Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 887: Rulers Qi

ul Warrior!” Xie Wangs complexion changed when he sensed the presence of the old man from behind.

The three of them knew that they could not outrun Saint Kings, so they all stopped. Nubis stared at the old man as he flew over with a sunken face and swore, “You dare to act so arrogantly just because youre a puny First Heavenly Layer Saint King? Allow grandfather Nubis to teach you a solid lesson.”

Nubis battle intent skyrocketed, charging towards the old man with an unstoppable force.

The ancestor of the Shunyue clan thought that they had been stunned by the fact that he was a 15th Star Seasoul Warrior when he saw them stop. He rejoiced secretly, but just as he was about to reprimand them, he saw Nubis charging over ferociously.

A cold light flashed across his eyes and he sneered, “Come at me, you ignorant brat. You would actually challenge a 15th Star Seasoul Warrior when youre only at the peak of the 14th. Ill show you the power of a 15th Star Seasoul Warrior.” The old man hurled a punch towards Nubis as he said that.

Nubis did not fear him. His fist immediately became golden, directly colliding with the old mans punch with a powerful energy.


The collision of their fists almost shattered the surrounding space, causing it to tremble violently. The residual energy splayed downwards, causing the earth to shake. The vegetation below turned to dust from the powerful energy.

The two of them stood unmovingly after the punch. They floated steadily, before clashing ferociously once again.

“Ive underestimated you. I didnt think that youd possess the strength that rivals a 15th Star Seasoul Warrior despite only being at the peak of the 14th Star,” bellowed the old man. Afterwards, he used his thought to freeze the surrounding space, trapped Nubis within it.

Nubis spat out a breath of venomous gas which engulfed the old man, before swinging his two hands as claws, shattering the frozen space.

Caught off guard, the old man inhaled a breath of the poisonous gas. His expression changed immediately. The venom of the Silver Striped Golden Snakes was extremely potent, so even when he was a Saint King, he experienced a moment of light-headedness.

In just a mere moment, Nubis claws raked across the old mans chest with lightning speed, leaving behind a dozen or so wounds. The wounds darkened as black blood flowed out. They had been contaminated by the venom in Nubis hands.

The ancestor of the Shunyue clan gave out a howl. His expression finally changed. He stared at Nubis in dread; never did he think that he would be injured by a mere 14th Star Seasoul Warrior, and that the injuries would be so heavy.

“Leave. My clan wont dwell on the matter of you intruding our territory,” shouted the ancestor. He immediately lost interest in the battle and flew backwards.

Nubis licked the blood on his hands. The sharp smell had awakened the viciousness of magical beasts hidden in his blood. He sneered, “Ive yet to kill a Saint King myself. Since you can looking for it yourself, become the first Saint King will fall in the hands of the great Nubis.”

From afar, Jian Chens expression changed abruptly at this very moment. He yelled out, “Nubis, lets go. Theyre already catching up. We cant drag it out any longer.”

Nubis also changed slightly in expression when he heard that. He ignored the ancestor of the Shunyue and immediately continued on his way to the territory of the Sea Goddess Hall with Jian Chen and Xie Wang.

The three of them fled for another hour before finally being caught up by the experts of the Heavens Spirit Hall, stopping them in their tracks.

The Heavens Spirit Hall had only sent two elders, but they were both of the Third Heavenly Layer. They were extremely powerful where even Nubis would not be able to deal with them.

The two elders did not attack immediately. Instead, they observed the three of them, before narrowing their eyes and they exclaiming, “Rulers Qi. Its the Rulers Qi. Its actually on them.”

Rulers Qi normally only appeared on the rulers of certain clans. Not only did they represent the leaders of a clan, it was an indication of their status and an embodiment of their strength.

Among the Sea race, these rulers were akin to beasts of antiquity among magical beasts. Like the Silver Striped Gold Snakes, they were extremely rare and had great potential for growth. Their strength was also shocking, much greater than people of the same level.

However, the Rulers Qi could only be seen through the secret techniques of the three halls other than by members of the same clan. Other people could not sense it at all.

“We actually found two people with the Rulers Qi in one go.” The two elders were filled with joy. They knew extremely well that people with the Rulers Qi would definitely become as strong as hall elders, or even reach a higher level, like an emperor.

This was because the three emperors currently present among the sea race all possessed the Rulers Qi of a certain clan.

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