Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 885: Abyssal Crystal

o obtain it before them.”

A mature, blue-robed lady who seemed to be in her twenties sat cross-legged in the air within a secret room. She was inside a huge palace within the territory of the Sea God Hall. She was dressed simply but she was extremely pretty with a devastating appearance. She was like a fairy who had descended from heaven.

“Reporting to the hall master, Qing Yixuan has arrived,” an old voice boomed from outside.

“Let her in,” the woman moved her mouth and spoke with an enchanting voice.

The door to the room slowly opened. The white-clothed Qing Yixuan walked in from outside. Her dashing face was slightly pale and some traces of darkness existed within the paleness. She clearly was still injured from the fight for the Octoterra Map fragment and had not even purged the venom from her body completely yet.

Qing Yixuan bowed courteously to the woman before her and said, “Qing Yixuan greets the hall master.”

“Qing Yixuan, go to the Samsara Pool and heal your wounds. After youre done, head out with Lei Batian immediately to the Heavens Spirit Hall,” the hall master said gently.

Qing Yixuan revealed a sliver of excitement as soon as she heard she could go to the Samsara Pool. She would be able to heal her wounds in two days at the Samsara Pool. Even the poison that tortured her for so long could be purged completely.

Qing Yixuan suppressed her excitement and asked curiously, “May I ask why the hall master is asking me to go to the Heavens Spirit Hall?”

“Once you make a complete recovery, youll learn about the details of the mission from Lei Batian. You can go,” the hall master replied gently. Her voice was emotionless.

“Yes! Qing Yixuan will be leaving then.” Qing Yixuan bowed courteously once more before backing out.

Although Jian Chen, Nubis and Xie Wang managed to shake off the two Saint Kings, they did not relax at all. They continued their way into the depths of the Heavens Spirit Halls territory without any change in speed and constantly changed their directions as they traveled.

Nubis carried Jian Chen on his back as he hurried along. Jian Chen was heavily injured, currently pushing all the power of the Chaotic Body to heal his wounds.

They traveled for four hours before they finally saw a medium-sized city near the horizon.

“There is a city up ahead. There are many people in there, so itll be perfect for covering our trail. Lets stop there for now and continue onward after your wounds have healed. Otherwise, if we get caught by people again in your current condition, itll be problematic,” said Nubis as a suggestion.

“They have no idea where weve run off to. We can hide in the city for some time. The experts of the Serpent God Hall are bound by the agreement of territorial boundaries. They wont dare cross over,” added Xie Wang.

Jian Chen pondered for a while. He knew that he was not in a suitable condition to continue traveling. Since it was safe now, he probably should heal as fast as he could. He needed to maintain his peak strength at all times, so he can handle any sudden changes to the situation.

“Alright, lets go in,” said Jian Chen.

Afterwards, the three of them flew into the city. They descended in a well-hidden spot, then found a relatively obscure inn and settled down for the time being.

Just when they had settled down, the two elders at the border between the Serpent God Hall and the Heavens Spirit Hall received the hall elders message and rejoiced. They did not worry anymore and directly passed through the boundary to the other halls land in search of Jian Chen.

“Theres still a slightly bloody smell in the air. This must be the path they ran off to. Follow me.” One of the elders sniffed out the remaining smell of blood and immediately rushed off in the direction Jian Chens group had fled. It was actually the exact same direction.

The two elders stopped after traveling ten thousand kilometers. The old man with an extremely sensitive sense of smell sniffed the air once again and said, “The smell of blood is getting thicker. Looks like they only passed through here not too long ago. Weve almost caught up with them. Lets go.” The two of them continued onward and grew closer and closer to the city where the Jian Chens group had settled down.

At this very moment, several vast presences appeared in the distance. A few figures shot by with great speed, charging directly for the two elders.

The elders paid them no attention, continuing along the way by following the smell of blood. They treated these people as passersby.

“Warriors, please stop.” Suddenly, a voice cried out from afar. The voice was thunderous, booming through the sky and reverberated through the region.

The two elders paused and subconsciously came to a halt. They quietly watched the figure approach them from afar, without reacting greatly at all.

Soon, the people stopped twenty meters from the two elders. There was a total of four people, one old man, and three middle-aged men. The old man was a Saint King but only of the First Heavenly Layer, while the three middle-aged men were all Saint Rulers.

The old man clasped his hands at the two elders and questioned, “Are you two elders of the Serpent God Hall?”

“Correct. We are indeed elders of the Serpent God Hall. Why have you stopped us?” asked an elder with suspicion.

“Esteemed elders, the four of us are members of the nearby Chenyang tribe. We just received a messaged from the hall elders of the Heavens Spirit Hall. Theyve invited the two of you to go pay a visit to the Heavens Spirit Hall,” said the old man with a smile. His tone was extremely polite.

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