yixuan quickly spat out a sentence before leaving, “The map fragments not on me. It was taken by a human Saint Ruler and a Class 7 Magical Beast.”

As her words were spread, it created a great commotion. Qing Yixuan, one of the eight renowned human experts, had actually been robbed by two puny Saint Rulers. This caused a lot of disbelief.

Despite the disbelief, the people in search for the map fragment still kept this in mind. Other than Qing Yixuan, they included humans and magical beast Saint Rulers in their search. They would stop and question almost every human or magical beast Saint Ruler they came by, leading to countless complaints and protests from both races. However, what could they do?

The previous patriarch, the current patriarch and the two protector elders of the Menghuang tribe gathered in the highest room of the tower in their tribe, each extremely stern.

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