Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 882: Attack of Experts

Chapter 881: Xie Wangs Submission

Charlie was calmed down by the old man before turning to the four emissaries. “Tell me what happened in detail again.”

“Esteemed hall elder, this was what happened. When we were hurrying back to the hall with the item, we came across Yensens tribe, so we stopped for a while. His tribe just happened to be facing a threat where three of their experts had been injured. As a result, Yensen led our group of us to go settle it. The four of us were defeated by an extremely powerful person at the other tribe and also had our Space Rings taken.”

“Yeah, not only did they take our Space Rings, they wanted to kill us. They have no respect for the Serpent God Hall. They look down on us,” the two emissaries that had curried up to Yensen each added something. They were furious as if the dignity of the hall was more important than anything else.

The old man looked toward the silent Da Hei and asked, “Da Hei, is that true?”

He nodded. “They have indeed told the truth esteemed hall elder.”

“Then whatre we waiting for? Hurry up and send people to catch them. We need to get the item back.” Charlie ordered immediately.

The old man nodded slightly. “The existence of that item cannot be leaked. Once the Sea Goddess Hall and Heavens Spirit Hall learn about it, things will become problematic, so send people who wont draw a lot of attention this time. We cant send too many and they cant be too strong. Da Hei, how strong were the people who took your Space Rings?”

Da Hei thought about it and replied, “Esteemed hall elder, they should be at the peak of the 14th Star according to my battle with them. However, theyre extremely powerful, equal to some 15th Star Seasoul Warriors.”

“If thats the case, well send two 15th Star elders, as well as the four of you since you can recognize them,” said the old man.

“Yes, esteemed hall elder,” replied the four emissaries in unison.

“Remember, this is your only chance to redeem yourselves. If you can bring it back, then all will be fine. Should you fail, the wrath of the hall master will be waiting for you,” growled Charlie with a pale face.

Charlies stern words caused the four emissaries to tremble. Dread and uneasiness skyrocketed in their hearts, reaching their heads. They could not help but tremble.

Right now, they were full of regret. If they had known something like this would have happened, why would they commit this mistake?

Quickly, the four of them left the hall with two 15th Star elders and headed directly for the Dare tribe.

As the group of people moved out, Jian Chen and Nubis were also traveling away.

Jian Chen held a map in his hand as he looked around to confirm their location while traveling. He wanted to make sure that they were not lost.

They only stopped after several tens of thousand kilometers—they had come across a desolate, ancient forest. Jian Chen looked around and murmured, “We should be around seventy or eighty thousand kilometers from the Dare tribe now. It should be safe.”

“Lets stay here for now. We can return to the Tian Yuan Continent after we become strong enough,” said Nubis. The two of them descended, carving out another temporary cave dwelling.

As they did that, the four emissaries arrived at the Dare tribe with two unimpressive old men. They called out as they floated in the sky, “Where is the patriarch of the tribe? Come out!”

The patriarch immediately left the main hall when he heard the voice. His face immediately twitched when he noticed the four emissaries, before directing his attention to the two ordinary-looking old men behind them. His heart sank as he felt an ill omen.

“I am the patriarch. Is there anything I can help the emissaries with?” The patriarch replied with clasped hands. He was extremely polite.

“Where did the two of them go? Call them out,” Yensen glared at the patriarch as he yelled this out. He was now much more confident with two 15th Star experts supporting him.

“Esteemed emissaries, the two warriors have already left quite some time ago. Theyre not in our tribe anymore,” the patriarch replied meekly.

“What? Theyve left?”

The four emissaries immediately became ugly.

“In which direction did they go off? Where did they go?” This time, the speaker was one of the old men.

The patriarch extended his hand in the direction Jian Chen and Nubis had flown off. “The two warriors went that way. As for where they went off to, I have no idea.” Many tribesmen had witnessed the direction Jian Chen and Nubis had flown off to. As a result, the patriarch could only tell the truth. He could not afford to play around with the people of the hall.

“Pursue them!” The four emissaries and two old men immediately left in the direction the patriarch had provided without any hesitation.

Jian Chen and Nubis had already entered secluded cultivation in the depths of the forest. They were working hard on increasing their strength.

A hundred kilometers away from them, a white-robed, malicious-looking young man carefully made his way through the vegetation. He quickly approached Jian Chen and Nubis dwelling with his presence erased.

“I need to obtain the divine water. You cant escape me no matter where you run off to.” The mans determination was unrelenting. He was the expert who had fought with Jian Chen in the auction, Xie Wang.

Xie Wang had found Jian Chens location through an unknown method. He erased his presence and approached the cave quickly and silently, passing through the barrier successfully using a special technique that did not alert the barrier owner. He entered the cave where Jian Chen cultivated.

Jian Chen currently sat on the ground with his eyes closed and legs crossed. He was in a state of deep concentration and did not notice that someone had invaded their dwelling at all.

Xie Wangs heart had already stopped beating. His body was cold too, the same temperature as the surroundings. He seemed to have melded perfectly with the surroundings.

Xie Wang stared calmly at Jian Chen at the entrance of the cave. He thought, “Youre the weakest, so handling you should be easier. Once I wound you, Ill use you to threaten the other person to hand over the divine water.” He proceeded with his thoughts—gently approaching Jian Chen. He then struck out with lightning speed and directly went for Jian Chens heart.

Xie Wangs hand passed through Jian Chens chest without much difficulty but his heart sank, “An afterimage!”

Xie Wangs reactions were extremely fast. He turned around suddenly, only to see Jian Chen standing there unharmed and looking back at him scornfully.

“Xie Wang, did you find last time not enough and have come back for some more?” A lazy voice sounded from outside. Nubis who had stayed in another cave walked in with his arms crossed, standing beside Jian Chen.

Xie Wangs face scrunched up into a scowl. He cried out, “Impossible! I used my innate ability to enter here silently. How did you discover me?”

“You tailed us the whole way, maintaining a distance of a thousand kilometers. You were discovered long ago. Though, I need to say that your innate talent is extremely powerful. You could actually pass through the barrier cast down by us. You probably really would have succeeded if it was someone else. Too bad it was us.” smiled Jian Chen.

“Thats my misfortune, then!” Xie Wang gritted his teeth before directly he shot upward. He burst through the rock in an attempt to escape.

“Leavings not so easy.” Nubis mouth curled into a sneer. He too burst through the rock like Xie Wang, blocking Xie Wangs path.

Xie Wang glared coldly at Nubis and growled, “I may not be able to beat you in battle but you cant stop me from leaving.”

“Really now?” Nubis stared at Xie Wang scornfully and said, “Do you think youre the only one with innate abilities and that I dont have any?”

Xie Wangs expression immediately changed. He did not know how to reply. Jian Chen also flew up and said, “Xie Wang, you put so much effort into tailing us over tens of thousand kilometers. Do you really just want to leave like this? Dont you want your divine water anymore?”

Xie Wang snorted coldly. He said nothing as he thought of a way to escape.

“You only move alone. You want the divine water to break through to the 15th Star. How about this? You follow us in the future and Ill take responsibility for your breakthrough.” smiled Jian Chen.

A surprised light flashed across Xie Wangs eyes. He stared back fixedly. “With the divine water as remuneration?”

“Correct!” Jian Chen replied.

“Youre willing to give me the divine water in your possession?”

“No. I wont be giving you the divine water. However, I can guarantee that I will obtain more divine water in fifty years time at most. There will definitely be your share,” swore Jian Chen.

“The divine water only appears once in a thousand years. Its impossible for more to appear in the next fifty years, while the divine realm where it comes from is riddled with dangers. Its almost certain death if you venture into it,” growled Xie Wang.

“Thats not your problem. You only need to know that you will be obtaining divine water within fifty years,” said Jian Chen.

“Why should I trust you?”

“You can only trust me because thats your only chance of obtaining it.”

Xie Wang became silent. The light in his eyes was uneasy as if he was stuck in a great dilemma. He did not have long left; if he did not break through, he had a little over a hundred years of life at most.

“Alright, I agree. I will follow you from now onward but you need to give me the divine water within fifty years.” Xie Wang agreed in the end after much deliberation. He did not have much choice at all.

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