Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 879: Daylight Robbery

burned in their eyes. As emissaries of the Serpent God Hall, they each had a superiority complex. They believed that they were greater than other people. They could not accept anyone treating them like this as to them it was a great humiliation.

Nubis was angered. A cold light flickered in his eyes, while stern killing intent appeared on his face. He sneered, “Heh, quite brave to say that Ill have my soul wiped out. Since thats the case, why dont I let you experience it first?”

“What arrogance. I doubt you have the courage to kill an emissary of the hall,” said one of them with a snicker at his threat.

“Since you want to die so badly, Ill grant your wish.” Killing intent swelled in Nubis eyes. Five fine golden threads suddenly shot from his fingertips, turning into five streaks of golden light as they shot for the center of their eyebrows. He intended to wipe out their souls.

The surrounding space froze abruptly at the same time under Nubiss control. He tightly locked the three of them in place, preventing any of them from escaping. All they could do was watch as their deaths drew near.

The expression of the emissary who had provoked Nubis earlier finally changed as he sensed Nubis killing intent. A shred of fear permeated his heart. He had never thought that there would be someone foolish enough to kill an emissary in the territory of the Serpent God Hall.

In that moment, their minds all fell into disarray. They were superior emissaries who possessed highly-regarded statuses with bright future. Reaching the 15th Star was only an issue of time for them. None of them wanted to die right now.

“Nubis, stop!” A yell appeared from far away at this moment. It was Jian Chen who quickly drew near.

The golden threads stopped an inch away from the emissaries foreheads. Nubis glanced toward Jian Chen. He hesitated slightly before he pulling his hand back and releasing the golden threads.

Jian Chen arrived beside Nubis. “Nubis, just spare their lives.”

“Alright. Since youre speaking for them, Ill just spare their lives this time. But we need to take their Space Rings,” said Nubis.

Jian Chen did not reject this idea. Ever since they had come to the sea realm, what they lacked the most was money. The four emissaries probably possessed quite a lot of it in their Space Rings and collecting some could never be a bad thing. If they ever came across something important that they required, at least they would not have to worry about money.

When they heard how Nubis wanted to take their Space Rings, the three of them reacted immediately. One of them cried out, “No, you cant take our Space Rings.”

Nubis face darkened as he spoke, “Your Space Rings or your life. Choose one. If you want to live, then leave behind your Space Rings. Otherwise, Im not going to be showing any mercy.”

The three of them dwelled on this matter for quite some time, before finally coming to an agreement. They unwillingly took off their Space Rings and handed them over to Nubis.

Afterward, Nubis arrived before the fainted Yensen and also took his ring.

The expressions of the three conscious emissaries immediately became extremely ugly as they watched Yensens Space Ring get taken. They all gritted their teeth without saying anything.

“Alright, you can leave.” Nubis waved his hand and dismissed the three of them impatiently.

The three emissaries endured their injuries as they stood up, leaving with dirty appearances and Yensen on their backs.

Nubis played around with the four Space Rings and said, “They should have quite a lot of crystal coins in there as emissaries.”

“Lets go first. Weve helped the Dare tribe deal with the Menghuang tribe, so its about time we left,” said Jian Chen. Afterward, they returned to the Dare tribe once again.

When they returned, they witnessed the Dare tribe patriarch and the Menghuang tribe patriarch signing something similar to a blood contract. The contract was a rule for determining the victor in the conflicts between organizations.

“You four hand over the Space Rings on you,” Nubis said arrogantly to the four of them.

The four experts all reacted with frowns as they heard these words. The former patriarch controlled himself and said, “According to the rules, we only need to pay up some crystal coins. Taking the Space Rings is something that breaks the rules. We cant do that.”

“Shut the f*ck up, what bullsh*t rules, hurry up and cough up the Space Rings,” growled Nubis. He was actually using the situation to rob people.

The expressions of the four experts of the Menghuang tribe changed. However, due to Nubis and Jian Chens strength, they felt extremely intimidated. As a result, they said nothing and obediently took off their Space Rings, handing them over to Nubis.

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